Gators treating ‘Dawgs as just another opponent

Florida wide receiver Freddie Swain (16) has a pass broken up by Georgia defensive back Malkom Parrish (14) during last year's game in Jacksonville. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Remove the annual aspect of the upcoming Florida-Georgia showdown Oct. 27 in Jacksonville and the match-up fully comes into perspective.

Although the Gators and ’Dawgs meet in the same week of every season, the play on the field and the implications haven’t routinely lived up to the standard previously set by the two programs.

Last season it was the Gators getting embarrassed 42-7, and coach Jim McElwain was finished at UF less than 24 hours later. In 2015, it was then-UGA coach Mark Richt controversially starting Faton Bauta at quarterback in what ended up being a 27-3 win for the Gators. The series has seen more classics than clunkers over the past two decades, and Oct. 27 is poised to be the former rather than the latter.

“It’s a big game, but here’s my deal — I’ve never been in a Florida-Georgia game where it’s not a big game,” UF coach Dan Mullen said. “I’ve coached in four of them and I can’t recall one that wasn’t a big game.”

As the players themselves balance rest with preparation in the bye week, the meeting with Georgia looms large, creating a sense of anxiety for a recuperating program.

UF is preparing for UGA as if it determines the team’s season — because it does.

However, the Gators aren’t approaching the match-up any differently. Whether it’s the “upcoming game is the most important” mentality, or the fact the Gators are well-versed in all the ’Dawgs bring to the field, the truth is that UF isn’t looking to add any additional emphasis to the contest simply due to Georgia’s top-10 ranking.

“I don’t think you look at them because it’s a big game, I think you just look at it because it’s the next opponent,” UF quarterback Feleipe Franks said. “I mean, yeah, you get antsy to watch your next opponent.”

That feeling of eagerness that Franks admits to is one the Gators have tried to avoid this week as they’ve emphasized healing, mentally and physically, in the preceding week before facing the Bulldogs. But it’s unavoidable — and unwise — for the Gators to rest on their laurels and wait until Monday to begin preparing for a showdown that will seemingly decide the SEC Eastern Division. Florida will have to win out and hope Kentucky falters down the stretch somewhere if the Gators are to capture the division, meaning preparation has been essential during the bye week for a UF program aiming to verify the previous seven weeks.

We have started looking at a little bit of Georgia film,” sophomore defensive tackle Elijah Conliffe said Tuesday, adding there’s an upside that comes with the bye week aside from the decompression aspect. “This bye week, we’re going to use this as an advantage over the Georgia team.”

Conliffe is heading back to his home in Hampton, Virginia, for the weekend, where he’ll watch college football with his friends and family back home in an attempt to take a quick break from his own collegiate football grind and simply enjoy the game. Yet he doesn’t anticipate the ’Dawgs breaking off their metaphorical chain and running out of his mind any time soon.

“Still, you know we’re going to have them in the back of our mind. And then Monday, we’re back to work,” Conliffe said. “It’s a really big week for us, for preparation for next week. And we’re going to really take this week to heart, and really work.”



  1. “UF is preparing for UGA as if it determines the team’s season — because it does.”

    “However, the Gators aren’t approaching the match-up any differently.”

    It they aren’t approaching it any differently then why are they preparing for it as if it determines the season?

    • I don’t believe it does determine the season, Brian. Now, this is just me — others clearly see it differently regardless of any points they’re trying to make — but go back to where we started this year. What were our realistic goals for Season 1 of the Mullen era (or build if you prefer)? We can lose this game, and it doesn’t effect those at all. It was the same when we faced LSU — we weren’t supposed to win, but we did (see Gator65). We don’t have all the weight of a championship team realistically on our shoulders yet, expectation-wise, and we’ve got a lot of degrees of freedom to not go into this game ultra-uptight. We know how to win it, and I think we will. But if we don’t, does the world suddenly end somehow? Nope. That said, Go Gators and knock their little ding dongs in the dirt! ✔🐊👍

      What do you think?

