Dooley Noted: What to expect from Florida’s spring game


    Pat discusses the spring game, which can be useful for recruiting, reviews the NCAA tournament, and ponders the Masters. He and beat writer Robbie Andreu get into the spring game and discuss the Gators’ O-line and wide receivers.

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    Podcast breakdown:

    02:45 — Previewing the spring game

    10:50 — NCAA men’s basketball tournament

    18:00 — Basketball coaching changes

    19:30 — ESPN’s ranking of college basketball champions

    23:50 — Robbie Andreu

    44:38 — Three Things


    1. Its always a mute debate when discussing if Babe Ruth is the greatest of all time. One question ends the debate: “How many 20 game winning seasons, pitching, has any other player had (Cobb, Aaron, etc.)”. Babe Ruth also had a stellar World Series pitching record for the Red Sox. He was a great pitcher and hitter. There is no debate!

      Saban had a point. “KIDS” do need a reality advisor/parent who will point out that a 5th round draft pick is likely to not make big money…you flame out as a 5th rounder and then you have no degree (in most cases), no money and no sports career, your at zero. IF, your a 1/2nd rounder, then get the millions check and go for it. If not, STAY in school. Pat, you don’t just let a KID make life long decisions without pointing out all the possible negatives. Getting a college degree is better than a nothing pro flame out situation.

      • I would meet you in the middle on that argument 81. Some of the kids they let in school for football aren’t going to get a degree, and some wont get a degree that will help them get a job (no matter how long they stay in school). The point is you can give them the information, but it’s their life if they choose to move on and take their chance at the pros.