Dooley Noted: Can the Gators keep it rolling against Kentucky?

Florida Gators wide receiver Trevon Grimes (8) is tackled after making a catch during the first home game of the season against UT-Martin at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, in Gainesville, Fla. September 7, 2019. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Pat Dooley, Gainesville Sun sports columnist, talks about the Gators upcoming game against Kentucky, about can the Gators get the running game going, good and bad around college football, an interview with sport columnist John Clay of the Lexington Herald-Leader, and of course Three Things.

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1:45 Remembering Neiron Ball

4:00 Lets talk about the game last Saturday

9:45 Feleipe Franks and other Gator performances

13:00 Can Florida make the playoffs

15:00 Kentucky is a Huge game

18:10 Kadarius Toney and Jacob Copeland

19:10 Can Florida block and get the running game going

20:55 Honoring Mr. Two Bits

23:05 Interview with John Clay, sports columnist at the Lexington Herald Leader

35:35 LSU Texas game, LSU looks good

39:10 Clemson A&M game

40:35 Tennessee is bad

42:00 Miami loses again

43:00 More College football talk

46:00 Scheduling woes

48:15 Three Things


    • Does this mean you’re actually listening to the podcasts, now? If so, good on you! I always thought the old saw that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks was wrong. Pat has a laid back tone, and I while I know some here don’t particularly appreciate his style, I like it, and I think the overall content is worth the subscription rate. You and I appear to be in the minority regarding the subscription value, but I guess we’ll go down swinging trying to keep the comments coming.

      • Joe, I never met a podcast I knew how to listen to! Actually, I get bored real easy so I just usually look at the comments, get the direction, and add to them. That way, it looks like I listened when I didn’t. I think Leland taught me how to do that before he got banned for making fun of TampaGator, nee SwampyGator. Then again, it might have been our old pal, CO Jones — it was a long time ago now, I have trouble remembering.

        But alas, today I decided not only was I schizophrenic, but so was I.