Dooley Noted: It’s a good day for Gator basketball program


Pat Dooley, the Gainesville Sun sports columnist, with the next episode of the Dooley Noted podcast. Pat talks about the return of Scottie Lewis to the Gator basketball team, what other Gators might return, Gator football, NFL draft and golf being the savior of sports. Next week we plan to return with a guest.

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2:25 Scottie Lewis is returning to Gator basketball

9:15 Will Keyontae Johnson and Andrew Nembhard return next season also?

11:00 What could the Gators be next season?

15:15 Maybe we all need to tap the breaks on the Gator football team a little

17:30 Because we just don’t know what the season will look like next year

20:00 But bet you me, the Gators will be good

21:40 The NFL draft is coming up

29:15 The Masters has been rescheduled

31:15 Golf might be the sport to bring back all sports

34:20 Purdue 7-footer enters the transfer portal

35:25 Pac-10 commish takes a pay cut, should all commissioners?

36:45 Is the NBA going to finish their season

37:30 Three Things


  1. If Coach Mike White’s getting “chills,” well then he better man up. He is receiving a 600 thousand + bonus on April 15th for “just being the Head Coach.” Which says it’s past time to coach up this great talent. He may be the luckiest coach in NCAA due to the awful Corona virus. A “1 and done” showing in the canceled NCAA tourney would’ve made it a long summer for him in Hogtown.