Dooley Noted: Super Bowl Week and Other Sports News


Pat Dooley, the sports columnist for the Gainesville Sun, talks in this episode of the Dooley Noted podcast about the Gators basketball team woes, Mike White, NFL Hall of Fame, the Super Bowl, Kobe Bryant and of course Three Things.

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1:45 Florida Basketball on the rocks

8:50 Is there an answer to fix Gator basketball

14:30 Crazy night all over college basketball

15:00 Fire Mike White talk grows, but get over it

20:00 Other news around college basketball

21:45 Kobe Bryant remembered

25:35 College football teams that can make some noise next season

32:15 Lets Talk NFL Hall of Fame

34:30 Super Bowl Week

37:55 Football recruiting

39:05 Three Things


  1. Pat, here is a comment: As a regular who listens to most pods, yes I like most of your guest. Sometimes you have to listen to the whole segment to get a nugget, but that’s the way it is with all interviews.

    I’m a low basketball technical knowledge guy and a bit of a “sunshiny day” fan, but my frustration is rooted in the vision that Coach Mike had recruited a bunch of really good raw talent that has remained raw (matching most of your pod comments). I’m not a fire White person. Heck, with +300 teams, would be hire anybody better? What’s different from 30 years ago, is he is paid $4m/year. He’s making way more than enough to figure what to do to at least be average. Your right, they play hard and even great, then go brain dead?