The Picks: Will do better with these games

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We are one week into the college football season and there is already plenty of collateral damage.

And that’s just with the announcers.

Mark Jones of ESPN was banned from doing Washington games because he tweeted out a burn on the Huskies. Braylon Edwards was suspended by the Big Ten Network for insulting some Michigan players on Twitter.

Can’t we all just get along?

And, of course, there were the message boards for any team that had a numbing opening day loss. The shrapnel is already flying in Ann Arbor, Tallahassee and Coral Gables.

This is college football, where tensions run high and social media is vicious. And we’re only one week in.

Dr. Football told you there would be a lot of overreacting after the first weekend of games. Everybody calm down. Miami is going to win its next four games. FSU can’t be as undisciplined as it looked. Can it?

The Heisman Trophy is still up for grabs. We still have no idea who will be in the college football playoff.

And pay no attention to the first week of The Picks.

It was a miserable 6-4 because, well, I’m old and I remember when there were three elite football programs in the state. So I got sucked in to picking a Sunshine Sweep. How’d that work out?

I promise to do better this week.

KENTUCKY AT FLORIDA: One prediction I feel pretty safe about — Kentucky will have more than three passing yards in the game. Mark Stoops said he had never seen that before. He obviously didn’t watch the Florida-Georgia Southern game in 2013. He knows what Dan Mullen likes to do, because Kentucky was Mississippi State’s crossover opponent during Mullen’s nine years there. And vice versa. I think we’ll know a lot more about the Gators after Saturday night. Florida, 26-21.

GEORGIA AT SOUTH CAROLINA: This series produced one of the greatest headlines in the history of print back in the 1960s. But we’re a family newspaper so you’ll have to ask me if you see me. I don’t think Gamecock fans are going to like Sunday’s headline. It’s one of the biggest games ever played at Williams-Brice Stadium. The Bulldogs know a little something about big games. Georgia, 31-14.

CLEMSON AT TEXAS A&M: The story isn’t that Clemson is going to play two quarterbacks. The story is that Clemson is going to play with four NFL defensive linemen. Clemson, 28-14.

USC AT STANFORD: Bryce Love looked more like Buddy Love in his debut. He’ll get it going this week. Stanford, 28-23.

MISSISSIPPI STATE AT KANSAS STATE: This is one of those games where you know K-State is going to play way above its talent level. And yet … Mississippi State, 35-24.

PENN STATE AT PITT: I was all in on Penn State until it had to pull out an overtime game against Appalachian State. Maybe the Nittanies were looking ahead. Penn State, 30-21.

MICHIGAN STATE AT ARIZONA STATE: Those of us who will be working late Saturday night really appreciate the Pac-12 After Dark. Nothing like waking up the family with a “you have to make that catch” yelp at 1 a.m. Michigan State, 23-21.

UCLA AT OKLAHOMA: Chip Kelly went to UCLA instead of Florida because he wanted to be at a place where there wasn’t as much attention to the win-loss record. He’s about to be 0-2. He got his wish. Oklahoma, 40-12.

GEORGIA TECH AT USF: The Bulls are going to need a lot of lower body massages and ice after all of the cut blocks they are about to endure. Tech, 38-31.

NEVADA AT VANDERBILT: One of the few games Vandy will play this year where it will have more fans than the opponent. Vandy, 23-13.

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  1. I pick Florida to win 38-10. Our defense is legit, the offensive system we now run suites our talent and we have actual coaching. Not to mention it’s a night game in the swamp and we have a hungry team with a chip on its shoulder.

  2. Chip Kelly also went to UCLA instead of Florida because he acted like a pompous ass during the process, and Florida thankfully passed. I shudder to think of that guy roaming the sidelines in the SEC, let alone Steve Spurrier Field.

    • I think the NFL destroyed him. Once he moved up his ego went through the roof and affected his coaching abilities and people skills. I don’t think he’s nearly the same coach he was when he was at Oregon. When he first came out his offense was innovative and unexpected and now pretty much every program is running a similar one and opposing defenses know exactly how to stop it. No way in hell he has the same success at UCLA that he did at Oregon. It’s going to be interesting to see how long it takes for his ego to get in the way and he rubs the administration the wrong way and wears out his welcome like he did in Philly. I’m extremely relieved he turned down the job.

  3. I too am relieved UF didn’t hire Kelly. He is a bad fit for UF. I was shocked at the frenzied love the fans, media, and the administration showered on him during the coaching search. Granted his offense is fun to watch. He’ll make some noise once he finds a quarterback to run the hurry-up spread offense. There is a lot of talent in LA and Hawaii to recruit.

  4. Really, Dooley!!! You and Robbie tell us the Gators are better on both sides of the ball, and yet you predict the score will be that close? Here’s why it will not be: hostile crowd will make Kentucky’s offense difficult to run; young and inexperienced quarterback will make critical turnovers, and he has not experienced the speed and pressure of the Gator defense; if Eastern Michigan caused the KY quarterback problems, just wait for Polite and company; and if you think the Wildcats can run on the Gator defense, you weren’t watching the Charleston Southern game; and, finally, KY won’t do much because they will be one-dimensional (Florida will load the box and make this young quarterback beat them with his arm, and that ain’t happening!). So, home field advantage and momentum from the offense will give the Gators a blowout win! You should have asked my opinion before making such an awful prognostication!!! LOL!!! Here’s your headline after the game: “DrG8r was right, Gators win number 32 in style with blowout win!”

