Dooley Noted: Gators special teams, defense and what Dan Mullen isn’t saying


Pat looks back at Florida’s win over Colorado State and interviews SEC Network’s Peter Burns.

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Podcast breakdown:

00:25 Special teams making a difference

07:50 QB play (and what Dan Mullen isn’t saying)

11:15 At what point will Florida start getting the young guys ready for next year?

13:00 Freddie Swain a great story

13:35 No pixie dust for great offensive coaches (case in point, Urban Meyer’s first year at Flordia)

17:00 Where are the Gators attitude-wise?

18:48 Interview with Peter Burns

34:30 Around the SEC and the nation

39:20 Three Things


  1. It’s hard to argue that Trask has ”no experience”, and then in the next breath argue that ”Franks has ONLY 3 GAMES EXPERIENCE in Coach Mullen’s system.” Franks’ experience, albeit up and down, is still valuable to Florida’s offense. I’m hopeful Franks has a great game at Tennessee. I also hope Trask and Emory Jones are practicing, learning the playbook as if they’re starting this Saturday, too. Because while Franks has stayed healthy at Florida, knock on wood, he’s still only 1 play away from being injured.
    I hope the R.B.s have a great game as well. Because the old adage was ”the team that rushes for the most yards wins this game.” Florida has a 5 game gauntlet of ”Villes.” And it could very possibly determine whether or not the Gators get ”bowl eligible.” So… GO GATORS!

  2. I totally agree with Pat on the talent level being a 6.5, but….how did our talent level get so low? How is it that the University of Florida has gotten to the point of not having the athletic talent of other SEC schools in the last 10 years? I think it’s a host of variables, with one glaring issue of facilities. When I visited Tuscaloosa the last time, I was in shock and awe of their facilities, the stadium, and their football museum and the way they emphasize the sport. To be sure, they have other sports, but football is emphasized and promoted overall. And yet, we wait to see what the commitment is from this administration to the sport of football. Jeremy Foley is gone. Scott Stricklin cannot do anything about the past. That is prologue. What is the future? What is the commitment and with what expeditiousness will this University start to set the revival of the football team in motion?

    • You can be athletic without skill. I think we are a lot like that. We won 3 national titles with worse facilities. We need to own the state. There are way too many variables out there re recruiting to isolate one or two. The culture among the kids is different and changing dynamically every year. These kids are more concerned about pomp and circumstance than production. They are thinking about the NFL while in high school. ESPN has helped ruin things for the sport. Recruiting mags and services are now big money business and they are filling these kids’ heads with a lot of BS that is counterproductive to a team mentality.As for Alabama, I think their multiple NC’s speak louder than any of their buildings. I agree their facilities are top notch but they got there bc of the NC’s first, not the other way around. They have top of the mind awareness when it comes to college football, the same as we have in baseball. Plus, football is a religion in that state, next to gambling. Their other men’s sports generally suck. I would hire a sociologist to tell me how these kids make decisions and what to emphasize in the recruiting process. After all, they are being hired every day to tell companies how to sell coffee, shoes and cars, etc. Trial consultants are sociologists. Recruiting is a business too. Couldn’t hurt. At least provides more information re understanding an 18 yr old’s brain.

  3. So how bad is Trask that he cannot even get on the field? Franks is just not that good. He cannot progress thru his reads and he misses open receivers. Maybe Franks is a better “practice player” but just maybe Trask is a better “game player”!
    Let’s at least give him chance.

  4. I think a 6.5 is probably accurate but what Pat didn’t say was if you look at the offense vs. the defense I think you see two different situations. Defensively you see guys who are young, that have a lot of potential. I believe we will be stout on defense next year. Offensively, especially on the line there are a lot of seniors who have never progressed past their freshmen year. 3 different offensive line coaches and 2 different strength and conditioning coordinators. It’s time to shuffle the line to give us a better chance at running the ball. The guards seem to be the biggest concern. I know they want Heggie in there ASAP so that will take care of itself, but I would move Ivey back to guard and McCoy back to center. Let a young guy develop at tackle. Help him out with a TE on his side. That leaves Ivey the only senior and a line that goes into next year relatively intact. As far as QB, I do see Franks progressing, I’m on the fence about him. I guess I’m spoiled watching Shane, Wuerrfel, Grossman, Leak and Tebow be successful right out of the gate. But we have to understand that he is a bit of a project with no qb coach in high school and a completely new offense. Funny how McElwain didn’t see this before letting Grier go.

  5. The days of Wuerrfel, Grossman, Chris Leak, TT are about over. It used to be a cyclical matter, where Bowden, Jimmy Johnson, and Spurrier were jousting one another for supremacy one year after another.
    This program again has to get a commitment from the administration, put shovels in the ground to BUILD and not TALK about the stand alone facility. The AD has to take the handcuffs off the coaches and let them recruit the same kids that Kirby and Saban are chasing without fear of Kirby getting upset. Is the UAA serious about letting DM build a program or not? If they really are it is about commitment from the AD, and some hard core recruiting, without fear of reprisal if we dare to chase the same kids Kirby is.

  6. Pat great job on podcast but please stop sucking on cough drops or candy while doing podcast. Out of all the podcasts I listen to. Nobody does that. It is like sitting next to somebody at movie who is chomping on candy or popcorn during a great movie.

  7. Unlike Alabama and others, we built the academic Athletic buildings first. Unlike some of those other schools, UF is only one of four schools in the SEC who are members of the Association of American Schools. Candy, TA&M, and Mizzou are the others. UF is the only school in FL. UF is also ranked 8th in the country, academically, in state universities. We do now have an indoor practice facility, which some of our rivals still do not. UF is in the process of building a football complex, as well as a new baseball stadium, and updating the softball stadium. CeCe Jefferson was suspended because academics were not as they should be. Apparently that did not matter to Mac. Stricklin is getting Mullen what he needs on facilities.

  8. Someone please explain to me where Foley was supposed to build an all football facility in a reasonable place on campus. THERE WAS NO ROOM! We have to move the baseball stadium to practically Ocala to make room for this new facility. Foley was not perfect on hiring all of the football coaches, but he did build an overall top 5 athletics program year in and year out with facilities for those respected sports and was very responsible with keeping our budget in the black year in and year out. He also never spent money the University did not have and upgraded with money that the UAA could afford to use for upgrades. I like that we have AD’s that do not put us in the RED and that are responsible with the money that is donated to the university.