Dooley Noted: Gators have 40% chance to make NCAA men’s basketball tourney


    Pat interviews Robbie Andreu about Florida football and looks at the credit Dan Mullen gets for team without “stars,” a good week for Florida basketball and its tournament chances.

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    Podcast breakdown:

    01:00 — Dan Mullen deserves credit
    10:15 — Football stars are still to be made at Florida
    11:50 — QB’s in the SEC
    13:45 — Good week for Florida men’s basketball
    15:00 — Gators need to win four of the next six games
    19:22 — Robbie Andreu
    30:00 — A 40 percent chance of making the tournament
    36:00 — Three Things


      • Yes, Mike White is a great coach. No question. Just look what he did when he first got here. The problem is his weak recruiting. To be able to recruit top level b-ball talent to an SEC “football first” school, you have to have that extra special ability, or charisma, or gravitas to attract the top talent. Billy-D pulled it off, AND was a great coach. When Foley went after a darkhorse he forgot about this aspect of the job. Maybe White can turn a corner on the recruiting trail, or get some talented recruiting assistants. If not, is hard to see this getting turned around.

    1. Even one game in the big dance is better than anything in the NIT. The chance to give the 3 freshman some experience in the big tourney is better than playing games at home or the opponents place, and nobody outside of your own fans even having the slightest interest. Now go upset LSU and get out of the play-in games.

    2. That’s the thing with this team. If these seniors start contributing some points regularly Mike White will be a genius again with most of the fans. The latent offensive potential of this team is easily 8-10 points a game.

      With so many key freshmen, Coach White and staff have made a lot of progress making this team competitive this season. That’s what is so impress in the Baton Rouge win.

    3. Great podcast as always, Pat. On the topic of superstars for this team, one explanation for why we don’t have any that immediately standout is because we have zero 5 stars. Say what you want about recruiting rankings, but it is often the case that superstar recruits end up being those superstar players that really make the difference. This does not always mean the elite recruits end up as elite players, but it is more likely that they will be.