Dooley Noted: Gators end streak and whip FSU; Bowling anyone?


Sun sports columnist Pat Dooley recaps the Florida win over FSU, talks about the great college football games this past weekend, previews the championship games and hits on the coaching carousel. Interview with guest Peter Burns of the SEC Network, and of course Three Things.

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1:35  Florida FSU Re-cap

4:15  The difference in these two teams was coaching

9:10  Florida took advantage of FSU mistakes

10:40  Florida struggled in the red zone

12:40  Dooley was a little worried coming into the FSU game

14:50  A little controversy,  Gardner-Johnson planting the flag and Kodak Black

17:35  Florida fans don’t want chaos this weekend, cause What bowl do you want

21:20  Chauncey Gardner-Johnson declares for the NFL

25:30 Interview with Peter Burns of the SEC Network

38:15  Great weekend of football games

48:15  The CFB rankings

48:50  The coaching carousel

51:40  Three Things


  1. COMPLETELY agree with Kodachrome Black or whatever. Nice to know we allow a drug dealer and sexual offender on the sideline at UF. I do not want this team to become the Miami of the 90’s with luther campbell. Florida is supposed to be better than that.

    • Sorry Sly. Gators never pull for Bulldogs from Georgia to win anything for any reason other than a Georgia win getting Florida into the final four playoffs and not Georgia. Gators just enjoy chomping on Bulldogs.

        • I don’t know Sly….. I can pull for “some” SEC teams to win in certain circumstances but under NO circumstance could I EVER root for UGA or FSU. Never. And I like to think I am a pretty independent thinker. I just despise UGA and FSU, their fans, their attitudes, even their uniform colors. In fact, the only thing about UGA that I like is…….wait a second, there’s nothing about UGA that I like. 🙂

          • “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. I’ll go with Sly on this one, y’all….and you bet I rooted for Georgia when they played Notre Dame. (I just kept it to myself is all, so don’t tell anybody)

          • Gator 6. Not surprised that you take such an approach with the truth. And I was pulling like hell for ND vs. Georgia, and I do not care who knows that I did. And I will be pulling for Alabama on Saturday.

          • Tampa. Not surprised that you didn’t get the joke. You are truly an amazing individual nevertheless. I’ll be sure to pull for you to get some help.

        • Sly. McElwain would be ONE to join you in pulling for Georgia. So you and he are TWO peas in a happy pod. Congrats. And NEVER pulling for Georgia or FSU is not related to critical or independent thinking. And the content of this post is a completely independent vein of thought that varies from your own thinking, and that vein of thought required very little critical thinking skills. But it will require that to comprehend my two posts.

          • …..and of course, no “oh brother” to Sly, who I responded to due to his insult. Again, not surprised. Fake news at 6.

          • If you took insult from Sly’s comment, sufficient to respond in such a manner, it’s probably later than we think, Tampa. I’m sure if he either wanted or intended to “insult” you, he would be quite manifest about it. What you get from making an ass out of yourself like this is, however, a quite a mystery.

            By the way, you must be slipping… left CO Jones off the list to go to hell. Just sayin’. 😜

          • Rog. Gator 6, LT, CO, and Sly are a gang on here. Sometimes, I grow weary of their nonsense, shout back at them, and they get their feelings hurt. So sorry. LT trolls everything. CO comes on when a personal attack is needed. Sly comes on to insult and take the opposing view. Gator 6 comes on to flatter everyone and defends the other three to the death, and always comes to the defense when anyone, especially me, addresses and challenges any of the group. Obvious and tiring.

          • And if you do not believe me, Rog, read the two posts that followed by Sly and Gator 6. Teamwork. They get off on it.

          • Swampy it is then: If you insist on dragging this out in a public forum, and refuse to go off-line with it despite my offering it to you many times over, so be it.

            You have a superb level of football acumen, there is no doubt about that and I for one admire you for it. Regrettably, that rather sterling asset is largely overshadowed by a rather pervasive, maladaptive, and somewhat dysfunctional personality style. Accordingly, your arrogance is basically fragile — thus you read hidden meanings into benign remarks, find insults where there are none, and respond with disproportionate anger with a frank tone of persecution in which you are suddenly the victim of an orchestrated conspiracy. What you call “flatter” is merely normal collegiality, although you turn it into something sinister. But you’re right about one thing: Even though none of us actually “know” one another personally, we do identify others as people we like or admire — so in that sense, I suppose you could say we’re friends and probably would be in person too. That’s a far cry from a “gang”, but you’re also correct about another thing: You’re damned right I defend my friends from the bullying, paranoid rants, holier-than-thou insults, and overbearing lectures a fool like you frequently dishes out.

