Dooley Noted: Game week is go, go, go.

Florida players including Marcell Harris (26) come out of the tunnel to start the Orange and Blue Debut, the annual spring football game, at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville Friday April 7, 2017. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

In this weeks first episode Pat talks about the game week atmosphere surrounding the Florida Miami game, thing the Gators need to do to win the game and the season, the weirdness of the UF UM series, and an interview with AP college football writer Ralph Russo.

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1:00 Its game week and its all a go, go, go.

3:00 Questions about this team

5:00 Talent gap between UF and UM

7:45  UF UM home and home games announced

12:00 The weirdness of this series with UM

13:00 It’s important for Florida to win this game

18:00 Six things Pat wants to see from the team this season

23:35  Interview with Ralph Russo of the AP

36:20  Bad Things are sometimes just going to happen, Keys to success

43:40 Three Things


  1. Williams is starting as Canes QB. He is run-oriented first, then short passes. Put a gunner on him like C.J. Henderson (well, maybe not him but someone who can run and tackle). Cane coach in first year as HC. He will try something he hopes Gators have not seen. Keys: special teams, QB play and defensive backs. 83 hours to go.


    The Canes’ strategy is going to be to be– try not to get beat too bad! Play as conservatively as possible raise the white flag at halftime and hope Mullen has mercy on them.

    Miami’s defense is about to find out they are NOT GOOD! It’s one thing to shut down a pitiful ACC offense, where the top running back runs a 6.4 forty, can only bench press 45 pounds and has pretzel legs with all the leg drive of a sickly gerbil.

    It’s one thing to shut down a quarterback who has a weak, scrawny arm like a 6 year old girl and who thinks scrambling means running backward from the line of scrimmage and diving face first into the turf screaming “Please don’t hit me!”

    It’s one thing to shut down a 4 foot tall receiver who weights 600 pounds and has to pull his hands up with both hands as he waddles down the field.

    Sorry little Canes, but this week you will face men, battle hardened in the cauldron of the SEC, where most of the players you will go up against in the ACC couldn’t even serve as water boys. Your stats are a lie, and you are not gangsters– you are just CRUMPING clowns and we are about to give you a beat down that will leave you scarred for the rest of your lives because every time you take the field against the fat and slow of the ACC, you will know it’s easy to look good when you take a selfie standing next to a loser.

    WEEK ZERO!!!!! WEEK ZERO!!!!!!!! WEEK ZERO!!!!!!!!!!

          • Which is exactly why I advocate for UCF to join the ACC! OK, OK, I’m only kidding. Couldn’t resist, I’ll be good now, I promise. Satan made me say it.

          • I’d be happy for them to be invited and join the Big12, then you could root for or against them vs UT. But it would give the the panache needed to push them into the forefront.

          • Or it could turn out as the Group of Five version of Rutgers, having had a tad of success and a big TV market, but when brought into the BIG10 became laughing stock. I think the AAC would be better off doing some tweaking of teams, certainly retaining UCF and USF, and elevating themselves to where they started as the Big East……a Power conference. Power-6 if you will. What say you?

          • A few things. New Jersey and Florida are different kettles. Florida is a hotbed for recruiting. UCF is a HUGE school. I think the elements are there for a successful run in a power 5 conf. UCF handles the ACC also rans fine, and in fact, some happily duck them. One thing UCF CAN do is show continued success as the alpha dog (borrowing from another thread) in the AAC. But it would not be a stretch to think that UCF could compete with other teams in power 5 conferences. Think Baylor, TCU, Ok St, TTU, etc… Sure they’d lose, but they’d win some and be competitive. UT and OU are two different animals though.

          • Well, besides all those logical points and facts. 🤓

            I still think the AAC could be the 6th Power conference with a little tweaking, still make some geographical sense maybe, and have the playoffs at least available. In fact, I’d love the see the conference champions of 6 actual POWER conferences go at it, along with the highest ranked 2 teams from the GOF.

    • Wow! That’s a lot of bulletin board material. I’m giving Miami and the ACC a little more credit. A spank down will be fun to watch but not very likely. We have our own youth and depth issues on both sides of the LoS. I’ll be happy with a 8-10+ point win.