Dooley Noted: Getting ready for SEC Media Days


    Pat looks at Florida’s football program heading into SEC Media Days and interviews Peter Burns of the SEC Network.

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    Podcast breakdown:

    03:30 — What to expect at SEC Media Days

    06:30 — Hits to Florida’s roster

    10:30 — Florida could win 10 again, but there are holes in roster

    13:45 — Florida’s competition in the SEC

    19:35 — Interview with Peter Burns of the SEC Network

    29:30 — Mr. Two-Bits

    33:50 — Pete Alonso

    35:00 — UF basketball

    41:15 — Three Things


    1. You only gave 2 options Pat (as usual for media it’s always binary with liberal media ”this or that”). I did root for America in in Ladies World Cup Soccer, but I chose NOT to watch them. I also DID NOT ROOT for any other country (England? really?). Perhaps if some of these younger Americans grew up during the Cold War, and watched Jim Craig celebrate the ”1980 USA Olympic team’s GOLD MEDAL RUN,” then they’d understand ”WHY” some of us are so pee’d off with this American Ladies Soccer team, and how to CELEBRATE, American style! So what’s your excuse, Pat? You were there in the 1970′-80’s? Never mind, I know why you do what you do… you opened the door, Pat! And yea, I’ll come busting through!

    2. Pat should learn to leave politics out of his stuff, or he will definitely offend some of his followers. As far as the soccer team, I didnt root for another Country, I simply rooted against the team that chooses to disrespect the Oval Office. Throwing the flag down while celebrating was proof they don’t respect symbols of our great Country

      • I realize we all see what we want to see but perhaps you should stop listening to Faux News so much Sparky. Lesse’ what Snopes has to say…

        “Did Megan Rapinoe ‘Stomp’ on an American Flag After the World Cup Final?”

        Mostly False

        What’s True
        Rapinoe momentarily allowed her boot to brush against a U.S. flag that her teammate briefly dropped to the ground during celebrations after the World Cup Final on July 7, 2019 — both actions that could reasonably be regarded as gestures that were disrespectful towards the flag.

        What’s False
        Video footage shows that Rapinoe did not stomp or stamp on the flag, which was picked up off the ground after about three seconds. Rapinoe has also in the past draped herself in the U.S. flag after an on-field victory, described herself as “very deeply American,” and expressed the view that the U.S. is a “great country.”

        • David, while I suspect that I would be diametrically opposed to most of Megan Rapinoe’s political views, after watching the video in the Snopes link you posted, it seems clear that she had no idea the flag was there. She was looking straight forward and walking forward and never looked down to see the flag. It appeared that Allie Long, in her excitement, dropped the flag temporarily and then quickly reached down to pick it up after Rapinoe’s leg/foot brushed the flag and just as Kelley O’Hara came in to take it from Long. It was certainly unfortunate, but I agree with you that it didn’t seem intentionally disrespectful and certainly wasn’t “stomping” the flag.

          It’s also unfortunate that Rapinoe has chosen to decline a White House invitation simply because she dislikes the current occupant. It’s her right to do so, but it seems petty and also seems to only be a tactic of those with liberal views. You’d think with the allies liberal thinkers have in the mainstream media they could find other avenues to get their message across. Despite not having a majority of the media on their side, I don’t recall conservatives protesting in this fashion during the Obama administration.

    3. The women soccer team was angry because they weren’t being paid equally compared to the men. Here is the kicker to that story. The U.S. women’s soccer team out draw the U.S. men and they have more sponsors, but yet they are being paid less. Pretty obvious why they are unhappy

      • georgie I agree the ladies should get paid the same as the men but what the heck does that have to do with disrespecting our flag and national anthem? Get mad at your sponsors, or the US soccer federation or whoever the heck is responsible for that. I’m pretty sure the US President is not responsible for the pay rates of our national teams. And if you don’t like what our flag or our anthem stand for them don’t sign up to play for the US national team, go play for Venezuela, Cuba or North Korea instead.

    4. Must confess I didn’t listen to the podcast, rather read in this format than listen but just reading the comments I’m glad I didn’t. I’m tired of all these snowflakes getting angry and channeling that anger towards our great institutions that define our great country, trying to re write history and erase our past and being generally ignorant and ungrateful. I feel bad for the youth of America and what will be in store for them once our generation fades away and these socialist/communist ideals take root and destroy our great nation.

      • CO, I paid too much income tax last year due to an accounting error. I see now that I should burn the flag, or stomp on it in the dirt, to show my contempt for POTUS.

        The advent of cultural marxism sweeping people under 35 off their feet, an irresponsible media, and one political party in particular taking off the mask and declaring outright socialism doesn’t bode well for the US remaining a constitutional republic in the very near future. I actually find myself longing for a good old fashioned American liberal — haven’t found one in years, though. At least we could have civil conversations while disagreeing.

        College football, and the Gators in particular, keep me going however. ❤🐊🏈

          • I’ll put it this way, David — I don’t like the current occupant of the White House personally, that is to say, his personality is such that I wouldn’t enjoy sitting down with him over a cigar or even a dip for that matter. Perhaps he is as you say, “egotistic” — but if you can come up with actual facts to support “despot”, “nazi”, or even “white supremacist” I sure would like to hear them. That said, while I don’t like him personally, I sure as hell like his policies even tho the left and the media nitpick them to death as well as undermine him at every turn. So what are you really afraid of, bub? Oh, Go Gators too, which I presume we can at least agree on.

            • Well said 6. As I stated earlier, it’s about a disrespect for the position of the person in the Oval office. I don’t remember lots of bashing of Obama by winning sports stars, but the liberal minded seem to think its required. Trump has helped do amazing things for the economy, but you wont ever hear that from the liberals.

    5. Thank God we have sports to take our minds off the political things in society. When athletes decide they need to bring their political views out, they should know that a lot are going to disagree. Leave sports out of the political arena and entertain the masses!

    6. About Mr. Two-Bits, “I interviewed him several times, when he was alive of course.” I had to laugh at that. Not Mr. Two-Bits passing but at Cpt. Obvious’ comment.

      Another, “I’m a big offensive guy”? Did you mean you are very offensive? Keep those one-liner’s coming Pat…

      • Attorney to Witness on the Stand: “And doctor, was the patient dead when you conducted your autopsy?”.

        Witness: “Counselor, all my patients are dead when I conduct an autopsy. But I do plan to try one some day on a stupid lawyer.”.

      • Excellent and insightful, Sly. We used to be able to talk and discuss differences, there used to be many freedom loving liberals and just as many actual conservatives. I think there are far less of both now and sometimes I really wonder what the actual agendas on either end are. I do know, however, that the typical life span of republics throughout history has been +/- 250 years. That should give us all pause. But by God, GO YOU GO GATORS! Now THAT we can all agree on. 🐊🏈

        • Interesting thought on the 250 year life span, my Gator friend. I’ll have to do more reading to confirm that thesis, not that I doubt its validity. History texts usually attribute the fall of empires to invasions from enemies without. However, I believe it all starts with disunity, greed, and corruption from within which weakens the republic. Maybe that was the Russian strategy as they played both sides on social media during the last general election.

    7. I’m sticking with my theory that social media will be the complete downfall of our society as we know it. The morals of our society continue to decline, helped along by Al Gore inventing the internet 😎