Dooley Noted: Every game is its own game; Florida at Vandy


Sun sports columnist Pat Dooley talks about Florida’s game against Vanderbilt and the challenges of getting ready to play in a odd environment at an early time. Plus an interview with beat writer Adam Sparks from The Tennessean.

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01:55  This game is really about Florida

05:00  The game at Vanderbilt is always a little different

06:10  Vandy is………

10:42  A look at Vandy’s statistically

14:30  Dooley picks Florida to win

16:45  Faith in Mullen to understand what it takes to win in the SEC

18:00  Pray for those affected by Hurricane Michael

19:25  Dooley looks at Gator basketball and has to pick the SEC … It’s loaded

21:02  Interview with Adam Sparks of The Tennessean

31:30  The Spreads and Dooley picks

38:25  Three Things


  1. Vandy is a good road test for U.F.’s consistency, and I think Coach Mullen should have them ready to go. My hope is that this Gator team works Vandy over and quickly (and stays healthy). Then they have 2 weeks to get ready for those dirty Dawgs. Can’t spell ”ugly” without a U.G.(A). And Georgia fans, I know you’re here checking on us, I can smell some dirty dogs. ”It isn’t revenge we’re after, it’s the reckoning!”
    Go Gators!