Dooley Noted: For Gators, an OK start, but a lot to work on


Will Florida hit its stride after a somewhat disappointing first game? Pat Dooley examines the Florida Gators first game of the season and talks with Lexington Herald-Leader columnist John Clay.



Podcast Breakdown:

01:00 Talk about Saturday’s game

02:45 What Coach Mullen had to say

03:00 Offensive line play

04:00 Special Teams play

06:30 How will Florida react after a slow first game

09:20 This past week in college football

11:30 Taggart at FSU

12:30 SEC play last week

13:30 Pat’s AP ballot

14:45 Will we know more about Florida?

16:30 The Streak over UK

18:30 Big jump for Week 2

20:45 Interview with John Clay, columnist with the Lexington Herald-Leader

31:45 Three Things





  1. This was our (the Gator’s) first game. Please refrain from the incessant criticism that seems to justify your job. Instead, let’s build upon a good foundation, making it better and stronger. Show your support for the Gators, instead of always trying to find fault. These are young men in their late teens and early 20’s, who are seeking to become developed into NFL football players. This process requires the total support of their coaches, their fans, and themselves. If you cannot refrain from negative reporting after a very good home opener, then find a job somewhere else. I do not want to read, hear or otherwise experience negative fans. GO GATORS!!!

    • I think the point Pat is making is that the team looked really good but it was still against a ridiculously overmatched team. Tempering the enthusiasm is part of fairly evaluating the game. I guarantee that Mullen rated it lower than the fans did. Dameon looked great, for example, but the first half run blocking needs work, especially when evaluated against Charleston Southern. I thought it was a fair assessment from a sportwriter.

      My $0.02

  2. Get a good laugh for the day and go to the Kentucky Wildcats football page. Their columnist is predicting an end to the 31-game losing streak because KY had two 100 yard rushers against Western Mich. and Gators gave up 222 yds. rushing (74 on one play and the rest in the 4th against the freshmen and sophomores). Yuk Yuk Yuk. KY won, 35-20. Guess the columnist failed to note Gators only allowed 3 yds passing. It’s a good laugh to read this guy and all the Wildcat lovers who say this is the end of the streak. Been hearing that for 30 years. They just keep recycling the same comments from the previous year. LOL!

    • I’m still meaning to look at the Michigan football page to get a look at how glorious Mac’s offense was while he was here. Somehow I keep forgetting to.

      Kind of reminds me of when the Army was going thru a period of inflated efficiency reports…..”It’s not what you did, it’s what you say you did!”.

  3. John Clay said Gunnar Hoak is a more efficient passer than Terry Wilson. From what I saw against Central Michigan, a baloney sammich is a more efficient passer than Wilson. Unless there’s a miraculous improvement, the Gators can load the box to stop the run without fear. Hope I don’t have to eat those words, but if I do, “My baloney has a first name…”.

  4. How the HELL was that a disappointing game?? Florida put up 50 points where the last 2 coaches couldn’t put 50 points on the board against air!! Yes, there are things to get ironed out in the running game. Yes, there are things to get ironed out in route running and in defense over pursuing just a bit. But to go from a 8 year span of no offense to using post routes, slants, tight end drags and out routes, I mean, this is anything but disappointing. Corrections to be made, yes. Disappointments, NO!

    Look, I was no Dan Mullen fan and I admit that. But, he showed more offensive game planning last week than any of our last 2 coaches did. I’m not getting off Mullen’s back. He has a lot of work to do, and he has to show me he can win a championship as a head coach. But his debut was a bright light we haven’t seen here in a long dark tunnel. The team that beat CSU can beat Kentucky and Tennessee and Colorado State. And that’s a good start. And it will be something to see if Mullen can build on. I’m optimistic.

  5. The ”drama” that you wanted, Pat, on an ”opening weekend” has rarely come from the big game environments that T.V. self-creates (see: U.F. vs. Michigan last year, L.S.U. vs. Miami this year, etc…).
    But the ”strength of schedule” argument” is a fair one. But only for the Pac, the Big 10 (minus Ohio State), the ACC (minus Clemson and Va. Tech). The SEC, this past weekend, has proven it’s still the best, top to bottom (minus Rocky ”Top”, pardon the pun). Go Gators! Tame the Cats!

  6. CDM showed me that he is in fact the QB Whisperer we thought we hired with the last guy. Franks played lights-out; I never thought I’d see him actually play well and I was very happy with his obvious coaching gains – accuracy, progressions, run ability and most importantly he was mentally ahead of the play for the first time. Trask can likely do the same thing behind the #1 line. O-line is still a bit of a disappointment in run blocking. Scarlett and Davis appeared to run tentatively trying to stay behind blocks that weren’t clearing people they should have just cut loose like Pierce did in the 2nd half. I think we took a coaching hit losing Ja’uan Seider the running was harder last year from Scarlett and Davis. Overall it was fun to watch and the fans were a blast the screaming, cheering and singing never stopped even with a huge lead – Gator Nation having a party!

    • Tuna not ready to give Franks a ten though if he competes the rest of the year that way then definitely so. Mullen on the other hand has done something two other coaches couldn’t come close too. Teaching these guys how to play ball and enjoy it. As to the O line they were short a few guys last weekend. I would expect improvement there this weekend. Have a feeling the running game was by design last weekend.

  7. Hey Pat I really enjoy your podcasts. Been listening for about a year now and this is my first comment. I was surprised you didn’t bring up Coach Mullen dancing with Felipe on the sidelines. He looks like he really is keeping his team loose and I like that. I also heard Mullen say they need to a theme song. Can’t remember if it was for the kickoffs or the start of the game. Maybe you can clarify. I think a great song to start the kickoff would be Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf. Could you imagine that song cranked up over the sound system. A question to you is what songs do you think would be great ? Maybe you can share them with Coach. Here’s a topic for your 3 things on the podcast. Who do you think will be our go to guy on offense when we need that one play to get a crucial first down or maybe even win the game ? Is it too early to tell ? Great job on all of your broadcasts. Thanks so much and Go Gators !