Dooley Noted: What bowl game could the Gators end up playing in?


Pat looks back on the Florida-South Carolina game — “one of the most incredible games you’ll ever see” — and interviews Matt Baker, college sports writer for the Tampa Bay Times.

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Podcast breakdown:

01:15 One of the most incredible games you’ll ever see

05:45 Recapping the game

12:07 Bowl speculations

19:30 Heisman race

22:30 Matt Baker

35:30 Other games from the weekend

44:22 Three Things


    • Just go watch some Deion Sanders replays guy. The Gators are finally pulling themselves out of their decade of mediocrity. In the meantime, FSU is diving straight in by hiring a losing coach that is already producing losing results despite being stocked with talent. Enjoy your next decade or two. And remember, no amount of trolling is going to ease the misery.

      Sing it with me. It’s Great to Be a Four and Eighter!!!

      • Dude, Dazz is not an FSU troll. Who the heck are you to just show up and start making those assumptions. Those of us who have been here for a long time know who is who. You sound like the poster from Tampa who calls everyone with a different opinion an FSU troll, is this your new name TG?

        • CO. I do not call “everyone” with a different opinion “a” FSU troll. I enjoy intelligent, different opinions and perspectives, and am I challenged by them. I am rarely challenged by you, “arrogant” and “condescending” as that sounds. And thanks for switching back to “CO”. I knew you would after I came back and after you had disappeared for a while (but not really). But I will stick with SwampyGator now, since I love being in THE SWAMP. And, no, Daz is not a troll. But his above post was troll like, and I fully understand why Vex reacted in the manner he or she did.

          • “And thanks for switching back to “CO”. I knew you would after I came back and after you had disappeared for a while (but not really).”
            Whatcha talkin’ bout Willis?
            FYI, I have never switched names, unlike you. It is funny you think I did AND that it was in some bizarre reason due to you coming back or whatever. Sorry to burst your bubble but not everything revolves around you. You are not the center of the universe. I know it’s hard for you to swallow all this but people lead their lives independently of what you do, what you think or what you say.
            You are only important in your own mind. I could go on but I think you can get the drift.

          • Then, CO, if I am so unimportant to you, do you continue to almost daily associate my name with your posts, as with the one above. Just make your posts about FLORIDA FOOTBALL and move on from the personal attacks and insults. Simple.

  1. Daz, I think you’re looking at the teams over their entire history. If you just look at the last 4 recruiting rankings, SC is right there with our Gators. I think Mullen will get us back to where we all want to think we belong.

    • Sparky. Florida BELONGS among the elite programs in the country. It has not been there recently. It MUST get back there, and I think Mullen (coaching and leadership) and Stricklin (leadership and facilities development) will accomplish that goal sooner than later.

    • David, I was there too, and while the intent may have been to boo the play calling, the young men who are out there playing their butts off don’t know the difference when they hear boo’s. I was terribly bothered by the boo’s last week. I don’t understand the mentality of a Gator fan, who pays money to go to a Gator Game, to support their Gator team,…and then Boo’s the Gators. Either cheer or be silent, don’t try and send some misguided message to the coaching staff. Do you truly think that the coaches watched the called play, saw the unsuccessful result and didn’t know that it wasn’t good? Do you think they actually needed to hear boo’s to get the message? Absolutely ridiculous. Grow up!

      • I agree with your sentiment Clammerdude. Today is my son’s 10th birthday, and I mention that because it once again reminded me that it’s been 10 years since Tim Tebow. (Of course, every single season they talk about it on ESPN or wherever). I don’t support the negativity of “booing” your team, especially when in the stands. I love what Mullen has done thus far and I believe this is the start to something great, but 10 years is a long time to go without a competent QB. I an not saying we didn’t have a capable QB besides Grier since then but we had Muschamp (Defensive-minded) and McElwain (Horrible in all areas).We had Grier and coach Mac-dingleberry told him to find a new home. It comes down to coaching and we finally have the coaches to really build this program back to where it should be. I think all fans are inspired by Mullen and his attitude and the way he has strained to get the train back on the tracks, so to speak. It’s just with every overthrown ball and misread, the scab gets ripped off again. I will say, Franks is much better than last season and that comes down to the coaching. Whether Mullen is calling plays that make it super easy for Franks to understand or maybe Franks is reading better, not too sure on that one yet. I know one thing that is for sure, Franks, and others need to stop going on social media and taking their shirts off and dancing during live videos in their hotel room. Especially the night before the Missouri game.

  2. Whoops, sorry. This is TJ-Gators. The thing keeps saying I already have an account under my old name and the password reset email never arrives. I don’t post as much as others and I’m not too good at memorizing user names. I do apologise to Daz Wazzle for going off. I thought it was another Mike Winter troll.

    With that said, Daz Wazzle’s comment is off-base. If the guy is a Gator, I am stunned that even after 10 years and two losing seasons he deigns other teams “inferior” and seems to feel the Gators just deserve to win by showing up. That’s the attitude that has contributed to many losses the last few years. I am confounded that he does not seem to appreciate the improvement in mental resilience that is indicated by a 21-0 run in the last 20 mins of the game to pull out of a 17 pt hole. The resilience is not consistent yet — I know — but we all know previous year teams would never have had a shot.

    This team and staff have done amazing things. The SCar game was a 50/50 proposition at best when this season started. Now it’s already supposed to be a given, and consequently, an impressive comeback shouldn’t be celebrated?

    Enjoy the season a little bit Daz, it’ll be gone soon enough. Let’s root for an at large berth and remind everyone who owns Florida by beating FSU, UCF, and Miami in a row. And don’t forget to enjoy the wins no matter how they come.

    • Hey TJ, I remember you and I’ll bet a lot of the guys do to! Write down your stuff — that’s what I do since I can’t remember from day to day — and come back more often. Classy to apologize…..Daz is a solid Gator, walks to the beat of his own drum, but is usually spot on and has given things a lot of thought. Unfortunately, he does his posting at Zero-Dark-Thirty, when most of us are sound asleep — which means that if we can’t decipher something, we can’t get a clarification until his next posting cycle at Zero-Dark-Thirty. I’m sure he’ll tell us what he meant, but I’ll be asleep when he does! Go Gators, bud.

  3. ”…beating FSU, UCF, and Miami in a row.” With a UCF bowl game and Florida’s 1st game of the year next season being Miami (like the old days, see JAMES JONES and ”Peace Corps”) that would be really cool. I never thought of that before now, thanks for the post. But personally, I still feel like Florida would be the one to gain the least playing the UCF Knights in a bowl game. And UCF would be fired up, and have absolutely nothing to lose (while UF’s players would be largely over confident, see Mizzou game). The UCF/Auburn bowl game last season was an example(War Eagle got thumped by a fired up UCF team). But still, it would be great for in-state recruiting. Go Gators!

    • I am also afraid of the almost no-win situation that is playing UCF. You win and “duh, you are supposed to”. You lose and it’s an unmitigated disaster. With that said, I am leaning toward rooting for the matchup. I really hope Mullen can beat the overconfident mentality out of the Gators’ heads because even the FSU game is not a given — let alone the undefeated defending national champs. FSU, UCF, and Miami would be a tough and high stakes gauntlet but it would mean everything for in-state recruiting if UF gets through it undefeated. It’s go big or go home time. The overconfident mentality has to be tested and defeated some time or the other anyways if this program is to gain and maintain relevance.