Dooley Noted: With unproven O-line is Florida’s high confidence misplaced?


    Pat sums up the Florida men’s basketball season and tournament performance, looks at whether the Sweet 16 colleges are football schools or basketball schools, interviews Robbie Andreu on spring practice and the spring game, and discusses coaching changes and more.

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    Podcast breakdown:

    00:38 — Wrapping up the men’s basketball season

    07:20 — The need for more accountability for college basketball officiating

    10:35 — More thoughts on the NCAA tournament

    12:35 — Which Sweet 16 colleges are football schools and which are basketball schools?

    18:20 — Interview with Robbie Andreu

    31:23 — SEC coaching changes

    35:53 — Three Things


      • Could be the best sarcastic post ever. So many ways Dooley could have made a similar point in a reasonable way – “they need to be hungry to prove themselves”; “they need to deliver early to take their confidence even higher”, etc., but anyone who follows sports knows that you simply cannot have any real success without confidence. It’s absolutely foundational to how you perform.

        Look at Franks. Mullen has spent a year trying to make that dude believe. It hasn’t been a smooth process, but that’s beside the point. When it comes to confidence in sports – the old saying applies even when you have no experiential basis for it yet – fake it until you make it.

        I guess Dooley would prefer the message be – “you guys haven’t done anything yet, so there’s no reason any of us should believe you will be successful when the time comes”. Sheesh.

        • Franks is a great example. In the past it looked like analysis paralysis, where he was doubting and second guessing everything, but he has become more confident and decisive under Mullen, and it shows. What I like about the confidence in this bunch is it is coming from hard work– in the weight room, on the practice field, and not just some entitled belief that all they have to do is –to quote NCAA football — “roll their helmets onto the field.

          • Good use of a Colin Powell concept, Jaws (analysis paralysis). I’ve used the 40-70 rule myself in everything that required it in terms of decision making — from garrison command decisions to combat decisions and everything in between — and I agree totally that Franks could make good use of it. But. But, I think what looks like analysis paralysis with him may not be per se, and may in fact be with his innate processing speed. That is, more of a God given biological limitation (nothing to do with IQ at all).

            He’ll be the starter this year, I think of that there is no doubt. What will be fascinating to see is how much Mullen’s mentoring and confidence building will carry over. If I’m correct, not much you can do about neurologic latency at his age — but those two factors by themselves can constitute a helluva compensation, for sure. Man, I can’t wait to see how he does…..especially with two young hotshots on his heels now!

    1. I understand the ”confidence thing” by Pat. And while I really enjoying Pat and Robbie together more than Mr. Dooley irked me when he spoke about the following, ”Oh man, are they going to buy me drinks at the bar after the game (if we lose)?” When discussing home court collapses. Because U.F. has only 5 guys who are possibly ”legal drinking age” this past season. And though Millennials are choking at home and it’s definitely happening more, I think comparing ”drinks bought for them at a bar” is out there, man. And it’s definitely a Pat Dooley thing, and not necessarily a Gator Basketball thing… especially during the dang season. Just saying, Pat. Work on that, ”I can relate to young people thing.” Because I’ve found, in general, it usually can’t be done easily. ”Drinking in bars” is a lazy out.