      • 6 this is a winnable game. if the pressure doesn’t get to them and they exploit what they saw from LSU and the fact that they (up to this point) only played LSU as a highly ranked team. The dogs cruised to some easy wins and were not tested. This game is for the team that wants it the most. Chomp Chomp. We talked about W/L before the season. I said we could go 10-2. This wasn’t one of the 2. They can talk recruiting all they want but I think the Gators got some fight in them (hopefully without penalties)

        • You’re right 65, they should be able to use the same game plan that LSU used because I don’t think Smart has the ability to get creative and deviate from the same game plan he uses all the time. Run run run and if that doesn’t work, lose my mind and call stupid trick plays. I think we’re going to see Mullen thoroughly out coach him. LSU was able to trick them by running a different defense than they were used to seeing and I think Grantham will do the same. I also think he has some defensive plays he’s stored away specifically for this game. I’m sure he’s heard all the rumblings from Dawg fans about how terrible he is and he’s going to want to shove it down their throats.

      • The “be and end all” mentality is not the kind of mentality that will help any team win a game. It puts too much pressure on a team.That’s all this is about. These players and coaches aren’t one dimensional. Their season rests on this game because , among others, it is the next SEC game. And after we beat the Dawgs, the next do or die game will be the Mizzouri game. This is a pressure packed league.I don’t want our goal to be to rise above expectations. And I’m sure that is not
        Coach Mullen’s goal.That will be the consolation prize at the end of the season if we aren’t in the SEC Championship game and win it. That’s when you will hear about how everyone expected this but we accomplished that. The team has a lot to be proud of. This team has done some great things already and we have more to do. But you don’t win on paper, expectations or assumptions. Those things get tested every Saturday. Let’s face it, if you are anything like me, you try to mentally temper your expectations in order not to be let down and be able to sleep on Sat nights. Win or lose, no Gator player is jumping off a bridge Sunday morning.

      • I agree, Gator-6. I don’t believe it determines the season. I do think that the game matters more than others, though. A few reasons: 1) The rivalry, the history, yes yes yes this is a BIG game (aaahhhem, the whole neutral site thing singles it out); 2) if we win out we have a clear path to the SEC championship (minus a UK loss). I suppose coming from a fan’s perspective it matters more for these reasons. But, I don’t think it determines the season. I am quite happy with 8 wins and an improving offense compared to what has been going on the past 8-9 years.

        Orlandogator77 nailed it: I was bothered by the contradiction of the statements in the article. I am curious what the teams mentality really is (hard to discern!), but I don’t think the contradictory generalisations help us fans really understand where the team is at right now. The quotes actually do a better job! One thing for sure, Meyer did not treat the rivalries the same as other games, and he had an excellent record in those games. The whole “faceless” opponent thing, I get it, you play to a standard (rightly so). But you do play an opponent, and whether we like it or not, that does play into how players think and perform! FWIW, I think we give them all they can handle. Its going to be a war. They are licking their wounds and have an uncertain QB situation. We can take them.

        • Hey, great comments Brian… covered the bases all around. I don’t mean to diminish the rivalry aspect at all — my first one was in 1960 as a kid — and you’re absolutely right: This game matters more than the rest. It’s just that this year, even tho we’re on a helluva roll, we’ve got more degrees of freedom and actually less pressure in this game than we’ll probably ever have again. Yet another reason why I think we win it!

    • If you are a member of Gator Nation or just a huge Florida Gators football fan, this game does determine the season and does so almost every single year as it relates to the rivalry between the two schools and the impact it has on winning the SEC East (which is the goal every single year for the team and Gator Nation). To think it does not, means that you do not fully understand the rivalry between the two teams and/or how the game impacts the SEC East race mostly every single year. The FSU game is different, as it is not SEC related and only impacts the season greatly in terms of the in-state rivalry and sometimes with national rankings. You must win the SEC East and the SEC first, so the Georgia game almost always determines the Gator football season. But the Gators must prepare for the game just like they prepared for Tennessee, Mississippi State, LSU, and Vandy. And Gator Nation truly hopes that the Florida players and coaches do not prepare for and play like they did vs. Kentucky.

      • Maybe it’s because I became a Gator in ’93, but while I understand the tradition, this game has never carried any more significance for me than any other conference game. When we’re good, it matters more for them. When they’re good, it matters more for us. I suspect that approximately zero of the Gator players have any of the older Gators’ appreciation of this game’s meaning, beyond what it means toward this season’s success.

        As for me, becoming a Gator in ’93 means one thing: losing to the Noles can ruin my sense of a season…except for ’96. Obviously it means nothing toward the conference, but a 2-hour drive to a school that has, in my experience, been a far more consistent victor makes them more significant to me. I and others have our own traditions, no matter how hard some might try to force us to accept something we have not experienced. I won’t tell anyone that he’s wrong for prizing a win over GA above others. Likewise, I won’t accept the insinuation that disagreeing equates to ignorance.

