Dooley Noted: Gators look to heal after USC win

Florida Gators linebacker Jonathan Greenard (58) during the game against Auburn at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Fla. October 5, 2019. The Gators beat the Tigers 24-13. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Pat Dooley, Gainesville Sun sports columnist, talks in this episode of the Dooley Noted Podcast about the Gators victory over South Carolina, Mullen’s opinions on the team, Trask looking better at a QB, and of course Three Things. Pat’s guest today is SEC Network lead anchor Dari Nowkhah.

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0:45 It was an interesting game day experience in Columbia

3:00 Lets talk South Carolina

3:50 What about the penalties

9:30 Gators take car of business against USC

12:05 Trask looked bad early but brilliant late

12:30 Mullen saw the team was looking tired

13:30 Gators may be back at full strength against Georgia

17:50 Pop-Up Radio Florida vs. Georgia podcast

18:30 Dooley Grades the Gators through 8 games

25:00 Interview with Dari Nowkhah, SEC Network lead anchor,

37:50 Other games from this past weekend

45:12 The Spreads

49:00 Three Things


  1. On ”Special Teams” Pat, I think Townsend waiting an extra second or 2 for the ”starting receivers” to get down the field, and then literally catch the punt at the 3 or 4 yd. line of the other team deserves more than a ”B.” That’s some A work, and the effort of ”starting receivers” on the punt team, well, that’s an A+!
    Go Gators Just win baby! BEAT U.G.A.!

    • I agree, gi, those punts that are caught by the gunners to pin the opponent inside the 10 yard line are fantastic. As far as punt returns go, under Mac and Muschamp, the returners didn’t even field the ball, much less return it. Usually, they let the ball drop, and it would often bounce and roll for another 10 or 15 yards putting the Gators in worse field position than was necessary. Swain’s sure-handed fair catches have probably saved the Gators close to 100 yards of field position so far. He has great form, and I don’t recall seeing him even so much as bobble a ball.

  2. Some posters here think Pat has a “man-crush” on Muschamp, and maybe that’s so, considering Pat has stated that he likes the guy. But he does say here that Muschamp was acting “like a petulant child” over the bad calls. He had reason to be upset, but a coach has to control his emotions much better than that.

    Looking at the replay, I do think the block during the Pitts TD was OPI as best I understand the rules. If it was, then the play Clemson ran against Bama to win their first title was also OPI, but it wasn’t called, and now, few people, other than Bama fans, ever bring it up. In 10 years, Gamecock fans will still be fuming about this call, and Gator fans will still be chuckling about it.

    • One thing to remember is the TD came on first and goal. Even if the OPI was called it doesn’t mean the Gators don’t score. Technically it wasn’t the game winning score because the Gators went ahead on Swain’s TD even thought he was held. Cocks should be fuming because their team couldn’t score in the fourth until the Gators put in backups that didn’t want to get their white uniforms dirty. Cocks throwing water bottles at players probably “inspires” Refs to start favoring the Gators. Muschamp should be screaming about the most classless fans in college football and an embarrassment to the SEC.
      classless | ˈklasləs: adjective • not showing obvious signs of belonging to a particular social class:

  3. In 40 years of watching and attending Gator football games at the swamp, I have never seen Gator fans throw things on the field. There have been times when they probably wanted to, but showed a lot of class. Boos-yes, they’ve been heard. Bottles, towels, bags–never seen them on the gridiron. Tip of the hat to the Gator faithful.