Dooley Noted: Colorado State a Must Win for Florida


Dooley talks about the hangover for Gator fans from losing to Kentucky and how the upcoming game against Colorado State is a must win game that could make or break the season, guest interview Kelly Lyell from The Coloradoan.


00:34 Loss to Kentucky has changed the view of Florida

03:30 Want to be football players of want to play football

07:30 About Colorado State

10:00 How Gators may react 

17:20 Interview with Kelly Lyell from The Coloradoan

29:00 Games to watch this week

30:30 Three Things


    • Tailorjacobson. Florida football has been irrelevant for most of its existence, save the Spurrier and Meyer years. Even then, Spurrier had losing records against our main in-state rivals.

      But that doesn’t mean we can’t be relevant again — and we will. It’ll just take more time than we all anticipated. Mullen is the guy, but he’s cleaning up a huge, huge mess.

  1. Spurrier never made up excuses for poor play. Take Spurrier’s advice Coach Mullen.

    On SiriusXM, Spurrier says “Gators need to play better instead of saying it’s going to take time. No, no we got players that didn’t play well and the coaches need to get on to them. The guys need to play better. That’s the answer.”

  2. Wow, we lost to a Tucky team that just may be good, and it’s ledge time for many of the posters here. Win or lose, it’s football season, enjoy it! We wait 8 months for it. (PS, I went to UF and love my Gators, this is my mantra to keep from beating my wife).

  3. Spurrier is correct. SO Mullen, tell the starters 100% effort 100% of the time or they sit. I would rather watch 2nd and 3rd teamers work like hell to get better and lose than watch the crap that was in our stadium last Saturday. If the starters don’t have the talent to play or want to play with Kentucky then we need not worry about the SEC east. Let the young guys who want to do it right play and lets have fun watching these kids grow up. Coach Mullen needs to make sure the parents of the 4 and 5 star kids who do it right are willing to let their sons come play for the greatest university in the SEC… The U of F!

  4. I believe in this coaching staff. I do not think we could have made a better choice. Does anyone now think Chip Kelly would have been a better call? With that said, it is stunning to believe that the University of Florida is this mediocre in football. Who do we put this on? Meyer? Mus? McElwain? I do not agree that Mus is the scapegoat for this, he had an amazing D and got us closer to a title of relevance than any other coach in this past decade. I’m starting to wonder now if 8 wins is now the new standard at UF, given how the game has changed in the conference and the college sport altogether. I hope I am wrong, but maybe its possible that our program has moved back to the point where it existed for most of modern history. A team with flashes of greatness, but not enough talent nor opportunity to move to the first tier of relevance. I hope our best days are not behind us. But, I think a lot of fans in Knoxville are asking that exact same question. Sad time, not enough answers.

    • Hey CJ–I really do think scapegoating is more or less akin to taking a shower in a raincoat, especially when we’ve got an obvious situation right in front of us to deal with. To tell you the truth, I feel a pit in my stomach when I think of Florida football winding up for eternity the way some guys have already described it. A sick feeling, for sure — I mean, what if these naysayers are right and the rest of us are wrong? What then?

      I get the sense you feel the same way — but I’d bet in your career you’ve had your back to the wall many times, things looked hopeless, and the doubts began to creep in just like they are now for us. But you applied ingenuity, hard work, and guts to turn it around, even when everybody else said it couldn’t be done. This is really no different (altho a hell of a lot less important in the grand scheme of things). You said it all in your first line, “I believe in this coaching staff”. Me too, it’s all I got. I’m trying to not pay attention to the doom and gloom crowd that’s already appeared, while at the same time trying to pluck out anything they say that may actually be relevant to a solution — pretty tricky sometimes. Just keep the faith, bud, it’s not going to turn out in the end like they say, it’s just going to take a little longer than we made ourselves believe. Go Gators!

    • Yeah Muschamp certainly deserves some of the blame for this. He focused too much on the defense and severely neglected the offense, which resulted in Mac focusing too much on the offense and severely neglecting the defense. Unfortunately Mac was horrible with the offense and after 7 years of lopsided recruiting, we now have a team that struggles on offense and defense.

    • I do think Kelly would be our coach had he taken the job. It’s fair to argue that Mullen is the best coach for the job, but I do believe Stricklin would’ve preferred Kelly or Frost. I like Mullen the best, but what do I know.

        • Didn’t have to be formally “offered” the job. My guess is the Kelly (or more likely his agent) gently declined when approached by Stricklan or other UF rep.

          And who could blame Kelly. He’s a west coast guy and likely overwhelmingly preferred the UCLA job. C’mon now, glamorous LA or little G’ville. Regardless, I really don’t think he’d be a fit here, and am glad he passed.