        • If in 25 years you dont see Ga as our major rival then I dont know how you can be a Gator football fan. They have been our biggest thorn in the SEC race for more years than any other team. Yes I have over 50 years experience and remember when the dogs beat us on a regular basis but even at 25 years, they have been our largest impediment to winning the SEC east, year after year.

          • Thanks for the broadmindedness, Daz.

            Since ’93: Gators are 18-7 against UGA. Gators are 11-15-1 against FSU. This is how I define a rivalry. I’m not asking you to define it that way.

            I don’t live anywhere near Gainesville anymore, though no town has ever made me as happy as Hogtown did. Doesn’t stop me from wearing Gator shirts, hats, and sweatshirts regularly to the bewildered folks in my region. Hasn’t stopped me from raising a boy who bleeds orange and blue even though he’s never visited the Sunshine State. As we watched the comeback against Vandy, he kept correcting my clapping when I failed to do it using a chomp. And he’s working to convince his friends to root for the Gators, much to the dismay of their fathers.

            Question me as a Gator football fan? If that’s what you need to do, go for it. However, I recognize that we simply have a difference of opinion based on different experiences. I’m open to changing my opinion if the Bulldogs start beating UF more regularly again. But I’m sure we are both hoping that doesn’t happen.

          • Not sure this is true. I, like NWIA TB, became a Gator fan around ’93 as well, if only for the fact that I was born in ’84 and was just becoming old enough to appreciate watching/going to the games with my dad. In my formative years of Gator football, it was the Tennessee game, not the Georgia game, that determined the East. It’s only been in the 2000’s that that’s flipped. I grew up the same way, with my dad telling me how big the Georgia game was, but it not really being my experience until later on.

            That being said, I can now appreciate this rivalry for myself, especially with the ’07 game with Georgia’s first quarter celebration on the field, and our revenge the next year. Also them beating us in 2012 with Jordan Reed fumbling the game-tying TD into the end zone, Muschamp winning with the fake field goal in 2014, etc. There have been plenty of good ones to make this a truly great rivalry.

        • NWIA, next thing you know you’ll be telling us that Gator fans are human not sheep, and that being a fan is about emotions. Curse you.

          Here’s my dirty little secret, and I’m older than you are – it’s Tennessee for me. Always has been. Losing to them just hurts my heart for some reason. Not really rational, and I don’t intend to try and justify it, it just is what it is. Peace.

          • Gator fan since 1990… I realize a lot of fans since before that time probably have a greater appreciation of GA as a bigger rival than I do. I’ve always put them as more than just “another SEC game.” TN and GA and in the last 15-20 years LSU I feel are our biggest SEC rivals.

            FSU I feel is just as big because of the in-state rivalry and recruitment implications. And my bro went to FSU (and LSU) where I was a Gator.

            So GA to me is a very important game, even more so when we’re both gunning for the east title. Also because is happens later in the year than TN. At this point we know if we have a shot. Most years against TN we’re still seeing what we’ve got. We’ve beaten TN so much lately but for several years we could just as easily have lost.

            Auburn is a big historic rival, but the new SEC schedule all but killed that.

            I still wish we did home-and-home with GA. Not a big fan of neutral site games. Would rather do home and home with GA and any other non-conf matches.

            Speaking of non-conf.. tired of feeling like most bowls are against Michigan, Iowa, Mich St, Ohio state, or Penn State (if I’m playoff though I’d take it). Wouldn’t mind osu now that Meyer is there, but wish we could mix in more West Coast bowl teams like USC, Stanford, Oregon or even the likes of TX, OK, etc.

          • NWIA, how about the logic applied by THBC. The Gators primary goal is to win the SEC. That’s first and foremost. Whether or not we beat f$u has no bearing on that whatsoever.

        • So you define a rivalry by us having a losing record against an opponent? Not questioning your fandom, just trying to understand.
          See if you can agree with the following. The ultimate goal of every team is to win the NC. If you play in a conference you need to win your division and then the conference to be able to get a shot at that goal. Therefore those teams in your division that you must play and beat every year become your rivals, specially when those teams are good and can prevent you from achieving your goal, like UT (used to be) and UGA is and has been. Those games tend to mean more in that sense.
          You can also have geographic rivals, like FSU, that are important but more in terms of recruiting for the team and bragging rights for the fans who live in that geographic area.
          It’s OK to have several rivals like we do but the teams that can prevent you from winning your conference matter more

        • Daz has a point but I disagree about UGA in the 90’s, that big rival(s) was clearly UT and FSU. But anyways, unless I’m mistaken, Steve Spurrier said he always enjoyed beating UGA the most because they beat him his Heisman year and stopped us from winning the SEC and probable National title.

