Dooley Noted: Thoughts on Feleipe Franks, plus an interview with Luke Del Rio


Pat examines Dan Mullen’s decision to go with Feleipe Franks as Florida’s starting quarterback — and gets former QB Luke Del Rio’s perspective on it.

Podcast breakdown:

00:54 Franks as starting QB

07:30 Mullen: Gators still learning

09:20 Reviewing the depth chart

15:30 Interview with Luke Del Rio

26:30 Excited for the weekend’s games

33:20 Three Things


  1. I guess I’m a Golf Freak…play competitive two day tournaments, listen to XM Hank Haney, watch all PGA Tournaments, etc. BUT I’m also not paying for Phil vs Tiger. The Promoters are really messing up what could have been a decent side show. Pay for view on Thanksgiving Weekend, LOL. Bring on the Gators and let the Dan Mullen era begin…there is nothing left to say, start the scoreboard intro video and lets Go Gators…thanks for SEC Network!!! I’m an X 19 season ticket holder who now doesn’t drive the 300 miles to the Swamp or 510 to Knoxville…65″ curve does just fine, but I miss the stadium experience.

  2. I enjoy the podcast as much as anyone. In fact I emailed Pat last winter and told him it is one of the best ways for me to follow the Gators up here in Maine. That said, the quality of the audio week in and week out is below average.

    Pat is too close to the mic and that’s why we get the lip smacks, the nasal inhalations, and some of the other noises. That can be easily adjusted. But the interview with LDR was done via a cell phone and the audio was in and out and overall should not have been used. Please, in the future, interview your remote guests using a landline phone. I know they’re becoming a thing of the past, but they do provide better audio when it’s being used for media. Thanks.

    Go Gators!

  3. I couldn’t hear the ”lip smacking, and wet swallowing by Pat” using my speakers. Then I put on my earphones, and I hear them, both. It’s like ”seeing the light”, lol. But I think what Pat’s doing is this: he is NOT using a mic with a big soft, mic cover, and he’s breathing-in on pauses AND swallowing his wet mouth at the same time. He can, like Florida Football, ”adjust, improvise, overcome!” Just get a ”forgiving mic cover”, and he needs to take a breath (in pauses), without swallowing all his mouth juices simultaneously.
    It isn’t easy to talk into the mic and continuously give us, the fans, his honest opinions without dead-air, or unwanted noises. So overall, I enjoy his podcasts, but I can hear it, I can hear it! I thought you fellas were just ”mocking Pat”, but now, like Jesus, I CAN SEE THE TRUTH! Or better said, ”I can hear it!” Come on, Pat, adjust, improvise, and OVERCOME!