UF football depth chart


Florida’s projected depth chart coming out of spring football (including the true freshmen who arrive this summer):



13-Feleipe Franks

5-Emory Jones    OR

11-Kyle Trask


2-Lamical Perine

27-Dameon Pierce

20-Malik Davis

24-Iverson Clement

— Nay’Quan Wright


12-Van Jefferson

4-Kadarius Toney

— Arjei Henderson

— Ja’Markis Weston


8-Trevon Grimes

16-Freddie Swain

15-Jacob Copeland

— Dionte Marks


89-Tyrie Cleveland

10-Josh Hammond

84-Kyle Pitts

83-Rick Wells


88-Kemore Gamble OR

84-Kyle Pitts

14-Lucas Krull

81-Dante Lang

— Keon Zipperer


72-Stone Forsythe

76-Richard Gouraige

— Wardrick Wilson


61-Brett Heggie

78-Ethan White

— Deyavie Hammond


66-Nick Buchanan

65-Kingsley Eguakun

62-Griffin McDowell


75-TJ Moore

67-Chris Bleich

— Riley Simonds


56-Jean Delance

64-Michael Tarquin

74-Will Harrod



92-Jabari Zuniga

17-Zachary Carter

90-Andrew Chatfield

— Khris Bogle


55-Kyree Campbell

93-Elijah Conliffe

98-Luke Ancrum

— Jaelin Humphries


95-Adam Shuler

56-T.J. Slaton

91-Marlon Dunlap


58-Jon Greenard

7-Jeremiah Moon

4-David Reese

45-Mohamoud Diabate

— Lloyd Summerall


33-David Reese

51-Ventrell Miller

44-Rayshad Jackson

34-Lacedrick Brunson

— Diwon Black


30-Amari Burney  OR

41-James Houston

40-Jesiah Pierre

— Tyron Hopper


21-Trey Dean

26-John Huggins

12-C.J. McWilliams


5-C.J. Henderson

22-Chris Steele

12-C.J. McWilliams

23-Jaydon Hill


3–Marco Wilson

6-Brian Edwards

— Kaiir Elam

— Chester Kimbrough


13-Donovan Stiner  OR

31-Shawn Davis

27-Quincy Lenton


2-Brad Stewart    OR

29-Jeawon Taylor

— Trent Whittemore



19-Evan McPherson

71-Chris Howard


43-Tommy Townsend

86-Jacob Finn

43-Nicolas Sutton


49-Jacob Tilgham  OR

48-Brett DioGuardi  OR

50-Marco Ortiz


43-Tommy Townsend

86-Jacob Finn


16-Freddie Swain

4-Kadarius Toney

12-Van Jefferson


4-Kadarius Toney

16-Freddie Swain

15-Jacob Copeland


  1. I know OL is of concern to some but for me as of now this group looks good and we have depth that unless I read it wrong there are no players on the OL plugging holes in other positions due to lack of player depth. Meaning short of injury we are 3 deep at all positions. So now to me the concern is experience which I think CDM and Co. will game plan to the abilities of the moment.

    • I agree. It’s great not seeing the same player’s at two or three positions because of lack of depth. The other thing about being three deep at all positions is that creates a lot of competition, which will make all of them work harder and play better, especially if they apply themselves in S & C and allow the coaches to develop them.

    • Bode a youse guyses are spot on, as per usual I might add. Now, what happens next (I suspect, anyway) is that there are enough rotation cycles early on this season, in order to add experience and enhanced talent to the depth. Lots of good coaching from Fall Camp onward will make that happen, I think — and damn, we sure are blessed with some good coaches at this time.

      I hope David Smith weighs in on this chart, if for no other reason than to (a) point out something I/we missed, and to, (b) be the devil’s advocate just in case my/our optimism is too far out in front of my/our headlights. I know some people think he’s a troll (he’s not, believe me), but I strangely rely on him to balance the scorecard — so to speak. Just like we read StL’s adroit comments, though not the same. One thing: May we enjoy better collegiality this year even though we disagree sometimes!

      ’65 — how many days until the Miami game?

  2. Probably the best our DL has looked on paper in a long time. Lots of experience at each position. Good size on the inside. A little worried about Linebacker but should be better than last year. Reese good against run but suspect against pass. Burney should be an improvement. Dbs just as good or better than last year.

    Every position is just as good or better than last year on O other than OL. If Franks can handle the first 6 games, we should be good. Not sure he did well with pressure last year even in the last few games, so it could get interesting.

  3. there are an awful lot of coach mac guys in the lineup / roster, especially offensive line…you know, urban did pretty well with zook’s players, and the ole ball coach did ok with galen hall’s guys. Mac won two SEC east championships with champs players, and dan quinn had one good year with urbans guys.