Dooley Noted: A chat with Chris Doering ahead of football season


Pat looks at quarterback issues, the Florida offense and more and interviews Gator great and SEC Network analyst Chris Doering.

A breakdown of the podcast:

01:00 QB issue
03:00 Offense
05:40 Importance of beating Kentucky
10:30 Expectations not too high, not too low
13:00 “Champions of Life”
19:30 Chris Doering
32:30 Three Things


  1. Sounds like Chris is being realistic about our offense. He was able to watch the second scrimmage, and yes it was better for our qb’s it seems the first scrimmage was a bit of a mess. IMO we are only a smidgen better off this year than last for I’m counting on our D, running game and special team play.
    I still think our OL and qb’s will frustrate us to no end. I’m thinking Franks is about the same Franks and no coaching is going to shed him of not reading coverages, or keying on primary receiver. I’m seeing a lot of 3 and outs, simply based on qb play. I hope I’m wrong but don’t think so. It appears we are 2 or 3 years away from competing with the likes of uga. CRAP.

  2. ”A work in progress…” says Pat… again! Well, it may be year ‘1’ for Dan Mullen, but it’s been ‘8’ years of waiting for offense for Gator fans. Aside from the Ole Miss game (with Will Grier at Q.B.), it’s been rough waiting so long. What did Tom Petty say about waiting? Well, Pat’s setting the table for this year, ”patience.”
    Only the players can shake that prediction and presumption, so I hope it they take it to heart and crank it up. Go Gators!

  3. There is no excuse for not naming Emory Jones the staring QB. He was recruited by Mullen to fit Mullen’s offense. Let him learn as he goes. There are many freshman QB’s in today’s game and the first four games he can gain experience. Mullen is supposed to be the QB whisperer so this is an obvious call i can’t understand how no one is talking about this.

  4. It’s not going to happen over night. We need time. It’s a work in progress. I’m reminded of a time in 1990, when a head coach came in and sparked an offense that had no other plays but Emmitt left, Emmitt right, and Emmit up the middle, to a passing and scoring powerhouse. It took 8 months for Spurrier to implement his system, find his qb, and march up and down the field, and it was FUN. So, how long do we wait, again? Does the program need to be completely re-built, AGAIN?? If Mullen can’t find a way to put 50 points on the board on September 1st, then he’s not the guy we need. Spurrier would take this bunch of players right now today and score over 60. Tired of waiting, tired of the BS. Go out and win and go out and SCORE POINTS!

    • Grump — first of all, I made reference to your “veiled hostility” the other day, and I would like to apologize for that uncalled for remark.

      But to the point, a victory by any wide margin is expected by history, but not exactly realistic. Let’s see what works and doesn’t work, see what needs to be done, before we get to Kentucky. If that means we put up 50 or more, so be it……but that should not be the criteria for success. We will win this game, let there be no mistake about that, but what we learn from it will be much more important than the score. And I agree….it won’t happen over night. Go Gators?