Dooley Noted: Rivalry week is here

Florida Gators defensive lineman Kyree Campbell (55) gets the crowd hyped up during the game against Vanderbilt at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Fla. Nov. 9, 2019. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Pat Dooley, the Gainesville Sun sports columnist, talks in this episode of the Dooley Noted podcast about the weekend of college football and how he didn’t leave the couch for hours, the upcoming rivalry week in college football, FSU hires, The Swamp level, and, of course, Three Things. Pat interviews Chris Harry, the senior writer at, about Gators basketball and other topics.

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2:00 Pat spent the weekend in the recliner watching football

3:40 What were the games this weekend?

4:00 What is with refs not being able to spot the ball

5:30 Oklahoma TCU game

9:10 The difference between UF FSU week vs. other weeks

11:15 Can the Swamp be at the same level as Auburn

13:35 Its a huge game for a lot of reasons

17:20 The FSU streak, 10 years

21:05 Is the Gators defense clutch?

22:30 The CFP rankings

27:45 Interview with Chris Harry, senior writer for

42:30 The greatest week of the year is Rivalry Week

43:30 Will FSU name a new coach soon

51:04 Three Things


  1. Pat, good show and comments.
    (1) The situation just feels like the Semihole regime is about to spend what’s left of their savings account and plus make a loan for their final disaster coach hire. I predict they are staying in a pre-Bowden mode. Other than the Coach Bobby era, nothing special about the whole place. I will never forgive Bobby Bowden and Mickey Andrews for ordering up the back breaking of Danny Wuerffel. I always wanted to ask Bowden what he would have felt like if Danny had sustained a serious back injury? That tactic was not “just football”, it was stupidity at its cheapest. Gators, take no prisoners Saturday night! I guess you know how I feel about the holes.
    (2) Yes, the sporting public spends enough money to deserve to know what penalties both football refs and PGA pros receive.

    • Dewayne, how valid is that story? I’ve heard it, of course — everyone has. But is it true? I’m asking because I was out of country a lot during that time frame. Now if it was just Mickey Andrews, I’d have less trouble believing it……but Bobby Bowden?

      • I’ve seen video of Bobby Bowden stating they told their DEs to “hit until you hear to the whistle”…OHBC has complained they didn’t protect QBs back then like they should have. If memory serves me, it finally took two back to back late hit calls to stop the crap in the second half. I’ve also read Danny’s book which looks back at that day.

        I was at the 1993 UF/FSU Swamp game and can remember the refs were watching poor little Charlie Ward like white on rice for protection.

  2. So why wait until 2020 to ask the head of SEC refs about transparency? Why didn’t you ask years ago? Does the Sun forbid you to, or is this some sort of career-termination move? Why not pick up the phone last month and call him? Why the hesitation?