Dooley Noted: Back At You, The Podcast Returns


Pat Dooley, the Gainesville Sun sports columnist, is back this week with another episode of the Dooley Noted Podcast. This episode Pat is recording from home as he and many Americans are staying home to safely combat the COVID-19 virus. Pat talks about the pandemic and college football, being prepared for whatever happens, the economy of sports, spring sports, and of course, Three Things.

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0:45 Locked down at Dooley Dome

4:00 I got this one Gator shirt

5:15 The COVID-19 pandemic and college football

12:00 The only concern for the fans should be

12:55 The week after 9/11

17:30 It’s good to be prepared

19:20 College football will be a different sport when it does come back

20:40 The economic aspects of college sports now

25:20 Spring sports get eligibility back

29:00 How have you liked all the lists we have been doing?

32:13 Three Things