Dooley Noted: It’s almost game week, fans.

Fans cheer during a game against Colorado State at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium Sep. 15, 2018. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

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Pat Dooley comes at you with another Dooley Noted Podcast. This week Pat talks about the news in college football, annoying things in college football, and of course Three Things. With special guests Shayne Edge, former Florida punter, and Chris Low, of ESPN.

1:45  It’s Almost Game Week

2:50  New of the Week: Miami pick starting QB

9:05  May Cox gets eligible …. Who Knows

11:45  Interview with former Florida punter Shayne Edge

24:00 Pats AP Top 25 Poll

24:45  The Most Annoying Things in College Football

33:15 Interview with Chris Low of ESPN

42:45 It all ramps up next week

43:50 Three Things


  1. Nice interview with Shayne Edge. He always wanted to be one of the regular players instead of just a punter, and that didn’t serve him very well in the NFL.
    As far as the annoying things, I find quite annoying delusional fans who seem to take their delusions very seriously.