Florida’s Franks has ankle surgery

Florida quarterback Feleipe Franks strolls out of the tunnel before the game Saturday against the Tennessee Volunteers at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. [Matt Pendleton/Correspondent]

 Florida quarterback Feleipe Franks underwent successful surgery on his dislocated/fractured right ankle Monday, Florida coach Dan Mullen said. 

  “It went well, from the reports, all the doctors and everything, it went really well,” Mullen said. “That’s a really big positive.”

 Franks, who is facing a recovery period of six months, is handling his situation well, Mullen said. 

 “Great, he’s really been good,” Mullen said. “He’s really tried to be as positive about it as he can be. He’s done a great job of saying, ‘This is what it is, let’s try to make the best out of the situation.’ ”

On other injuries: Mullen does not expect receiver Kadarius Toney back this week. Cornerback CJ Henderson (ankle) and defensive end Jabari Zuniga (ankle) will be game-time decisions.

In other notes:

• Mullen said he saw improvements in every area last week in the win over UT, with the biggest growth coming in preparation.

• Mullen asked about the Gators staying focused this week: “The key to anything, we talked to our team this week, obviously there will be a lot more hype on next week’s game .. but for us to have an opportunity to do that, we have to win this week.”

Mullen calls Towson a “very, very sound football team” that has developed players. “Being a top-10 team (No. 10 in FCS Coaches Poll), they know how to win. They expect to win, and you can see that in how they play.”

•On schedule: “We have three (Auburn, LSU, Georgia) of our next five against top-seven teams, I don’t know many people who have that sort of stretch going, but that’s part of being in the Southeastern Conference.”

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  1. I wish Feleipe Franks a speedy recovery. And it is true that ”Patience is a virtue,” as Trask’s patience is finally paying off. The sport of football can be taken away from an athlete in 1 play, so fast it can end. And so I hope these Gator players appreciate that fact, and play every remaining game like there’s no tomorrow.
    Best wishes to Feleipe! And to Trask and Company, keep that Gator ‘O’ rolling! Go Gators! Just win baby!

  2. Hang in there Feleipi and be strong, good things will come your way again. I was really happy to see you on the field during warm-ups feeding the ball to Kyle for his warm up passes. We love you man!
    Captain Dan, you the man. We love you too.

  3. Finally I hear the talking heads ask the elephant in the room question. Why couldnt Mullen see how much better a QB Trask was before he was forced to play him? What kind of QB whisperer keeps a star on the bench while playing a guy with much less skill? I agree with the conclusion that I had already come to and have seen before. I saw the Jags draft a 1st round QB Blain Gabbert, because the fell in love with his BIG ARM and stuck with him way too many years before deciding he was a bust because of the occassional plays he would make. This was an NFL Coaching staff and GM. I dont suppose Mullen is immune to that either. The tease just keeps them hanging on, thinking maybe this week he will turn the corner, and they never do!
    We better really enjoy this now, we have a great coach and a great QB at the same time. That doesnt happen very often. Look at Bama the last few years until last year, they had to do it with game managers. Not impossible, but much harder to do. They look unstoppable this year with Tua and experience in the rest of the team they lacked last year.(they also havent had much competition yet). Look how much easier it was for Clemson last year with a great QB( they already had the great coach). Right now I dont see anyone in our pipeline that will replace Trask at the same level, when he’s done.

    • Daz, I think the reason CDM stuck with Franks is his running ability. I think he knew Trask was the better passer all along, but he’d rather have the better runner than the better passer. If EJ’s passing were at all close to Trask’s, I’m convinced he’d be starting instead.

      I agree that there’s nobody in the pipeline who can do what Trask can do, and there probably won’t be. Remember, Trask is Mac’s recruit. His skill set doesn’t fit the mold of a CDM QB, and there was talk of him transferring, along with Jake Allen, when Mullen was first hired. Glad he stayed.