Dooley Noted: Florida vs. Georgia, a game that will change perceptions

Florida Gators running back Lamical Perine (22) runs the ball during the Florida Georgia football game at TIAA Bank Stadium in Jacksonville in Oct. 27, 2018. [Brad McClenny/ The Gainesville Sun]

Pat Dooley, The Gainesville Sun sports columnist, talks in this episode about the upcoming game against Georgia. Pat hits on topics like, perception, big game, the Uncle Ricos, myths, Las Vegas spreads and, of course, Three Things. The guest is Seth Emerson, the Georgia football writer for The Athletic.

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0:55 Florida vs. Georgia week is a different kind of week

1:50 This game is huge but there are some myths surrounding it

2:40 This game could change the perception of Florida

5:10 The Uncle Ricos out there

8:40 If Florida wins they will get looked at different

9:30 Georgia’s two game win streak

11:35 This is a bigger game for Florida

16:30 This is the biggest game of the year, for real

17:50 Another myth about this game

19:20 Some keys to a Gators win

22:00 The crowds will not be a factor this game

23:53 Interview with Seth Emerson, Georgia football writer for The Athletic,

36:40 Comments on paying players

39:15 The Spreads

45:15 Three Things