    • NEVER doubt the ability of Lewis Grizzard to tell a story! True or false? Who cares…the legend is intact! I’m a die-hard Gator but the UGAns have two legendary fans: Grizzard and that Larry Munson guy, as much as I hate to admit it! Munson was able to turn the radio into a visual. I always compared him to the Great Vin Scully with his knack for “painting a picture” with his broadcast.
      Okay, I’m done. Let the beatings begin…

      • Lewis Grizzard wrote an article for the Atlanta Journal Constitution before one of the Florida-Georgia games back in the late 70s early 80s about Georgia fans. It began, “They come from little towns like Ty-Ty…” Although I hated Georgia, especially at that time, it was one of the two best articles, IMO, he had ever written. The other was “Rednecks” in one of his books. I’ve never been able to find that article on Georgia fans.

  5. Interesting that Pat has picked the UGA, Clemson, Miss. St., and PSU away games by at least 11 point wins by the visiting teams but only a 5 point win for UF at home against a UK team that turned the ball over 5 times against C. Michigan and managed to pull away to win in the fourth quarter, at home?

    I recall two seasons ago when many were picking the Cats to walk into The Swamp and upset UF, and the Cats left after a 45 – 7 beating applied to them by the Gators.

    I have a lot of respect for UK, but I just don’t see the level of UK team I saw last year. I just don’t see the inept coaching, preparation, play-calling, and mentally fragile UF team I saw last year. I see a UK team that will come into The Swamp tomorrow night with ball control issues and playing tight and afraid to make mistakes, and a Gator defense that will be swarming all over them.

    UF wins 38 – 10.

  6. I will say, There is definitely, a difference in coaching philosophies between Mullen and the last 2 head coaches (along with Shannon)…I have attended practices every year for the last fifty years or so, and I’m very familiar with each of the coaches over this period of time, along with their practice routines and I can assure you Mullen knows exactly what he is doing and his approach is nothing like what Mac ran…this is a very talented team, as I have said many times before…it’s been a really long time since we had this much talent on a UF team, especially on offense… this is by far the best group of RB’s and WR’s I seen in a very long time…we’ve never had this much talent at RB’s and WR’s at the same time and on the same team….we’ve had a great groups of WR’s through out the past 50 years and a RB or two…but not both groups being stacked at the same time…I do believe the QB and the offensive line will be ok, and will improve and develop from every game forward …as they, gain experience and confidence they will develop into a top quality SEC team…I constantly hear on this site and TV that it will take 3-4 years before UF can compete for championships…this is total nonsense…If you have a good coach and a talented team …you can win now…Spurrier and Myer did it…and, so can Mullen…I’ll agree, that if you don’t have talented team but you have a good coach it may take 3-4 years for the school to compete for championships….but, that is simply not the case here and now…UF has great coaching and great players and a good schedule to compete this year…I look for great things out of this team…so, buckle up and enjoy the ride…This weeks Kentucky game will be interesting…UK had 2 running backs break the 100 yd barrier…that being said…expect, the wildcats to run the ball often with Snell and Rose…their QB is up in the air for this game and will have problems with the gator crowd and will face one of the best defenses, Kentucky will see this season…they will try to throw the ball some to open up the running game, but to no avail…and they have a fairly decent and big OL and a experienced defense…they lack quality depth and are a bit of an erratic team…after all CM scored 20 points on them, which, UF should have by half time…UF should be able to wear their offensive and defensive lines down by midway through the 3rd quarter…UF should be able to take advantage of UK secondary and if Franks continues to manage the game by reading the defense, a quick release, and not back peddling 3 or 4 steps backwards, and finding open WR’s he should have no problem throwing 4-5 touchdown passes…he’ll have a great chance of completing 9-10 TD passes in his first two games of the season…when he only completed 9 TD’s passes the entire season last year…and the running game should kick into high gear…the RB’s should double their carries from last week…and at least 100 yd rusher and possibly two will hit the mark… this game has a chance to be a real clam bake…look for good things out of the TE’s this game…as well as, Toney, Jefferson and Grimes…in the slot Toney is a total nightmare for LB’s … he is just too shifty and fast…Grimes on the other hand, at 6’5″ and 4.3 forty speed will always be one of the fastest players on the field no matter who we play…he reminds me of one of Tebow’s big (6’4″) and fast(4.4) WR’s (Riley)…and Jefferson is one of the best route receivers in the country and has hands to match…I think the streak continues to 32…and UF wins this game by 30 points or more….. PREDICTION: UF 46 UK 13

  7. Cody,
    I 100% respect and want to hear your up-close analysis. But can you break it up into 2 or 3 comments? I dont mind the long posts at all, its just a little easier on the eyes, for me at least, if it doesnt fill the whole page(im going blind I think). If you dont mind, Thanks.

  8. Great post Cody. I don’t mind the post being long if it’s good.
    And to John Howard, that was a hell of a funny headline by Grizzard. I’m still waiting to see the headline if South Carolina and Oregon State ever play, although it might be rather tame in this age of political correctness.