          To most Gator fans, UT, UGA and FSU are the three headed monster rivals. BUT, that doesn’t make you any less of a Gator if you don’t agree. In Daz’s defense, I don’t believe that was his intent…at least I hope not.

        • TA. When the season begins, I am thinking, “Beat Georgia”, as I think the large majority of Florida fans and Gator Nation do (except for the thousands of current students who do not even know Florida has a football team anymore or know what “The Swamp” is or where it is on campus; as they seem to have a major problem finding it on game day). Then, beat FSU. Beating Georgia and winning the SEC is far more important to me than beating FSU, but beating FSU then becomes important. But I do not get up for FSU like I do Georgia in Jacksonville.

      • Tampa,
        I disagree. This season has always been about showing recruits we are a program worth looking into (you have always said yourself that we wont compete for NC’s until we get the 5*’s). The fact we have surprised some people and find ourselves still in the hunt at this point in the season does not change that. Beating Georgia would be a nice bonus, but we can lose a close, well played game and still have it be a win towards our overall season goal, which is, again, to re-establish UF as a program the top recruits are interested in.

    • Neither of those were quotes Brian used were from the coaches or players. That was the writer inserting his angle on the story and the statements do somewhat contradict each other. Luckily it doesn’t matter what the writer thinks because he is not the one preparing, practicing or on the the team. It only matters how the players and coaches are approaching the game and if the past is any indication, they will be right mentally.

  2. Ok Gators, based upon the LSU game, here is the perfect playbook to beat the Dawgs in Jax:
    On D:
    Load the box and ” contain the run,” contain it because we probably won’t stop it.
    Make Fromm one dimensional and force him to pass on third down where our blitz packages take over and our DBU will be lying in wait.
    On O: Pass on running downs to open up the run. Use the TE’s down the middle for quick slants.
    On passing downs, RPO opportunistically. Win the perimeter and slow down their D. Win 3rd Downs.
    Execute 2 trick plays as needed, one in each half, to change the momentum and keep their D flat footed.
    Give the Special teams a green light to cause turnovers, block punts and FG’s and change the field.
    Do this and we win. Gators 24-21.

    • Hey lakeland 2 trick plays? Don’t get so greedy, so far we’ve had one trick play per game for the past 3 games and they all have worked perfectly. I’ll take one trick play per game without complaining. Of course you can say 2 is better than 1 and you would be right.

  3. It’s all about recruiting to me. I was hoping Gators could win 8-9 games this year and it now looks doable. Remember, these are not any of his players and what a job he has done manufacturing wins out of these same players that weren’t very good last year. Think about that. What happened…Mullen’s. If he does beat Georgia his recruiting class is elevated enormously. Then, we have to think he has a better chance of beating SC and Mizzou not to mention FSU. That’s what I’m juiced about. Gators currently have some really good players coming in even if they aren’t the star rating everyone wants to see but these wins are creating better players. But, look at the overall picture if he wins the majority of his remaining games. I would love to see Florida get into the Sec Championship game but I know they would be looking up a mountain in expecting to beat Alabama. I’m not putting anything past Coach Mullen at this point.

    • Jerry these players didn’t play well last year they are good players. There is a difference and Mullen recognized that. We have really good players already here though maybe not a perfect fit for the system he is aiming for he modifies his system to fit what he has to get the job done (win games). This is the mark of a true leader. You are only as strong as your weakest link. Recruiting is going to be there this year although we are getting no respect on that front either. I think we could win out. I don’t think that will happen as these guys are young and those that aren’t haven’t had the seasoning to handle the heat. We’ll have a let down game. I do see the potential to lose one more and finish 10-2. That would change some things on the recruiting trail. I agree with the SEC game. I think we’d at least give them a run for their money.

      • You and I have discussed this at length, 65, and one of the things I’ve come to realize is your discernment in distinguishing possibilities versus probabilities…..I think a 10-2 season fits right in there too, and I can see that as well. My only disagreement is that I don’t think it would diminish recruiting at all, particularly in the context of 4-7 last year and no bowl game. Now, other ears shouldn’t hear me say that I want this or believe this is going to be our final standing at all — but I still think even an 8-4 finish and a decent bowl game will get similar results as well.

