Dooley Noted: Gators see Orange; Guest: Scott Rabalais of Baton Rouge Advocate


Pat Dooley, the Gainesville Sun sports columnist, talks in this week’s episode of the Dooley Noted podcast about the Florida Gators being selected to play in the Orange Bowl, other bowl match-ups, the CFP, new coaches in the SEC and guest Scott Rabalais, sports columnist at the Baton Rouge Advocate, about the LSU Tigers ride this season.

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1:30 Talk about Steve Spurrier

3:00 UF will play Virginia in the Orange Bowl

5:20 UF fans not excited to play Virginia

6:30 Your bowl perspective

12:00 Let’s talk Virginia match-up and other bowl match-ups

18:08 Turnover margin in the CFP

18:50 Pat’s thoughts on the final CFP rankings

21:15 New coaches in the SEC

27:30 Interview with Scott Rabalais, the sports columnist for the Baton Rouge Advocate

40:30 Let’s talk the other bowls WE NEED MORE

42:50 Is Spurrier the greatest Gator of all time

45:20 Three Things


    • 6, yea, I listen to most to these, and for the most part, enjoy them. But it is Dooley’s show with his styles of presentations and biases like for the umpteen time “it’s their life”, etc. An older lefty phrase.

      Didn’t mention McElwain not getting the MO job, hummmm…and he lost out to an assistant Coach. Why didn’t he cover that fact after mentioning him so much earlier?

      I do also have personal biases for the OHBC. His “Fun-an-Gun” designed plays revolutionized college football, leading to today’s “spread”. His system was just as much a big deal as the wishbone.

      • It’s funny how you can date a leftist’s era by the phrases they more or less automatically use, even though they may or may not have evolved to the Alinsky, Cloward and Piven inspired speech patterns of more modern marxists and “progressives”. I suspect Pat is one of the few remaining old fashioned American liberals, a dying breed that I certainly wish there were more left of, since you could always have a civil and intelligent conversation with them and even find some common ground with. Now if he would just quit poking his finger in Gator fans eyes…………..

        I wonder if Mac will ever get another shot at a Power-5 team or even in the AAC. I think his record overall and his pedigree could warrant it, but brother he sure left Florida with some self inflicted sucking head wounds that may cause those programs to exercise caution for lots of years to come.

  1. Yep, at the power five level, you have to be an outstanding coach and “system manager”. His UF years will give other big schools pause. Yes, I don’t think Pat has Progressed himself into oblivion like today’s “Progressives”. If you don’t agree with them, they immediately condemn you to hell, but then they don’t believe in hell, LOL.

    • You may be setting yourself up for disappointment. If McElwain follows this successful year with another, no doubt he will be a hot commodity to a P5 school looking to resurrect their program. One year of results is probably not convincing enough. Plus, he’s probably smart enough to pick a school where he can improve on its record. If Mizzou was 2-10 instead of 6-6 this season, then it’s probably up his alley. It’s hard to imagine Mizzou will rise above its current SEC middling status. They may get there for a year or two with the right players but they will not be a consistent resident in the top tier. To an unbiased program looking for a new coach, the problem may not be with McElwain but with his EX. After all, he has won the COY award in each of the three conferences he’s ever been a head coach.

      • Could be, Sly……I wasn’t saying that he won’t, and certainly not saying that he shouldn’t. Just saying that he seems tarnished and I don’t know how long that will follow him. I guess in a lot of ways things depend on how one’s peers think of you, and I don’t have any idea what that is.

        I think you’re onto it tho, in pairing two really good seasons and then being a lot more attractive to a P-5 team looking for a coach. I think CMU better get on the stick as far as recruiting if that’s going to be the case……right now they’re #114 in the nation and 10th in the MAC out of 12 teams. Bowling Green leads that conference at #65 nationally with 153 points compared to CMU’s 103. You never know, tho…..and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all if he pulls that off and lands a job in a better conference. Even the SEC. Wouldn’t it be ironic if South Carolina pulls the plug on Muschamp next year, Mac has another good year, and winds up replacing him there? Holy Sheep Shyt, Batman!!!!!!

        • Doc – I know you wouldn’t but there are many Gator fans who would love to see him fail to justify their belief that he is a bad coach.

          Recruiting is about coaching stability and relationships. It took Mac three years to build the recruiting ranking to #7 and #1 for the out-year, before he was fired. Then we took a step back with a new coach but Mullen got it going again now. BTW, and I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but Mullen needs to guard against publicly showing interest in the NFL or it will give other teams food for negative recruiting.

          • Good point on Mac and recruiting. As far as Mullen and the NFL, I think it was Finebaum who, presumably, brought it up out of nowhere. Or was it out of nowhere? I haven’t heard CDM say anything at all about it — but I could have missed it from this far away vantage point.

            There was pretty much a nasty hit piece on Urban Myer yesterday on some sports site I came across, disguised as why he wouldn’t go the the NFL himself, but the one reasonable point made was the inability to control the talent levels. I don’t think that would apply to Mullen so much in that he seems to have a record of taking what people considered sub-par talent and turning it into a winner (eg, BGSU, Utah, MSU). The only times he’s had all the available talent on hand to make it a little easier was the first time he was at Florida and when he came back as head coach two years ago. Nevertheless, I sure hope he doesn’t get seduced……even SOS found out what a mistake that can be.

          • Even if MAC lands in South Carolina, I wouldn’t be afraid of him over the long term. The problem is with the SC brand and recruiting, not his coaching ability. He may pull in a couple of good players like Clowney and have a couple good seasons but they will regress to the norm. It takes a lot more to overcome the brand perception when it comes to recruiting. You have to maintain momentum over a long period with coaching stability. Fortunately, Spurrier was able to overcome it at UF but couldn’t do it at SC.

          • Good point about the Meyer and Mullen comparison. One is a better recruiter while the other is better game strategist. Say no more.

          • Regression to the mean — regression artifacts — man, I haven’t heard that term in nearly 10 years ever since we started re-inventing the wheel in research and treating nearly everything like it hasn’t ever been done before. That, and Central Limits Theorum……which is ignored on nearly about every study I’ve read in the same period of time. Of course, I limit my reading to the Worm Runner’s Digest. 🤓