Gators drop to No. 13 in AP rankings

    Florida wide receiver Freddie Swain caught a 36-yard TD pass from Feleipe Franks during Saturday's game against Georgia in Jacksonville.[Lauren Bacho/Staff Photographer]

    Florida dropped four spots to No. 13 in the Associated Press college football rankings Sunday.

    The Gators (6-2), who lost to Georgia 36-17 on Saturday, return to The Swamp to host Missouri (4-4) at 4 p.m. Saturday (SEC Network).

    Other SEC teams in the poll: No. 1. Alabama, 4. LSU, 6. Georgia, 11. Kentucky, 21. Mississippi State, 25. Texas A&M.

    The College Football Playoff selection committee releases its first ranking of the season Tuesday.

    Big SEC games Saturday:

    No. 1 Alabama at No. 4 LSU. The Crimson Tide can clinch the SEC West.

    No. 6 Georgia at No. 11 Kentucky. The game that will decide the SEC East.


    1. I think that says a lot about the level of respect the AP has for Florida and the SEC east at this point in time. Everyone saw that we were competing with Georgia and could have won if not for the 3 turnovers. Those accounted for 16 of the 19 points margin of victory. Also, Franks missing a wide open Jefferson was essentially a 10 points swing, 7-7 vs 0-10. So, that was a winnable game for us. I think Fromm put it best; it was a fight.

      I’ll be very happy with 9-3 but obviously 10-2 will be surreal. That would also mean having a chance to finish in the top 10 by winning our bowl game. Go Gators!!!

      • You need to change that if to when. There’s no doubt Mullen will bring in the talent he needs for his offense. They may have lost this game, but it will help with recruiting. Most recruits will see what happened and that all the Gators need is a few more pieces to put them over the top. It’s obvious to anyone who knows football that this team is on the rise and they’ll want to jump on the train.

        • Well Smith…..FSU for one! They’re 4-4, their coach is in line for ACC Coach of the Year, and they’re a shoe-in for the Play Offs this year just based on how good they’ll be next year! Get with it, bruh……

          • LOL!!! What was I thinking…well then there are 14 teams…haha.

            Just saying…name the teams then brother Joel…seriously want to see his take. He “may” be correct, but I think it’s about right at this point.

            • Roger that — I really do believe that it’s quite accurate. But then, I’m still trying to wrap my brain around all the comments about how we’re an “overachieving” team……how is that even possible? I mean, if you achieved a 6-2 record, doesn’t that mean that you were capable of it in the first place?

            • Agree…perhaps they are going with the expectations before the season with that overachieving thing…when “perhaps” 2017 was a gross underachievement. I tell you what…that oline has certainly improved…and i like that we are aggressive and trying to win on both sides with our coordinators…a far cry from last year’s bunch.

    2. It’s already been an amazing year. I haven’t thrown a thing at my TV all year as the team and program has exceeded expectations. I am no longer embarrassed by each game’s performance like I have been for years. Being ranked….exceeds expectations at this point. Kirby and the rest of the SEC knows that it will have a fight on its hands with the Gators for many years to come.

    3. Anybody besides me see than Franks is the problem????? the few plays Emory played we looked better on offence…just go ahead and let him play a whole game and we will be a better team all around and he can still redshirt…Franks will never be the answer. Let him transfer now.

      • Doug…I hear you…but he is a redshirt soph…he would have 2 years of eligibility after this season. Emory did look pretty go to me and his running is the type of QB Mullen would relish. Franks…its all between the ears…and some guys just never make that adjustment from high school to college. Good, hardworking guy…I believe that…so not here to bash him, but his ceiling maybe be realized already.

      • My guess is that Emory has not mastered the reads for the middle and short pass routes. Also, note how he almost fumbled the ball away during his limited action. He’s still growing and learning. and Mullen probably feels A) Felipe gives us a better chance to win now and B) Jones will develop better by not going out there and struggling.

      • No, I don’t see the offense looking better with Jones in. He ran the ball fairly well on 3 carries for 19 yards (not counting the loss on the bad pitch), but it was nothing one of the running backs couldn’t have done themselves. On the option pitch, he made a late read, let the defender eat him alive, and almost turned the ball over with a bad pitch. He did make a beautiful throw to Jefferson on the PI call, but then Franks also threw a dart to Swain for the TD to open the second half. The offense could be better with Jones at QB, but this game didn’t provide any significant evidence to support that idea, and I personally don’t see that it would be. Apparently, CDM doesn’t see it either, or Jones would be the starter.

    4. DEFENSIVE BACKS– still need to play the ball and not PANIC!!