        So say we finish 10-2 but our second loss is Georgia. At this point in time, regrettable as it may be, that has less to do with somehow comprehending a rivalry as it does more to do with an indication of where this team is at in terms of its first of 2, 3, or 4 building years under a new coach…..just the same as other key games this year have informed us as to progress. But what if, nonetheless? Or what if we actually go 9-3 in Mullen’s first season? Do we run Dan Mullen and staff out of the Swamp? Oh hell no, but what we are doing is maybe prematurely forgetting where we started from, where we want to realistically be in ___ years, and what we realistically said it would take to get there. In context, we play Georgia to a tight, competitive game where we leave nothing on the field, and even if we do lose in the end, we have actually gained something important in this first season. Me, I think we win it regardless….but it sure isn’t the end of the damn world if we don’t. We are blessed any way you slice it.

        • 6 miss worded that about recruiting. We are in good position now no matter how the year goes from here. Better with each win. I didn’t clarify my recruiting comment as I was listening to a radio program and again we didn’t get mentioned. Go 10-2 I think we’d have some converts. Any recruit that gets ask invite should consider the Gators. I would expect some to commit here and decommit from some top programs. Scenario. Young recruit sees players that were “no good” go 6-1 and beat #5. If you’re a young 4-5* you’d wonder if he can do that with 3-4* in one year he could push me through the roof and well into the NFL.

    • We will have a minimum of 10 wins this season which will help us on recruiting. Mo, SC, Idaho and FSU are all much lesser programs, by a great degree this year, than LSU. Only FSU is an away game where we wont have the 12th man of the Swamp. There will be no excuse for us losing to any of those 4. The best of that group is SC and they are well below UK so we will win out the final 4 games and be a minimum of 10-2.

      • I really like that train of thought, just adding that it’s still one-game-at-a-time and preparing for each one as though they could beat the socks off us if we give them the chance — well, for the SEC teams anyway, and probably FSU too.

        • Probably a quibble, and your history of solid posts sure doesn’t merit being argumentative, but I say that had the Vandy game only been 30 minutes long….yes, you’re right, Gelco. But from the time we got our heads out of that particular point of contact, I don’t think the outcome was ever in doubt.

          Now, as far as us having some spaz outs down the road — very possible and I sure hope not because next time we might be playing a team with a little more depth than Vandy. Really, my worst fear.

          • 6 it was almost the let down game. I think the Vandy game was the end of a stressful ruin for a team just finding their legs. To be expected coming from where we’ve been. Still have a long way to go. One for in front of the other.

          • 6, I understand you, all I’m saying is Vandy is not a good team, and we could have lost it. Considering that, I’d not guarantee any game from here out except Idaho.

          • I’m with you Gelco….take nothing for granted! Oh well, I’m sure my fingernails will grow back by this time next season….

  4. Speaking of film room, for anybody who might be inteterested: for more insight into Mullen’s and Grantham’s play design and gameday play calling, and how their offense and defense, respectively, are set up, do a google search for SEC FILM ROOM: DAN MULLEN. (ESPN)
    Watch the video. Very impressive.

  5. Being a Gator in middle GA makes this an important game every year so we don’t have to listen to their crap. They don’t win OR lose very well. Not a lot of class among the pup fans. Just beat their ass and we don’t have any problem!

  6. LSU showed us a little but UGA had success running the ball but their OC kept throwing it. UGA had 4 turnovers…that’s pretty important way to blow a game. I think UGA is going to try and run the ball down our throats …Period!!! I was more amazed that UGA’s front 7 was pretty weak against LSU….we have to be able to play field position and score. UGA’s talent on the OL will get us and I’m saying it’s a 10 point Dawg win. 30-20

  7. I think one of the biggest keys to the game is going to be penalties, the 15 yard type. We have to stay from the personal fouls, and the unsportsmanlike type of penalties. Let Georgia make those kind of mistakes. Stay away from trash talking before the game. Coach Mullen will have a winning game plan all we have to do is execute it. I think we have a very good chance of winning this game. Good Day…………….

  8. It’s great that we have an off-week before the Georgia game. There’s all the obvious reasons in rest and preparation. It also adds an additional week of anticipation for what is the most important game of the regular season when all factors are considered.

