Dooley Noted: Florida at Tennessee rivalry week


Pat talks about how important this game is for Florida and Tennessee, the history of the rivalry and chats with Jimmy Hyams from Knoxville’s WNML The Animal.


01:30 Looking forward to the game in Tennessee and the rivalry history

07:15 Biggest concerns for the Gators

09:50 Neither team should be this bad

12:20 Getting to know a lot about who this team is

18:10 Interview with Jimmy Hyams, from WNML Knoxville The Animal

30:30 Games to watch this week and the spreads

37:50 Three Things


  1. Pat, good stuff, but I disagree with you on the rankings of the best jobs to coach at. You put Auburn ahead of UF? Why? And UGA, why again? Just because UF is down and UGA is up right now? IF they were both doing great, and played each other evenly, would that change? Yes, it would…You are basing that on the way UF is playing, but we know the Job itself is top notch and can be elite again, even better than UGA, and you know it.

  2. so there is talk that UF had to give back some tickets for UT to sell….. it is not very common in our conf for a rivalry game to have stale tickets……. let’s hope that apathy is not setting into our program. if we can’t get fans to the UT came, that is a baaad sign….

    • It would be worse if the game was being played in the Swamp, tho…..and I’m still not sure of the apathy level, if that’s what it is, at home. But you would think with the outstanding shape this economy is in right now, we’d sell all of our tickets at a relatively near-by rival stadium. If true.

      • It’s not about the economy, it’s about convenience. That good economy allows more people to buy 4K TVs and comfy recliners, etc. Why drive, get a crummy hotel or something, deal with traffic/parking, etc…..just stay home and watch it.

        • Well, I do see your point, Dave. I guess I’m really addressing what I’d do, were I in Florida and able…….but I get that people’s behaviors change with the times regardless.

          Until recently, I had annual tickets to the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio, good seats too. Every year it was a really good game in an outstanding venue, and the city rolls out the carpet. But it was a hassle in terms of traffic, congestion and probably more so now even despite a superb highway system like San Antonio has. Even so, I’d still be going if I was able — nothing replaces a game day experience, not even an 80″ TV!

  3. Disagree with job rankings as many here. UF should be #1. What’s wrong with this scenario when our own people don’t pick us #1. Blasphemy. Boy, when you’re down you really find out who your friends are. Go Gators!

  4. Everyone needs to realize we are seeing the real Franks…will be no better or worse. Yes, he could learn to navigate games better in the future, with additional pure playing time. I’m not putting him down, just being real. Look how Fromm beat out Easton…was immediately a “player”. Same for Greir.