Video: Graham Hall talks Gator Football Recruiting


Graham Hall, Gainesville Sun recruiting correspondent, talks Florida football recruiting and answers reader questions.


Graham Hall back after a brief interruption.

Posted by Gatorsports on Thursday, June 7, 2018


  1. Why,does the fans don’t understand how much is down developing contacts in going out after potential future GATORS throughout nation! But it’s real hard after the fiasco of the coaches picked by everybody golden boy Foley WHOM to me didn’t like MULLEN at all! Which is why the nation is not in the tier of recruit mindset! You need time and example by action not talking doing on the field! Coach MILLEN DRESSES DESIRE TO WIN AND “BEING THE HBC OF THE GATOR NATION ” IS LIKE WINNING THE LOTTERY! HIS WHOLE DEMEANOR IS FULLY OF JOY! HAVEN’T SEEN THAT TRULY SINCE THE H.B.C. PUT ON THE VISOR!! SO JUST CHILL UNTIL THE OFFENSIVE GUYS LEARN THE SYSTEM AND TRUST IS FROM TOP TO BOTTOM!!🙏 TO GATORS!!86 AND A WAKE UP???????? GIVE OR TAKE A FEW DAYS!!!!!!