Dooley Noted: Florida against LSU, it’s a rivalry game.


Pat talks about the Florida LSU game, the rivalry, the big game atmosphere and how the Gators might just be able to beat the Tigers, and an interview with Scott Rabalais of the Baton Rouge Morning Advocate.

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01:00  Florida LSU always feels like such a big game

04:35  When I look at the match-up I see?

04:50  Narratvie on LSU offensively

06:30  Stats on LSU

07:45  Expect a close tough game

10:50  This game might look a lot like the Mississippi State game

12:40  Tim Tebow being honored and ’08 team being honored

14:40  LSU and Florida are Rivals

18:00  How to beat LSU

20:35  Nick Saban calling out the students

23:18  Interview with Scott Rabalais of the Baton Rouge Morning Advocate

36:10  Pat has history with good music and the LSU game

37:10  The Games of the Week and spreads

40:49  Oh Yea……. Three Things