A preview of the Florida at Tennessee game


Sun staff writer Robbie Andreu, left, and sports columnist Pat Dooley preview the Florida at Tennessee game set for 7 p.m. Saturday in Knoxville.


  1. I said it after the Kentucky game; we just need to pack it in for the year. Tell Mississippi State since its going to be a blow out to take a rain check. We aren’t showing up; get Jackie Sherril on the horn. Tell him we aren’t making the trip. Gotta love the Millenial mentality.

  2. I am unsure of the point of this vague and wandering so called “Preview”, other than to substitute smug and smart-ass criticism for a knowledgeable, insightful analysis of the upcoming game. The discussion is sorely lacking in specificity about players to watch (one assumes that the Media Guide for TN actually lists players’ names and positions), X’s and O’s, coaches and coordinators, injuries, and keys to success for each team. Okay, we get it – neither team is very good. But that is no excuse for a pre-game analysis void of cogent observations and lacking any real discussion of strategies, tactics, and personnel that may have an impact on the outcome. Unfortunately, these video discussions (both pre ad post game) have taken on the aura of an Abbott and Costello routine, sarcastically insulting the Gators rather than providing an informing comparison of the teams. Who has the better place kicker? Punter? Comparative sizes and weights of O and D lines? Who blitzes more? Has more penalties? Suspended players? Recent recruiting successes? Do your homework, conduct some meaningful interviews with someone other than fellow media “experts”, and provide some useful and interesting information besides your opinions that the teams (both with new coaching staffs, schemes, and changing cultures ripe for relevant story lines) are not very good. These videos are Bush League. If you can’t apply yourselves and do something more professional than inside jokes about who snored on the last commute to Knoxville, then quit wasting our time and yours. Gator Nation and the team deserve better coverage. There is no reason for the achievements of the team to lower the bar for professional journalism. It doesn’t have to “homey” loyalty, but it can certainly be better than sarcastic insults and lame attempts at cheap-shot humor.

  3. I am late to the party, having been as sick as that dang dog, ”SMOKEY”. But I am mending up for U.F. vs. Vol Nation. And where the hell is the speed sweep, or the quick passes in the flats (like we saw in 1st game, AND I KNOW it was Colorado State), but still… We need quick plays to help the O-line and Franks, hint: MULLEN! And, hey Chris Doering, Pat and Robbie, news flash: Florida wins this damn game! Just ’cause Gator fans love to see all those orange sherbet shirts, with their faces down in their hands. GO GATORS! BEAT TENNESSEE!