Dooley Noted: Florida basketball team lacking mental toughness


    Pat looks at the struggles of the UF men’s basketball team; the football program, including the Miami game and “spring” practice; Gators in the NFL Combine; and more.

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    Podcast breakdown:

    01:00 — A mixed legacy this Senior Day

    11:52 — The Georgia game and UF’s lack of competitive spirit

    18:50 — The “soft bubble” for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament

    23:14 — Football issues

    31:50 — SEC speed at the NFL Combine

    38:00 — Golf talk

    40:34 — Three Things


    1. They are also lacking: 1. A shooting guard who is a consistent 3 pt. shooter and can hit 42-45% for- the year
      2. A no. 5 who can scoe r8-10 ppg and grab 10 boards. He could be like Noah and tAKE THE POINT on the break himself (doubltful).
      3. A power forward (4) who cam grab 8-10 boards a nite and has a greak kick-out pass om the break.
      4. a small forWARD who CAn run the break, dribble drive to the basketball and either score underneath or pass the balll.
      Consistent jump shooters who average 40-42 %.

      It is to early but think of the 2 incoming all-americans and the effect their olay .
      Personally, I disliked the half-court offense when I coached. I preferred up tempo. But your offense must be designed around what the players can do, not the other way. As erratic as this plays, I am not sure White ever kows who has it that night or not.
      Lastly: Nembs at point. flashes of brilliance and a lot of upside talent.l Needs to practice dribble/drive and find out open playei

      • This is the point right here. Thank you. So easy to fall back on sport-speak – lack of heart, mental toughness, or fight, etc. Sometimes the shoe fits (see the Lakers right now, or the 2017 Gator football team – capitulation can and does happen for a number of reasons), but sometimes a team just doesn’t have the horses. I honestly don’t understand how someone who is a fan a college basketball can watch this team and think they have the horses for consistently above average results. They aren’t talented enough, and they don’t have complementary pieces. I actually believe they are trying really, really hard in an effort to bridge the gap for their shortcomings. They play tight. Nothing comes easy. No margin for error in virtually any game. But they keep grinding, playing defense, and trying to find a way. I’m not down on them. They are doing the best they can with what they’ve got. Same goes for White.

    2. Agree about 2014 seniors. And they beat “little blue”3X in 1 year, too.
      K. Allen will be remembered as a great shooter, albeit inconsistent game by game.
      Jalen was my favorite, and really glad he transferred to U.F. Go Gators!