Daily Football Fix: Three straight Saturdays to fear


As we get closer to every season, so much of what we perceive a team’s chances to be are based on who they play and when they play them.

In a perfect world, a college football team would have a relatively easy game right before a difficult one followed by another easy one. But in the SEC, that can’t happen.

You still have to play eight games in the conference with one bye week to catch your breath. And how the schedule lays out is in the hands of the SEC office with consideration for requests from the member schools (Florida and Georgia both have an annual bye before they play).

There is no way to avoid some brutal three-game stretches, which are good for the fans but tough on players and coaches. Here are the three toughest, three straight Saturdays where you had better bring it. Survive and you have a chance for a big season:

  1. Arkansas: at Auburn, Texas A&M in Arlington, Alabama.

The boys from Fayetteville will sleep well after this stretch. Two of these three teams are thinking about a national title and don’t sleep on A&M.

  1. Tennessee: at Auburn, Alabama, at South Carolina.

Welcome to the SEC, Jeremy Pruitt. For your first season you draw both of the West powers and get them in back-to-back weeks.

  1. Mississippi State: at Kentucky, Florida, Auburn.

Kentucky might be a swing game for this Bulldogs season. And imagine a team spent from the emotions of playing Dan Mullen turning around to face Auburn.

  1. LSU: at Florida, Georgia, Mississippi State.

The Florida game will be the second straight in Gainesville and then comes Georgia. Mississippi State will feel like a breather. It’s not.

  1. Florida: at Tennessee, at Mississippi State, LSU.

First, a rivalry game. Then Dan Mullen’s trip back to his former home. And both of those games on the road. If they don’t decide what kind of season this will be, the third game will.


    • Hey Tim….where you been? Didn’t snow up there, did it?

      Still got to be patient, bud…..we just picked up a massive O-Lineman, highly ranked to boot (2019 class). Just give it time, yeah, FSU has the edge so far, but I honestly don’t think it’ll last!

        • Don’t worry Tim, Taggart will haul in a great class till he coaches them to a 7 win season and then the tides will turn. The guy’s an amazing recruiter everyone knows that, that’s the reason he keeps getting hired to better jobs and the only reason he was on a list of potential candidates for the job here. Coaching the talent at the power 5 level is the huge question mark with him. The world will right itself very soon, don’t worry.

    • I like that, Richard. Still, my prayer is,

      “Lord, just get us through this season at least at 9-3, and a big bowl win. Please bless Dan Mullen, and please make FSU’s legs grow together sometime in August, all of ’em including the coach. After that, please bless us with a Top-10 recruiting class, and while You’re at it, throw in a Mercedes Benz for me”.

      OK, I’ll drop the part about the Mercedes Benz, my priest says that’s blasphemy, but I’m serious about the rest of it! And, I AM excited.

  1. We’ll win 10, go to the Outback or another good bowl. But whether we wind up with eight or nine wins this team will be our best on offense since 2009. With a solid defense, a team filled with hope and eager to fight back under their new coach and staff, plus improved special teams, well, what’s not to like? As for Taggart, he’s never produced a winner in less than three years.