Dooley Noted: Early season outlook for the Florida Gators

    Miami tight end Nicholas Ducheine runs a drill during an NCAA college football practice at the University of Miami Greentree Practice Field, Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019, in Coral Gables, Fla. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

    Pat talks about the Miami game and much more and interviews Dave Hyde with the South Florida Sun Sentinel and George Schroeder with USA Today.

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    1. Gators do have a young roster and have lost a good deal of depth. Other team have lost depth too. UGA lost its only WR coming back and now is losing one of it’s LBs to the portal. Bama lost a LB over the weekend who was their top recruit in 2018. I think it happens in a lot of places but we just are more aware of our roster.

    2. Wadeless, you are indeed wise. Everybody has young guys. Everybody has had dismissals. Everybody is dealing with the transfer portal.

      As for injuries, the UF medical community and training staff are as good as it gets. With the current regime’s attention to detail, I’m confident that anything that can be done on things like ankle and achilles injuries will be done.

      Anybody who thinks Florida-Miami is going to be a defensive battle is undervaluing Florida’s skill position players. It isn’t possible to overstate the match-up nightmares our receivers are going to cause with all the depth. The reverse will be true with Miami. An inexperienced Miami QB in a new system (whoever it is) going against an elite secondary. Miami will make some big defensive plays, but this game is going to be closer to 31-10, and some of Miami’s 10 may come in garbage time.

    3. 8 team Playoff- The regular season and as a result conference championships must mean something or what’s the point? Just picking the “best 8” teams…we can set 2/3 of the playoff field before the season even starts based on the selection committee’s past performance. And we’ll never have a “Cinderella” season ever again.

      To do it right the number of games played must be the same for all playoff teams and all power five conference champions should get in. With 5 power five champions we still need 3 additional teams so this is where the so called panel of experts comes in.

      Ten teams play on Conference Championship weekend and six “selected teams” play on the same weekend so eight teams emerge. The panel can use strength of schedule, conference strength, head-to-head etc. to select the at large teams and their initial match-ups. Then use the same logic to seed the playoff field for the round of eight games.

      Last year for example:

      PAC Utah V Washington
      SEC Bama V Georgia
      ACC Clemson v Pitt
      Big 12 Texas v OK
      Big 10 NW v Oh St.

      At Large hypotheticals seeded 1-6
      1 Notre Dame 12-0 v 6 LSU 9-3
      2 Michigan 10-2 v 5 UF 9-3
      3 Washington St 10-2 v 4 UCF 12-0

      1st Round based on seedlings by committee.
      1 Bama v 8 UCF
      2 Clemson v 7 UF* just cause we won ;o)
      3 Oklahoma v 6 Washington
      4 Ohio St v 5 Notre Dame

      2nd Rd.
      Bama v Ohio St
      Clemson v Oklahoma

      Title Game
      Bama v Clemson again ;o)

    4. Under this system only two teams play one additional game and the National Title is decided on the field. Non power five schools have a chance to get in based on their regular season play, the selection committee has a season of data to work with at the end, and any independents or non conference champs that get in are playing a meaningful game and not sitting at home watching on conference championship weekend.

      If we get into the financial potential when all conference title games would actually mean something… plus 3 more meaningful play-in games that same weekend. And then add the revenues from 4 new playoff games on top of the current 2 playoff games and title game system, TV revenue would almost double compared to the current system. Ask the players and they’d vote for this!

      • The biggest problem I see with that is making your conference title game is no more important than making a “play-in” game. In fact, in the SEC it would probably be better to finish 2nd in your division if the other side would be a clear favorite. But I like the idea 😎

    5. If you make your power five conference title game you are guaranteed a shot at the title and not just hoping to get selected. Controlling your own destiny is better than trusting the selection committee. In practice, the top 10-12 teams fill out the conference title games anyway so the selections of teams in the 10-20 range is what the committee would focus on for the play-in games. Team 17 will be pissed but 16 teams have a shot to win it on the field.

      The conference title games are neutral sites already so adding 3 new neutral venues for the play-in games is not a big deal.

      For the round of 8, home games for the higher seeded teams and then resume as it is now with neutral site venues for the round of four and then title game.