          By the way, I didn’t have to ask ladies to be my girlfriend or marry me in order to get rejected. They were so repulsed early on that I never even got to ask! 🙂 Just sayin.

  5. Wow, the decline of the football program at Florida: Colorado State is a “must win.” We have reverted back to the 70’s because of a previous administration’s inaction. If there was any headline that needs to be posted on Scott Stricklin’s office door so he sees it everyday, this is it. Next, it’ll be Georgia Southern…..oh wait.

  6. It’s really disappointing that Mullen’s staff has not gotten through to these players – at all. They have had all spring and fall camps and conditioning all year. Plenty of time to get familiar with the playbook at least enough to play energized football, especially for experienced football players. They haven’t done that. So far Mullen’s staff has to consider this a coaching failure because the talent level while not great is still pretty good. Better than the talent of a Kentucky team that killed us on our own field. These guys look lazy, disinterested, lackadaisical, poor techniques (blocking and tackling) all of this is the target of coaching. Not saying we won’t get there eventually, but we should be much further ahead in energy, drive, effort, skill, will to win. Basic coaching and buy-in of same. It just hasn’t happened and it has taken far too long to get no results whatsoever. We should have beaten Kentucky but not with this poorly-coached, unfocused group of players. Mullen should be embarrassed at just how ineffective his staff have been so far.

    • Tuna, I won’t go so far as to say he’s casting his pearls before swine, because like you say there are some good kids on this team who are giving it their all. But the team does appear to have a malignancy of sorts, and my fear is that it relates to “character”, which is why things have not changed much despite other positive changes. That word obviously draws fire, but it is fixable. Just takes more time than the coach may be given.

    • I think you need to look at his tenure at MSU to kind’ve get a gauge of what to expect with the progress. I know the Gators have far better talent than MSU had, but you also have to factor in the metal aspect of things. I think this program was run so poorly for 3 years that it resulted in a lazy team that lacks motivation. It’s very difficult to completely flip that mental switch in less than a year. After only winning 4 games the year before Mullen took over, he won 5 games his first season trying to implement a completely new system. The team struggled to grasp all the concepts and took about over a year to pick it up, which resulted in 9 wins the second season. He’s said all along it was going to take some time and they were going to slowly throw new concepts at them as they go. It’s becoming blatantly obvious now how true that is. Same thing with the defense, it’s going to be a slow process learning a completely new system.

  7. Gator Football is ”in the toilet, officially” if they don’t win this game (Col. St.). Not the type of verbiage I thought I’d see/read BEFORE the Tennessee game. That’s all new for me. But U.F. being bad just takes me back to middle school in ’79. I am not certain of anything pertaining to U.F. Football anymore, except this: Perine & Pierce and the receivers are the ones that will make plays. So I’d shovel them the ball, over and over. And play EVERY O-lineman that they have, expecting it to pay-off one day. One bright and sunny day for U.F. Football, when ”the Lord smiles upon the Gators”, again.

  8. We know Franks isn’t the guy. I watched a replay of the game to see why the offense isn’t producing and the main reason is QB play. He lacks the mental aspect of the game which puts us at a disadvantage. We can blame it on the O-line if we want they are playing soft but our QB can help by reading the defense before the ball is hiked. By reading the defense you can determine the match up advantage before the play is called. The run game then opens up because the opponents D plays more coverage rather than run stop. The passing game opens up because now coaches call what they want not what they feel like our QB can handle and understand. I’ve always said that the QB position is the most important player on the team! Until we put one out on that field that can do these things we will struggle…

  9. What the coach is saying publicly and thinking privately are two different things. I promise you if he had better players, he would start them. And that’s true primarily for the offensive line and QB’s. He doesn’t. That’s the hand he was dealt. They are trying. It is not some situation where the kids have not worked hard. They also have some talent. But playing football successfully takes more than talent. Skill is different than talent. “Talent” these days is all about your bench press and 40’s time. The recruiting services look at your body: height, speed, strength. They are giving you stars based on how well you might do in the Olympics. Some of that translates to football. If that kid can develop football skills along with his body, yes. But if you are a specimen QB who can’t make quick decisions and read defenses, you might as well throw a javelin in the Olympics. Be patient . This is a three year project.

  10. I had a difficult time listening to the podcasts this week and I didn’t even finish the second one. It’s weird that Pat was so negative about almost everything. Teams have bad weeks. Teams lose to teams that they are supposed to beat. It happens. After the first play, the gators didn’t have their top 3 defensive players. That’s big. Sure the rest of them couldn’t tackle, but many of them couldn’t tackle last year. Seems a little early too throw the baby out with the bath water. Let see how they do vs CSU and UT before me bury them.