Daily Football Fix: The two Reeses named David

Florida Gators linebacker David Reese (33) makes a play during the first Spring Practice with new head coach Dan Mullen, at the Sanders Practice Fields in Gainesville Friday. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]
By Robbie Andreu

Staff writer

Florida’s newest linebacker arrived on campus two weeks ago for the start of Summer A. So, well, David Reese, meet David Reese.
The Gators now have two linebackers named David Reese on the roster.
There’s David Reese, the junior from Farmington, Mich., who led the Gators in tackles last season.
And there’s David Reese, the true freshman from Fort Pierce who had 16.5 tackles for loss and 10.5 sacks last season for Vero Beach High School.
The two Reeses are now on the same team, playing the same position.
“Got a little brother now. Got my same name,” the older David Reese said. “He’s a big little brother. He’s huge.”
David Reese, the veteran, said he’s going to mentor the younger David Reese.
“Yeah, got to,” Reese said. “He’s my little brother. They assigned him to me on the football team. I’ll make sure I take care of him and make sure he stays out of trouble.”
The two Reeses met when the younger Reese was being recruited by the Florida staff over the past 18 months. The two have already forged a friendship.
“It made us bond early, before he even came here,” Reese said. “We talked a lot. Now, we hang out a lot.”
Reese said it’s “kind of funny” having two linebackers with the same name on the same team, and he’s cool with it.
“Good thing we didn’t come in at the same time because it would have been real confusing,” he said.
Reese said he’s been impressed with the younger Reese and the other freshman linebacker who enrolled two weeks ago, Andrew Chatfield Jr.
“They’re great looking athletes and they can run,” Reese said. “They seemed to follow right in (with the strength and conditioning program). They’ve come in at a great time to get acclimated with the program.”