Dooley Noted Podcast: Postseason musings – UF’s tops players, bowl game perks and more


Pat looks forward to the Gators’ public practices ahead of the Peach Bowl, looks back to the season’s top performers, reviews the coaching carousel and talks up this weekend’s bowl games.

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Podcast breakdown:

00:55 Public practices

02:50 Heisman Trophy review

09:30 SEC award-winners (“They’ve done OK.”)

13:20 Pat’s UF players of the year

18:30 Bowl game perks

24:38 Kickoffs on the decline

26:20 Coaching carousel

35:30 Weekend bowl games

44:22 Three Things


  1. After listening last night, I didn’t really have a comment. But since no one else has commented yet, here is one for your efforts (which I like):

    Since the advent of the four team playoff and the more important continuing Super SEC Championship game, all other bowls and the Heisman have diminished. I can’t blame Grier for not playing. UWV can now work on their future QB. Your right, they’re all exhibitions.

    • Early entry and not playing in the bowl game would be my first indicator I may not want to draft this player. Iā€™d be suspicious that he may play like his first priority is to sustained his longevity in the league rather than play with total commitment. Just saying, if I was an NFL General Manager or Coach. Go Gators!

  2. Bowl games used to be a reward for a good season. Going 6-6 and getting into a bowl nowadays has absolutely no significance. But TV money talks and that’s why you have so many bowls. TV companies are scrambling to get a bowl for the ad revenue they generate, and bowl committees and the schools get a slice. To me, there are only 7 relevant games.

  3. I think the primary cause of the Gators offensive success this season was the improvement in the running game. The question is whether that improvement is more attributable to the O-line or the running backs. Answering that question is the key to selecting the Gators’ offensive player of the year. Since no lineman or back seemed to elevate himself above the others, maybe it should be position of the year, rather than player. On the other hand, on an offense that has struggled as much as the Gators have in recent seasons, a player doesn’t have to be All-SEC caliber to be the recognized as player of the year.

    • Joie right on. We’ve been mediocre oh offense with some get good talent that never materialized. I think coaching and conditioning or lack of was determined this year with the improvement we experienced this year. The leap we appeared to make this year was the step we’ve needed. Or o like was improved our rb were solid yet aww you said no like was great. For the srs it it’s too hard they don’t have another year. For the jrs that stay I think the offense will he much better next year. The paint take will have more targets next year I hope or qb play continue to improve with the ability to complete the middle passes

    • I like the idea of naming a group, and nominate the offensive line, which to me was the most improved on the team and the most important for the offense. They came a long way from last year and even the beginning of this year, and they took it to some very good defensive lines– and also the semis.

  4. One thing that very few would argue is that Franks was easily the most improved individual player. Mullen deserves the credit for putting in game plans that gave not only the team, but individual players to excel. Now it appears to be paying off on the recruiting trail. How long until that Miami kickoff now? šŸ˜Ž

  5. Offensive Player of the Year was not a player, it was COACH DAN MULLEN. He is the offensive play-caller, and his play-calling made all the difference this season. His development of his quarterbacks were also key. I think he did an amazing job of knowing what his QB’s could handle and game-planning around it.

  6. Good podcast. I like the new cover. Gives Dooley a new and improved imagine. Looks a little like a character as a private investigator in fictional mystery paperback. Pretty cool. Shock the Wolverines; Go Gators!