Dooley Noted: Florida-Georgia games stay with you forever


Pat interviews Chip Towers, who covers Georgia for and He also looks back over the history of Florida-Georgia games when both teams are ranked in the top 10.

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Podcast breakdown:

03:30 The bye-week effect?
08:30 Dan Mullen’s answer on 6-1.
10:40 Good, really good or great? Next 3 weeks will tell.
14:10 Florida-Georgia history.
26:50 Chip Towers
40:10 Games from last weekend
45:13 Three Things


  1. Can we hope CBS doesn’t show the Lindsey Scott catch and run or maybe only shows a still shot? It still seems like it was yesterday that our friends and I (three couples) were yelling NO NO, God NO at our 19″ TV in our roach invested married housing Corry Village apartment.

    • Could’ve been worse, like for us Gators sitting only feet away from crying dawgs in the endzone watching the play run away from us, almost like our defenders and hearing our silence as their fans erupt…most sickening feeling ever after screaming at such a high time knowing we had ’em pinned…

    • Correction: Roach infested Corry Village Apartment next to Lake Alice, back when everyone ignored the signs and fed the Gators marshmallows and had “Pell Power” T shirts. 62 Today, Dang, where did life go? Doug Dickey’s 4th and One Foot call, amazing! Pat, I’m a history guy. History is life’s best teacher. Thanks for sharing your UGA game memories. And thanks to the OHBC for turning the series around!

  2. I sincerely would like to see Kirby have a nervous breakdown on the sideline. They have played nobody but LSU on the road so far. South Carolina? We know what muschimp does in big games from personal experience. If our rotation on the D line can get a push or hold the line of scrimmage we will be fine. Franks, God bless him, he has really showed some backbone to overcome last years debacle, However, placing Emory Jones in a few packages would be great and keep the doggies linebackers in check. Could be a great game for a bunch of kids that deserve some credit.Go Gators!!

  3. Whats up with all the media for the last few years calling it the Georgia – Florida game? Its been played since 1933 and it has always been alphabetical and is the Florida-Georgia game. I should know, Ive lived thru over 50 of them!

  4. I remember my first one very well, considering the time elapsed. 1958, 11 years old and my dad took me up on the “Gator Special”, a train the Seaboard used to run for Gator games. We boarded in Tampa around 7:00 or so, and when we got to Jacksonville, buses took us to the Gator Bowl. Saw Bobby Joe Green kick an 80-yard punt that day, that stood for an NCAA record many years. It looked like it was going out of the stadium. Saw Jimmy Dunn, with his running ability, zig-zag through the Ga. defense for long gains. On one long play, after being run out of bounds, he picked his foot up and dusted off his shoe. I have always wondered if that was a show-off gesture. Gators won that day 7-6. Don’t remember if Ga. kicked 2 field goals or missed the extra point. Fond memories.

  5. ”Things that don’t matter,” Pat? But the history does matter. In fact, you spent a whole segment on it which we listened to and enjoyed (at least I did). The history actually matters very much. It gave us your title to this podcast. It gave us my step-dad’s last second F.G. to beat U.G.A. in 1967, 17-16. It gave us ”Run Lindsey run.” It gave us Kerwin Bell to Ricky Nattiel for 90+ T.D. pass to thump those Dawgs in ’84. The history matters very much. And Florida winning this Saturday will also matter mucho! Saturday we will not go quietly into the night, Florida will not go down without a fight. Saturday we’ll celebrate a VICTORY! Go Gators! Work ’em silly!

  6. I became a Gator fan at the age of 14 in 1958, the first year that the Gators played the semis. From 1958 thru the 60s and the 70s, the Gators dominated the semis and had several heartbreaking losses to the dogs. Those formative years for me make me still greatly savor a win over the dogs each year more than a win over the semis. As a 74 year-old Gator I hope I live long enough to see the Gators even the series with dogs.

  7. 4th and Dumb, Lindsay Scott, the Goal Line Stand then Bell to Nattiel, the 85 debacle, and especially the 1990 revolution….those games stay with you. That 1990 game was so perfect because you just knew losing to Georgia like we had in the 70’s and 80’s was over. In 28 years, Georgia has only won 7 games. I can remember the stench…..that foul smell of nastiness emanating from the city. Since 1990 I’ve always wondered why both teams still played in Jacksonville. After 1994 and 1995, I lost a huge bet saying both teams would want the game to go home and home. Still to this day, I cannot fathom keeping the game in that city. It’s not the fans of either school, it’s the people from Jacksonville that make it difficult. We have to have guards on duty to watch our food and our beverages to keep people from walking up and taking stuff. I’ve had them walk right up to our tailgate and just reach in and grab a beer and when confronted ask me what I’m going to do about it! (Side note: pepper spray works real good!). Again, it’s NOT the Georgia fans or the Florida fans that do it. Never has a more classic football game been played in a more trashier city, and since 1996, played in a NFL stadium?? Please, give me a break. Give all the fans a break. Put this game back on the campuses where it belongs. See you all in the cesspool.

    • It’s my favorite game of the year. My fellow Gators and I have been going to Jax for a long time. We park at a county facility about 1.5 miles away at 11:00. Because it’s county, there are no deadbeats trying to gouge you for parking. We tailgate from 11:00 am till 2:45 PM. Pack up our gear (pavilions, grills, coolers, seats, tables, etc…) and start walking at 2:55. We get there at 3:15. Seated at 3:25. Last year not so fun, but walking out of EverBank Stadium singing “it’s great… to be… a flor-a-da Gator, it’s great… to be… a flor-a-da Gator….” after a win is up there with one of the greatest feelings in college football! I like the Jax game and the fact it’s 50/50 better than Steve Spurrier Field.

  8. “…the 85 debacle…”

    I will never forget being serenaded with, “Four whole days!!! Four whole days!!!” as in the number of days UF held the #1 slot in the polls.

    Gators need to do to Jawjuh, what gators do to dogs…CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP!!!

  9. Lindsay Scott’s 89-yard TD run with under a minute left is a game I will never forget. It was the same day I got fired from Sam’s Club casino in Las Vegas. What a lousy day. Dawgs QB Buck Belue couldn’t hit the ocean if he was standing on the beach. He was 77 for 156 for the ENTIRE season. His throw to Scott was only about 5 yards. Scott did the rest as Gator defense did not double-team him and some of the Gator secondary managed to block their own teammates from making a tackle. This after the Gators came back from down 20-7 in 3rd quarter. And dawgs had Herschel Walker as their RB. A lot of cocktail party games I remember. Some of them, like the Scott TD run, are games I wish I DIDN’T remember.