    • Georgia also has the week off, and to TampaGator, I will respectfully disagree with you ” this year ” about this game being a make or break year. I think most would agree before the year started, this would be a rebuilding year, thus, I don’t see it being make or break, I would probably put more of that on the FSU game

      • FSU game is meaningless, other than bragging rights. At least the UGA game has something to play for, the SEC championship. Yes we didnt expect to be in line to play for it, but here we are! So it has gained great importance, FSU doesnt make or break anything. Now I agree, UGA doesnt either, since we didnt expect to be where we are; but the games implications are huge if we win. Then we will have an 11-1 season and play for the SEC championship which will be huge in recruiting for Mullen. His 1st year to make it that far, wow. Im sure that would change alot of recruits minds. 10-2 and a bowl vs 11-1 and SEC champ are miles apart, all over 1 win!

        • Daz can’t say I haven’t thought along those lines. Trying not to because that could turn to expectation and we have improved so much I’m worried about looking ahead instead of the next game. Of course I’m thinking of the players and how many teams have fallen looking ahead. Or how many fans hopes have been crushed by teams that did. This has been a great ride this season. Hope to finish strong.

        • I think FSU has practical importance in terms of influencing which bowl game we go to, possibly……but that’s about it except for recruiting implications as NC Greenbeard said (how could you argue with that regardless of your agenda?). But in terms of emotional importance? Boy, is it loaded!

          • Yeah good points. Not sure how it could be truly “meaningless.” It’s means something to me for 3 reasons:
            1. I hate them
            2. Should their school catch on fire I wouldn’t waste one drop of urine trying to put it out.
            3. I hate them

            Oh, and I heard a statistic that stated the winner has had the higher ranked / rated recruiting class that year. That’s certainly meaningful, to me at least.

          • Wow Dallas….I finally found my long, lost, missing brother from whom I was separated at birth ___ years apart (fill in the blank)! I’ve always just wished all their legs would grow together, and that their crotches be infested with the fleas of a thousand syphlitic camels. You’ve taken it to new levels now!

            But I’ve got to axe… do you really feel? 😁

  9. Graham, no offense to Pat and Robbie, but I think you’re the best real sports writer on the staff at the Sun. Good luck to you!

    I just hope the team does not come out flat after a bye week – a worrying possibility.

  10. I’ve had this impression of the Gators since a few weeks into the season. Get 200 yards on the ground, and we have an excellent chance of winning any game. Opens things up for a developing Franks, opens up Mullen’s playbook magic, and obviously keeps our offense on the field/defense off it. I think it’s held very true. MSU game was aberration, but part of that was the bubble screen success we were having (great game plan/adjustments).

    The thing that has changed a little bit for me is the number of big plays against the defense. I wouldn’t have expected as many as we’re seeing, and that has the potential to impact the ‘200 yards rushing’ indicator. That said, I’d take this defense over last year’s any day because they are also creating more negative plays and turnovers.

    Man, if we can just limit big plays, and hit that 200 yard figure – we are cooking with gas my friends.

    I believe we will see the most complete game of the year out of UF in Jax, and it will still just barely be enough. Go Gators.

  11. No one game determines a season, though this could be an elimination game for the SEC East. And, for Georgia it is bigger in that they fully expected to be a playoff team this year, but that dream is already teetering and a second loss not only knocks them out of contention but will bring the simmering quarterback controversy to a boil.

    However, as both teams are well coached these days, I expect the coaches to get the players focused on their assignments for this game and just playing the next play.

  12. I think age definitely has something to do with it…but UGA to me is hands down the game, with Tennessee 2nd. Tennessee and FSU may be the games for guys a little younger who only know excellence from Spurrier…but many of us know 0-10-1.

    I remember literally running out of my house and down the street when Kerwin Bell hit Nattiel on that 96 yarder….WHY, because up until this man named Steve Spurrier took over, it was the exact opposite…we never seemed to beat those guys. The 83 game when Lastinger beat us…still bothers me. Of course the Run Lindsay Run call hurts in 1980. How about 1985 when we were #1 for the first time only to get our heads knocked off 24-3?

    I was 14 in 1984 and been a die hard all my life with Collinsworth being the first football hero of mine…so with that comes more of a sense of the rivalry if you will. Living in Georgia from 94-08 and owning them…life was good on Monday mornings wearing orange and blue gear in enemy territory.

    That said, I can see younger guys feeling that way…not a big deal to me.