Dooley Noted: A recap of Florida-Georgia and a Dennis Dodd interview


CBS Sports Senior College Football Writer Dennis Dodd talks with Pat on this Tuesday episode, as Dooley recaps the Florida-Georgia game.

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01:40  Did Franks take a step back?

04:00  Florida in a bowl game…. but which one.

10:04  Recap of Florida Georgia game

14:40  Florida getting killed in the secondary

20:10 Missteps and what went wrong in the Florida Georgia game

27:30  Interview with Dennis Dodd CBS Sports Senior College Football Writer

40:00 Interesting games this last weekend

42:50  Top 25… Where do they fall

44:45  Three Things


  1. ”The fumble” by Emory Jones was one of Coach Mullen’s weakest calls in the game, in my opinion. Q.B. Emory Jones got Florida to a 3rd and short, and then was asked to run a ”speed option” on like, 3rd and 1 or 2 yds.!?!? Really!?!? Which, of course, resulted in another crucial Florida turn-over. When in fact, other than a few passes, the best thing Franks did do well in the UGA game was the goal line rushing T.D., and the 3rd and shorts rushing the ball. Coach Mullen should’ve put Franks back in after Emory got the Gator ‘O’ to 3rd and short, and kept the drive going (Emory’s fumble resulted in another punt).
    But this 2018 team should go 10-2. Florida’s season goal, period!
    Go Gators!

    • Well, gi, it had almost the same effect as a turnover, so you weren’t far off to begin with. I agree with you on that call, and I also think it was questionable to have Franks run the ball out of his own end zone when the Gator running backs are much stronger runners. I’ll stop now before I get us both scolded for questioning The Six Million Dollar Man (I type that affectionately, not mockingly).

    • I did not mind the option call with Jones… DE for UGA made a great play… if Jones gets the pitch out it might be a similar result to the 3rd down vs Vanderbilt with Scarlett.
      As I have said before, I would rather have the ball in Perine’s hands at the 1 yard line.

      • I actually liked the call, it’s just that I would’ve preferred Franks to run it given his experience and Jones’ lack thereof. From my perspective, Jones made a late read and pitch, but maybe it was just a great play by the DE. I would’ve also preferred Perine at RB on the play, because my perception is he’s faster to the edge than Scarlett. I don’t know their 40 times, but Perine just seems faster to me.