Dooley Noted: Florida men’s basketball not as bad as you might think


Pat looks into Florida coaching and stadium changes, the basketball program, the first weekend of the next football season, the NFL and, of course, Three Things.

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Podcast breakdown:

00:35 — A realistic perspective on college football coaches

04:20 — Torrian Gray

09:07 — Regarding the Scott Strickland Q&A

13:50  — Regard UCF comments

18:28 — Florida men’s basketball

27:04 — Looking (way) ahead to the disappointing first weekend of college football

30:20 — After The No Call, the NFL needs a “fixer” in the booth

36:13 — Three Things


  1. I attended UF 1978-81 (Graduated last Quarter summer 1981) and have watched the Swamp turn into an ugly mess during the entire expansion era. It became a “pieced together” mess during the 1990s. I concur with installing chair backs for the entire stadium, which will require a reduction in capacity to about 80K. BUT that still doesn’t solve the “ugliness factor”. I know Rich Bull Gators mostly hate the “on the moon” west side facilities….way to high for high dollar seating, etc. Maybe it doesn’t matter, but it will never look as nice as Bama/AU/UK/LSU, etc. UF Admin will have to remember sold out +90K games through out the 2000s. Maybe times have changed, but the surrounding demographics have not. I know rebuilding will likely cost too much….so I don’t have an answer for a pieced together mess??? Suggestions?

  2. Pretty sure the 1989-90 team, under Don DeVoe, lost at least 3 straight conference games at home and probably more than that. Dark days for the Gators that season. Sadly, I had season tickets and saw them all. Have to protect your home court.

  3. Please stop saying “”Appie State” It is App State. App State. App State damnit.

    I was at the SC game. To say the Alumni side was packed is not true. At the start of the game the Alumni side was 1/2 full and maybe reached 3/4 capacity. There were many empty seats.

    I am looking and the situation in BB is dire. I am counting losses @TCU, @AUB, @TENN, @LSU & @KU. We need to win when KU comes to Gainesville and beat Bama away. I am hoping last night bodes well for the rest of the season but it is going to be tough.

    The fixer will not work. Just need to go with what is called on the field. College, Pro, doesn’t matter. Forget replay. It has screwed the game up. Refs don’t call what they see on the field. They are now making calls based on replay being able to fix it if they are wrong.

  4. I don’t know if I find much solace in the headline saying that “the basketball team is not as bad as we think.” I hope Allen keeps up his aggressiveness. It would be nice if Hudson would join him. The bigs on this team are dropping like flies. We will live-by-the-three and die-by-the-three, but in the remainder of the games that isn’t really Mike White’s fault since he has no true-4. The problem is how we got in the situation of not having a true-4. Again, I’m not saying Mike White should be fired, but I hope it finally hits him that you can’t ignore the 4 and 5 spots just because you enjoy coaching guards more and your team is predicated on guard play. Muschamp was lambasted, and rightfully so, for only having 5 or 7 scholarship offensive linemen on the team when he was fired. White should at least receive some of the same amount of criticism and ire for ignoring depth and development at that position, especially when it makes up 20% of your on-court personnel. He has great talent coming in next year, but he definitely needs to be sure he develops the entire program, not just the back court. I think his learning curve has been more with program development more than Xs and Os.

    • Since White became coach he has recruited only two guys 6″9″ and over in 5 years of recruiting. Gak and Payne. Hayes was committed to Donovan and Chase Johnson and Bassatt were listed at 6’8″ when they were recruited. This is now a huge story I believe.