Dooley Noted: First Show of 2020: Guest Peter Burns, SEC Network


Pat Dooley, the Gainesville Sun sports columnist, talks with SEC Network’s Peter Burns about the Florida Gators. Dooley also talks about the Gators’ Orange Bowl victory, bowl games, CFP, loss of friends and of course Three Things.

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0:50 The Orange Bowl was a great experience

2:35 Lets talk Florida-Virginia Orange Bowl

14:00 Florida wins, but some fans not happy

18:00 Roster issues at Florida

25:50 Last thoughts on the Orange Bowl

30:40 Interview with Peter Burns of the SEC Network

43:15 Where does Florida land in the final AP poll

44:00 Where does Georgia and Oklahoma land in the final AP poll

48:10 What about Oregon in the final AP poll

49:45 Florida could end in the top six

50:30 Quick word on LSU-Clemson championship game and the CFP games

53:15 Review of other bowl games

56:15 New head coaches around the country

57:50 Podcast announcement, Moving to Wednesdays starting next week

58:35 Three Things, a tribute to Edward Aschoff


  1. Final AP vote: At the end of the season, UGA demonstrated through performance they were better than OU. The previous loses mean nothing in the end and neither does OU being selected for the final four.

    Your pod cast are good entertainment, great job.

    Believe Jesus and the sting of death is taken away. Think about it, if you don’t believe in anything, when physical life is gone, it was just lived for the present. Pat, eternal Spiritual life is way better than the emptiness you are emerged in.

  2. Funny stuff about the Red Hat guy and the OB ref. Reminded me of an NFL ref who years ago called a personal foul for fighting, describing it as one player being on top of another and “giving him the business.”

  3. Well said, Dewayne. I agree with every LAST paragraph, and I appreciate your willingness to say it.

    Regarding football, I don’t think it was unreasonable to think these players could win 21 games under Mullen. After all, some of these same players won 19 in 2015-16, and it would’ve been 20 without the cancellation of the 2016 Presbyterian game. They did that, for the most part, with a scrub and two journeyman at QB and, according to most, not much of a coach. To think that Mullen couldn’t match Mac is an insult to the players, Mullen, or both.

      • Oh, there’s no doubt that Mullen is better than Mac as an SEC head coach. I just don’t think it was that much of a stretch to think that Mullen could lead the players he inherited to 20 wins in two seasons. The biggest question mark was Feleipe Franks. He was still the same 4-star recruit, but the ’17 season could’ve scarred him for his career. Instead, with his determination and Mullen’s Magic QB Elixir, Franks was transformed into a capable SEC QB. It was his slow processing time, his injury, and Trask’s success that ultimately drove him from UF in search of “PT, Baby”, to quote Dick Vitale.

        No doubt it’s a great coaching accomplishment by Mullen, since no other Gator HC has ever done it. I just think to act surprised is a disservice to the players. Nice use of “elan”, btw.

  4. Final AP vote: The top 3 going into bowl season will remain there in the final AP ranking in a different order.

    Next, you’ll have the other four NY-6 bowl winners, which all have 2 losses, with UGA leading the way at #4 after LSU dispatched OU with greater ease than they dispatched the Ugly Dawgs. The Gators should be #5, but OU will get it because they’re a P5 conference champ. Failing that, the Gators should be #6, but Oregon will get it because they’re a P5 conference champ. So, the Gators will have to settle for the #7 spot. After that, you’ll have the other 2-loss P5 teams.

    After that you’ll have the 3-loss P5 bowl winners, with ND leading the way because, well, it’s ND!

    After that, I lose interest.