Dooley Noted: It’s game week against Kentucky, streaking anyone?


Pat Dooley breaks down the Florida Kentucky rivalry, talks about college football games to watch this week and interviews… pitmaster and All-American Gator great Shannon Snell on this Thursday edition of the Dooley Noted podcast.

Podcast breakdown:

00:50  A visit with Tim Tebow

02:30  It’s Kentucky week, will the streak continue

06:37 A little about this years Kentucky team

14:00  Interview with Shannon Snell, All American Gator offensive lineman 

22:50  The Top 10 Gator teams of All Time

25:45  Other games to watch this week

32:54  Three Things 


  1. Pat: I listen last night…not taking the bait on the rewind Foley three failed football coach hires, its a lost issue. We’ll make a deal. We will not mention the “F word”, if you stop mentioning the existence of what use to be the “NFL”. PS: I agree with most of your evaluations of the CSU game. UK is the next step up.