Dooley Noted: Biggest opening game in UF history

Randy Russell, a Gator player who had to retire from football for medical reasons, pumps up the crowd on the SEC Nation show, in the Plaza of the Americas before the Florida LSU game on the University of Florida campus in Gainesville Oct. 6, 2018. [Brad McClenny/ The Gainesville Sun]

Pat Dooley talks Gators football in this edition of the Dooley Noted podcast. Pat talks about this being the biggest opening game in UF history, nerves for the fans, the other games this weekend and of course Three Things. Guest Lee McGriff, the former Florida wide receiver and radio analyst, is the guest today.

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1:00  Biggest opening game in UF history

7:50  The mystery player of the game is

11:00 This Miami team has some talent

12:45  A lot of nerves for the Florida fans this week

14:30  This game has so much attention

15:15 The other games of Week 0

19:30 Interview with Lee McGriff

31:18 Try listening to the game on radio for more details

32:00 The Pac 12 decides no noon games

34:10  Jim Harbaugh’s book talks about cheating in the south

36:30  Three Things


  1. This is hardly the “biggest opening game in UF history” I can remember those past Miami openers and there were some that ruined our season!
    So gatorsports is now going to limit reading articles to 5 a month, wouldnt let me read tonight unless i signed up for a digital account, see you guys later Ill be reading at other gatorsites, like Floridagator and Gatorcountry! Its been great but all GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END!

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