Dooley Noted: Gators ready to get past Week 0

Florida Gators defensive lineman Kyree Campbell (55) tackles Miami Hurricanes quarterback Jarren Williams (15) at the Camping World Kickoff against the Miami Hurricanes at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, FL on Saturday, August 24, 2019. The Florida Gators beat the Miami Hurricanes 24-20 in the season opener. [Matt Pendleton/Correspondent]

Pat Dooley, The Gainesville Sun sport columnist, talks in this weeks first episode of the Dooley Noted Podcast about the Gators moving forward from week 0, Issues in the SEC, and of course Three Things. Guest interview with Mike Huguenin, of The Athletic.

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0:30 Hurricane Dorian in Florida

2:30 The Gators have been invisible this week

4:30 Time to move froward from week 0

8:30 Lets talk Tennessee Martin

12:50 FSU Boise State

17:10 Tennessee opening game issues

18:00 Issues in the SEC

20:30 Oklahoma Game

22:50 Interview with Mike Huguenin from the Athletic 

35:30 More college football talk

40:30 Lots of injuries in Week 1

42:07 Three Things


  1. OK, I get it — after first alluding to the win over Miami “looking better” after everybody else played, and then being instrumental in dropping us out of the Top-10, now the narrative is that we have to “get past” Week 0. I wish you had mentioned that about 10 days ago! The team might have started working on it then! It may be too late now.

  2. Man! Somebody is sensitive about fan commentary about FF! “FF is the poster child for being an awful player, we all know that.” Mercy, the springs of Gainesville are seeping with sarcasm! I must admit, though, that exchange with former Independent Florida Alligator legend Mike H cracked me up. Also enjoyed the subsequent discussion about Oklahoma and Jalen Hurts. There’s an interesting contrast to be observed between Hurts and Franks. FF makes some good plays, makes a few bad ones, and jaws at the camera, jaws at the fans, and punts the ball into the stands. Hurts has a mind-blowing game, and here’s how he reacts to it, as detailed in this post-game on-field interview with a sideline reporter:

    Reporter: You seem super disappointed right now, and yet, you set a new school record for yards in a debut and you’re also the first Oklahoma QB in school history to throw for over 300 and rush for over 150. Can you be somewhat happy?
    Hurts (all but despondent): I gotta go talk to my boys, we gotta get right, we gotta get better, we gotta take more steps.
    Reporter: What do you have to clean up most?
    Hurts: Sloppy plays, really trusting it, and executing better. We gotta execute better.

    Interesting contrast.

    I agree w/ Pat and Mike, this will be a mucho fun season with a lot of fascinating story lines to play out. Love it, love it, love it! And yes, Go Gators.

  3. Different personalities. Hurts is a picture of composure. Franks is highly emotional. Fans may have a preference. I think Franks needs the fans to spur his on. Perhaps if fans would boo him on his next mistake, it may be a motivation for him to take it out on the defense by smashing into them on a keeper ala Tebow style.

    • Good point, Sly. Hurts is plenty emotional, I promise you — the difference is that he learned how to regulate his emotions, and accordingly, think more logically on the main. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t really know beans about pediatric psych, but having said that, Franks really does seem like after years of doing the teenage thing where one “plays to the imaginary audience”, he has yet to make the transition to being 21….at least in that domain.

  4. I think Pat has an accurate take on Muschamp: he coaches to protect his defense. The problem is it doesn’t always work. In his time at UF, I came to the conclusion that Muschamp sees offense as a necessary evil, and he’s just hoping they won’t do something that puts his defense in a bad position. He’d rather ask his defense to play a perfect game than to take any chances to score points on offense and actually give the defense some breathing room. I’m only slightly kidding when I say I think he’d put his defense on the field for the entire game if he thought he could get away with it. His dream come true would be to win a game with his defense getting a safety as time expires to win the game 2-0.