Dooley Noted: It’s not about the past, it’s about right now

The happy Georgia fans stand near the less happy Gator fans. The Florida - Georgia football game on TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday October 27, 2018. (Bob Self/Florida Times Union)

Pat Dooley, the Gainesville Sun sports columnist, talks in this episode of the Dooley Noted podcast about the Florida Gators upcoming game against the Georgia Bulldogs. Pat hits on topics like, don’t sleep on Georgia, the NFL, Georgia fans worried,defense, last weeks games and of course Three Things. The guest this episode is Brett McMurphy, a college football insider with The Stadium Network.

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1:00 NFL talk from the past weekend

4:10 It is Florida Georgia week

5:45 Don’t think Georgia is not very good

6:30 This game is not for the SEC East

12:30 Don’t sleep on Georgia

14:05 It’s not about the past games, its about this game

17:30 Gator fans are feeling good, while Georgia fans are getting nervous

20:00 Georgia has a great, top ranked defense

21:20 Greenard, Toney and Zuniga are set to play

23:00 This game comes down to two things

24:40 Interview with Brett McMurphy, college football insider with The Stadium Network

38:00 It was good a good college football weekend, Games Recap

41:00 The over speculation of the playoffs now and the future

45:25 Urban Meyer saga continues

49:45 Three Things


  1. Enjoyed the podcast but his guest is crazy if he thinks winning the SEC this year isnt a guarantee for playing in the N.C., even with 1 loss. Look at the rankings, voters know how strong these SEC teams at the top are, thats why we have 4 teams in the top 10. They also know we canabalize each other so they expect the SEC champ to have a loss. In fact as I said on another article if LSU and UF makes it to the SEC and UF wins then they both make it in the NC race. Only if UF beat them by alot(which isnt going to happen) would LSU not make it in.
    He speaks of how good Ga’s off line is but they werent so good against SC or UK(they only scored 21 pts, way below their avg.)!

    • How cool is it that we’re talking playoffs after 8 games and the Gators are IN the conversation?

      Anything is possible in college football, but with 2 undefeated teams and 2 one-loss teams, I just don’t see an SEC champ with 2 losses this season.

      On the other hand, a 1-loss #4 Gator team beating an undefeated #1 LSU team in a classic SECC game and BOTH teams making the CFP is definitely in play this season. Too many people on the playoff committee would want to see that tie breaker game!

    • IF there are a couple of undefeated teams, like Clemson and Ohio State and several 1-loss teams, like Oklahoma, Penn State, Oregon and the loser of the Alabama-LSU game to choose from, the CFP committee will only be too happy to show the college football world that they have no bias favoring the SEC champ. Under those conditions, a 2-loss SEC champ will be on the outside looking in, just like a 1-loss Big 10 champ Ohio State was a couple of years ago.

      That said, a 2-loss SEC champ is highly unlikely this season.

  2. 1) Being the SEC Champ is do special, so important that I only ever want one SEC team in the stupid playoffs. If a team can’t win their division, it should not be considered for a higher-level championship (no, you didn’t deserve to be there in ‘11 or ‘17, Bama)

    2) I hate Mizzou because they think they should be in the SEC. I’d even cheer for the grimy ‘Noles to best Mizzou.

    • Say it ain’t so, Grin. While I totally agree that Mizzou is the red headed stepchild of the SEC and wish they would go back where they belong, they are still our’s for the time being. One of the greatest mysteries of the universe — still no reason to root for FSU over them! Remember proper protocol, you only root for FSU when they are playing some Big10 team, or Notre Dame. Big-12 is OK too as long as they’re north of Texas, and it’s permissible to root for them as well when playing any PAC-12 team (as long as they can point out the school on a map 3 times out of 4).

      • C’mon, you guys should be nice to Mizzou. They’re the only team located 90 minutes drive from my house that I can count on hosting my Gators every other year. Besides, the SEC needs some doormats. It can’t be all Florida, Georgia, Alabama, LSU and Auburn.

      • Yeah brother Gator, I really mean it. We should’ve found a way to get Va. Tech to bolster the East. As much as I love the SEC, it was awful hubris to shoehorn a non-Southern team into our family and culture. They ain’t Southern, never will be, and should stay the hell in the Midwest / Big 12ish, or whatever it is.

        So rooting for the unwashed heathen from Tallahassee over Mizzou IS rooting against a Big 12 team, at least in my book.

          • You fellas knocking on Mo! Dont you know that southern Mo supported the south in the war. I do agree a Va team or even FSU, Clemson or Ga tech would have been a better choice. How about TCU?

  3. Franks is Winston? Really…that is the most underhanded and disrespectful comment you could make about Franks. Franks made some dumb mistakes but for love of god have you been watching the Bucs recently? Jameis is a turnover machine. You put a quarter in his ear and he turns the ball over. He leads the NFL in turnovers since he’s been in the league. Franks had issues in some games, but since Mullen got to UF that comparison isn’t remotely close. Just a stupid comment.