            Suggest you stay in your lane and I’ll stay in mine. If not, let’s have the next conversation off line so as not to drag your dirty linen all over the place when we’re here for the Gators, not you.

          • A few folks on this board seem to misinterpret things said in jest or seem to lack skill in picking up on subtleties of expression. It seems very tiresome and shallow to make direct and personal attacks on character and intellect of people you hardly know. It’s hard to see what entertainment can be found in all the tedious squabbling. More collegiality and good humor and less taking offense would be more fun.

        • Man, did I stir the pot or what?! I got a good belly laugh reading all the replies several hours later. What I said probably came out wrong and led to wrong interpretations. I meant that being a Gator fan doesn’t necessarily mean one has to follow the Gator congregation in thought and actions. Anyways, I just think the Sugar Bowl is the most prestigious bowl outside the semi-finals. They get to pick the best SEC team not in the playoffs. I am rooting for the highest bowl we can get. If it means I cheer for one of our rivals, so be it.

          • Well, that’s more or less how I took it, rather benign if you ask me. Again, I didn’t start the current dust up — I’d be happy if our friend of many names never mentioned me at all!

          • Gator 6. I do not hide behind many names like some do on here. I was Tampa Gator before one of you four stole my name on the changeover and used it inappropriately, and I switched to Swampy Gator (and did so by telling everyone that I had). Other than that one time, liar, I have not used any other names on here. And I am not your friend. Enemy either. I just do not like you, CO, LT, and Sly very much. You team up to create issues on here. I hate it.

          • No, Sly, I originally made a decent and respectful response to your original post and you came back with the inference that I lacked independent and critical thinking skills. And that did piss me off. Now, you act innocent and like you did nothing of the sort. You lie and distort just like Gator 6. Nice teamwork on the alternative facts. But the facts are clear above.

          • Swampy, I have two items for your consideration. First, if Sly made anything in his response to you it was an implication, not an inference. The speaker (writer) implies; the hearer (reader) infers. I see how you could read it as a swipe at your thinking skills. Maybe it was; maybe it wasn’t. The second item is a request that you re-read your original response to Sly’s post. Can you honestly say that it doesn’t read like an implication that Sly isn’t a true Gator, because he chooses to root for UGA over Bama? If you say you didn’t intend it that way, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, but you should do the same for Sly.

          • Ah, so Swampy=Tampa, thought I recognized the comments. Swampy, spirited debate is great sport, good fun. With the exception of non Gator spammers, you seem to bring a degree of maliciousness not warranted for the situation. Hoping I’m wrong BTW, as number one, I’m a Gator and love to discuss all things Gators with fellow Gators. If a debate gets personal, like using the term”liar”, one appears petty and has essentially lost the debate.

    • Exactly Sly, rooting for UGly for same reason. BTW, I root conference across the board, when UGly plays Ga Tech I’m totally for UGly, as are all of my Gator Alum friends for the obvious reason it makes UF (and the SEC) look good nationally.

  2. Pat, You are 100% correct and it has nothing to do with your age.It has everything to do with being a respectable person and a class act . Kodak Black should not be allowed anywhere close to the sideline . In fact the team and university should go out of their way to disassociate from him and the image he has . We are not Miami or FSU and it’s with great pleasure that I say that. That thug BS sends the wrong message , specifically that we have no class. Go somewhere else if you want to be a lowlife piece of …. UM has plenty of room!! it fits right in with the turnover chain and fanny pack that those teams use to celebrate turnovers. God help us if we ever come out with something that tasteless to celebrate turnovers.

  3. Pat: Planting our flag on our field is disrespectful and terrible, huh? What is your opinion on fsu’s sod cemetery that was dug up from opponent’s fields year after year? And running around with a gator head on our field when they beat us is OK. Agree on Kodak Black he has no business on our sideline. fsu is the most disrespectful team in CFB, they have made a living out of being jerks. Why don’t you just come out and say it instead of pretending like they are victims. They are not.

    • You are right about them, but two wrongs don’t make a right. Dooley didn’t pretend they are victims, but he correctly stated that planting a flag in such a way is disrespectful. Like Mullen said, “show some class.”

  4. Dang, listen to the whole thing! I agree on the flag planting, BUT does this mean FSU should dig up the “Sod Cemetery”? Its a symbol of “we killed you guys”, right, death=cemetery. Reminds me of 1993 game when if our players got within 10 feet of Little Charlie Ward, boom the flag would come out! Verses 1996 game when Andrews/Bowden “ordered” Danny W hit the whole game with finally two consecutive flags stopping the madness. All of this shows FSU = no respect…period.

    Yes, Dan Mullen should be voted SEC coach of the year…he had to transform a team!

    The Match was a dud which I never intended to watch…it was always going to be a bad product.

    Will Grier is the best QB in the country…Murray is close