UF notebook: Trask says he will return for final season

Florida quarterback Kyle Trask throws Saturday against Vanderbilt at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. [Brad McClenny/Staff photographer]

 Junior quarterback Kyle Trask was among a group of Florida underclassmen which met with Dan Mullen last week to discuss the upcoming NFL draft and the process if they consider an early departure to pro ball.

 Trask listened, but he’s not going anywhere, he said Monday.

 “Coach Mullen just wanted to bring all of those eligible guys into the team room, and just inform them on how the process works, whether you want to leave or not,” Trask said. “Just so you can let everyone know how it works, and the consequences of doing one route vs. the other, to really informed us and let us know.

 “I still have a whole ‘nother year here, so I don’t plan on leaving. But, it’s great to just be informed, and I’m glad Coach Mullen does that to let us know how it all works.”

Big year for Greenard

 Louisville graduate transfer Jon Greenard had hoped to make the most of his one year in Gainesville, and by any measure, he certainly has. Mullen said the defensive end/outside linebacker has put together an All-American season.

 “He’s playing at a high level,” Mullen said. “When you look at those things, some of them get tough because it’s not just are you playing at that quality, but you’ve got to have some of the statistics to match. He’s doing both.

 “You’ve got to have been playing great, performing at a high level and stats, putting up numbers. I think he’s done all of that.”

 Greenard is second on the team in tackles and leads in sacks (6) and tackles for losses (12). He’s also had eight quarterback hurries, broken up three passes, intercepted a pass and returned a fumble 80 yards for a touchdown.

Grind time for Mullen

 Now that the regular season is almost over, Mullen and his staff are gearing up for the hectic season — recruiting, the early signing period and bowl preparation all at once.

 “You don’t sleep,” Mullen said when asked how he balances it all out. “It’s a hectic, hectic schedule. It’s one of the craziest times of the year. You’re hosting recruits and practicing Friday-Saturday-Sunday. Then you’re traveling Sunday-Friday again. 

 “Then it gets to be a scrunched schedule because you’re trying to fit game planning in around all of those other things. Then you have signing day right in the middle of your weekly practice, which kind of throws that all off. It’s a little bit of an emotional rollercoaster that you’re absolutely exhausted from.” 

Turkey calling?

 Players wishing to go home and spend Thanksgiving with their family will have a relatively small window to do so, Mullen said.

 “We figure to let them out at 11:45 (a.m.), 12 o’clock Thursday, and want guys back at 2 (p.m.) on Friday,” he said. “So they have 26 hours in which to go home.”
Players who remain in Gainesville usually have Thanksgiving dinner at the home of their position coach.


  1. Glad to have Kyle Trask confirm he’s returning for his senior season. Together with Jones and Franks (if he doesn’t transfer out,) the Gators should have one of the best QB rooms in the SEC next season.

    Now all the Gators need is to upgrade their OL and they’ll be primed to take their next step toward qualifying for the playoffs in 2020.

  2. Kyle Trask will never be a back-up quarterback at the college level again. References by the media about him doing an admirable job as the back up are antiquated. He’s the starter- probably always was. The grander question will be what do the other 2 quarterbacks do next year? One is leaving. I think it is Franks.

    • If everybody stays and Richardson is as good as promised, we’ll have one helluva quarterback’s room. I think Jones goes before Franks tho — Franks will stay out of pride and stubborness, and try to win the starter role back. What do you think?

      • I for one will be glad to have Franks return especially when facing 3rd and short next year. He will have to win the job back because of how well Trask has played. Hope he and his mom doesn’t go to coach during the off-season to demand a guarantee (OK that’s a bad joke). Plus we could always use the depth. Franks has proven to be a serviceable SEC quarterback at a minimum. I think some ranked him the 3rd best quarterback in the SEC during the preseason based on how he finished last year. Whether he is 3rd or 6th, I don’t know, but I think those rankings are in the ballpark. I can safely say he is at least better than most quarterbacks in the SEC. I also hope Jones stays to continue his development. He is the future.

        • Sly, it sure wouldn’t hurt to have three experienced QB’s on the roster. I just don’t think there’s going to be enough plays to keep them all happy. My personal preference is Trask at starter and Jones at backup.

          I think it makes sense for Franks to leave as a grad transfer. With a possible medical redshirt, he could have two years of eligibility remaining . I would certainly understand if he chooses that option, but if he chooses to stay, out of loyalty, commitment, or sheer competitive desire, then good on him.

          Btw, love the “guarantee” joke!

  3. If Franks comes back, I think he’ll have a very hard time beating out Trask or Jones. He’ll be 3rd string at best. I truly believe his best move is to transfer to another school where he’ll be able to start.🐊🏈