Dooley Noted: Let’s talk about the Florida-Miami game

Florida Gators linebacker Jonathan Greenard (58) sacks Miami Hurricanes quarterback Jarren Williams (15) during the first half of the Camping World Kickoff game against the Miami Hurricanes at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Fla. August 24, 2019. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Gainesville Sun sports columnist Pat Dooley host this edition of the Dooley Noted Podcast. Topics include why the game was so bad, talking about Franks, the Florida defense, this weeks games, and of course Three Things. Pat is joined this week by guest Chris Doering, the former Florida wide receiver and SEC Network talent, to talk about the Florida Miami game.

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1:15  Lets talk Florida Miami

7:00  Why was the game so bad

11:30  Lets talk about Franks

15:00  150 years of college football and this game was perfect

16:30  The Florida Defense

18:25  The suspensions

20:10 More Game Talk

22:30  Guest Interview with Chris Doering

35:20  Urban Meyer was at the game Saturday

43:25  Three Things


  1. No issue with Muschamp. Just wish he could have won more … and started Jacoby Brissett. No to Meyer. Leaving, twice and then showing up at OSU. The team was in shambles when he left. No, no thanks. Hate that Kerwin Bell is at USF and that he has never coached for us.

    And still, I wanna see Jones, for the same reason Brissett should have had a chance.

    • David, I agree about Kerwin. Would love to have seen him running the offense at UF. Meyer did leave the team in a mess, but I still appreciate the championships. Also think that with Muschamp’s conservative approach to offense, Brissett would’ve suffered the same fate as Driskel. When most of your pass attempts come on third and long when the defense knows it’s coming, you’re at a distinct disadvantage. Both are on NFL rosters now, so I think it’s clear that both had talent when they were at UF. Brissett may have a real shot now that Luck has retired.

  2. Pat, Franks is bush league. There is no argument against this. His actions were those of a tool. CDM needs to get him behaving like he belongs in the big league, like he’s been in the end zone on a regular basis. Until that happens, he’s an embarrassment. I hope he and Mullen get it sorted. At this point, I would rather watch Emory Jones grow into the role, no matter the current cost. Having said that, no one wants him to be better than I do. Tell it like it is.

    • Fair enough. I think you’re hitting on something we’d all like to see less of. As far as his performance tho, I’d give him a pass right now in the hopes that it’s not actually regression and more of a very early first game issue. I still don’t see that Miami is that great of a team, but they’re nevertheless a Power-5 opponent when we’re mostly still playing cream puffs to warm up — and the truth of the matter is, they stunk up the field worse than we did all night.
      I’m all in for Jones to be ready to go and grow…..for the same reasons and with the same caveat as you, KGB.