Dooley Noted: Reasons for Florida’s recruiting success — and other insights


Pat brings Gainesville Sun sports writer Robbie Andreu in for a look back at the Florida season and a look ahead to next year. Pat also talks about Gator basketball.

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Podcast breakdown:

00:52 — UF basketball

02:30 — What Florida basketball is lacking

06:55 — NCAA NET Rankings and other thoughts on the basketball season

08:27 — It’s stupid to do the other team’s chant or signature fan gesture.

13:10 — Robbie joins the discussion on UF football

16:10 — Favorite plays from the past season

20:00 — Favorite players and favorite game

26:40 — Looking ahead and the reasons for Florida’s recruiting success

38:38 — Three Things


  1. The ”B-ball IQ” that was missing last night (in my opinion)) was letting that Miss. State dude drive right up to Hayes, who then slid slightly over to take what he thought was an ”unselfish charge”, and then the dude makes what was the game winner, ”and 1” for State. Albeit, the refs called a crappy game, that was a foul, as Hayes slid his feet. But if I was 6′ 9” and could jump like a deer, like Hayes, I would’ve jumped up and blocked his shot or fouled him so that the ball didn’t get up near the rim. Make the State player make 2 free throws, it stops the clock, and the Gators had a timeout left to set up the next offensive play.
    And the most the Gators would’ve needed (in that scenario) would’ve been 2 points. To me, that is yet another example of someone’s ”basketball IQ” failing the Men’s Gator Basketball squad. And what really must hurt these fellas is that game was quite possibly the Gators most complete SEC basketball game, yet. And still, they lost another ”close one.” Coulda’, woulda’, shoulda’ is gonna’ haunt these young men, and I know that feeling, and it sux! But, Go Gators! Beat Georgia, like a damn drum!

  2. It’s time we gave Coach Mullen and his staff the benefit of the doubt, something we Gators don’t often like to do. ‘When he was first considered, many of us thought he wouldn’t come here bc he didn’t want to be here. Now he is Gainesville’s favorite citizen and its biggest fan…and including and especially his wife. He can’t get the offense going ? We doubled our production. He can’t coach up our QB’s? Our QB situation was a “mess” and that is being kind to the word”mess”. Franks is no Heisman winner, but he improved at a quicker pace than I or many of us thought. Our offensive line can’t block? They got better , much better, and were a strength at the end of the season. He can’t recruit? Let’s look at what he inherited: going to a 4-7 team doesn’t exactly make a recruit stick his chest out as he walks down the halls of his high school. Kids want to be honored by being asked to go to the best. I would rather be a waiter at Bern’s Steak house than a morning manager at McDonald’s. We couldn’t beat good teams even when we won 10 games under Mac. We hadn’t been relevant in 10 years. We were an eye sore to watch offensively. In short , we lacked the “it” factor, glamour and pizzazz. Mind you, the Aaron Hernandez trial is going on during all this.Then our coach decides he wants to throw our fans under the bus as potential serial killers in the middle of the season by claiming we’re threatening he and his family’s life. Not exactly the best PR. It’s as if he went out of the way to not only lose, but to destroy the program. And to make matters worse, the world gets a picture of him on a honeymoon with a shark! It’s as bad as a homecoming queen at FSU or a parking lot attendant at Tennessee! Who in their right mind would come to Florida at that point? But we still bitch and complain about how we didn’t get this or that. We have done that all year and he comes through–every time. We needed O linemen, we got ’em. We needed LB’s . We got ’em. We needed QB’s. We got ’em. He will get DL’s . I trust him at this point. He has checked off every realistic box, and he did it much faster than I would have ever thought.
    And he has done all of this with class and having fun.
    Who wouldn’t want to come here now?

  3. Well said mkf but I think he has the benefit of the doubt already. Who do you think is complaining about Mullen now? I never thought he didn’t want to come here but I did hear rumors and innuendos about his wife not wanting anything to do with Gainesville. Turned out to be a bunch of hogwash but the narrative used to be out there. We are in excellent hands.

    • What got me fired up is I saw on another site a poster, with some agreement from others, that all Mullen is doing is trying to bring his MSU recruits here and that he doesn’t have any D linemen. I have also heard the old “where are the 5 stars ?” banter , as we all have. You are right though. I do think he has proven himself and we are all very excited about next season. I just hope we don’t freak out when the storms come, and they will at some point. Our future looks awesome.

  4. You guys said it all, and very well at that. God bless Dan Mullen and God bless his staff. I just hope we, collectively, have the wisdom not to turn on him at the first rough road. And, I really hope he doesn’t get the bug for the NFL — he’s found his niche, as far as I’m concerned. MGGA.

  5. Good analysis for the most part but can we please stop comparing Mike White and Billy Donovan! Stop. In year 4, Donovan was 29-8 and SEC Champs. He also went to the Final Four and NCAA Finals. His team was loaded with talent. When you talk about him struggling with Erik Murphy, that is just a dumb argument. Billy Donovan’s “struggling” was when he was winning 10+ SEC games in 8 of 9 years (16 game schedule). I don’t think Mike White should be fired, but stop comparing him to Billy Donovan. When you cherry-pick moments, you minimize his legacy.

  6. Ya know, after the 4-7 season I think my Gator spirit was at an all time low even with CDM coming in. Not knowing what to expect especially after watching a bunch of misfits, yes and they played like it too, a recruiting class that had few hand picked recruits of CDM along with the previous staffs recruits. I will admit, I was wrong about FF! I just didn’t think this kid had what it took to be a good QB. After what I witnessed each week with this team, and with FF play, I saw improvement each week in every game. Even the Peach Bowl surprised me! I just didn’t think UF was 41-15 good! Man was I WRONG! I will NEVER doubt CDM and staff again! I don’t care if our recruiting class in #25, I have faith in CDM and that staff to pick the players they want to run the system they have and do it effectively. I remember Miss St. going toe to toe with Bama and almost walked away with a W. So, imo , if CDM can do that at Miss St, he would have walked away with a W had he been coaching the Gators in that game! Lastly, before CDM left UF to go to Miss St i remember A LOT of Gators were calling for his head, wishing he would leave. And then they get Steve Addazio!! Bet they are all eating crow atm! Kinda funny when he left, so did the UF offense! When he came back, so did the UF offense! Anyway, for the first time in 10 years I am actually excited about Gator Football again!! Thank you CDM and staff!!!!!

    • I think a lot of folks were wrong about FF, Wisconsin. I’m in his corner, but I’m waiting to see how much more he can bring to the table next season too. That is, is there a ceiling on how much more he can improve, especially with JJ and EJ on board? I’m sure we’ll kick that around soon, probably +/- O&B game — but I’d really like to hear from StL before then and maybe Cody Alan after that. Regardless, one thing is certain — things are better than they have been in a long, long time!

      • There’s not much I can add about FF now that hasn’t already been said. His performance improved substantially in 2018 over 2017, when he stunk on ice. That said, I don’t believe he has it in him to be any more that a good game manager, like Greg McElroy was at Alabama, who when surrounded by a very good team won a NC.

        Tua, Fromm and Lawrence are 2 and 3 years younger than FF, but light years ahead of him in their performance. So, performance at the QB position obviously requires far more than being tall, having a strong arm and good coaching.

        On the other hand, I have full faith in CDM’s ability to develop QBs and in his judgement when deciding who’ll get to start vs. Miami in August. If he starts FF in that game, I have no doubt FF will be the best QB CDM has on the squad by then.

        Time will tell.