Daily Football Fix: Gators’ quotebook

Florida coach Dan Mullen, right, talks with an official during the spring football intrasquad game in April. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

Now that summer has arrived, it’s time to empty out the notebook (or in this case, tape recorder) from the spring.

I’m offering up these random quotes from coaches and several players on some different topics (and teammates) from the spring.

Safety Chauncey Gardner-Johnson on redshirt freshman linebacker Ventrell Miller:

“He’s going to be another stud. There’s another linebacker we can throw in there when things get tough. Third-and-one, fourth-and-one, no matter. You can throw him in any situation. He’s one of those guys who’s stepping up. He’s a young guy who knows what he’s gotta do.

“He’s been making (goal-line stops) since he got here. He’s one of those ball players. He should be able to make a big splash this year.”

Quarterback Kyle Trask on Dan Mullen and the new staff:

“I had a great first impression of Dan Mullen. He came in here and preached relentless effort and I feel like that’s something that we all bought into and will continue to buy into all next season. I’m open to having a new coaching staff. I like having a spread offense and I’m totally bought into what they have.”

Mullen on wanting to put the fun back in Florida football:

“I want to have fun. Life’s too short. We’re going to have fun. Now I’m competitive and I want to win, but we’re going to have fun doing this. We’re going to make sure we have a team that has fun. What’s fun? Playing as hard as you possibly can, setting a goal for yourself and giving everything you have to go and achieve that goal. That’s fun.

“I know everybody here likes to score points and I love points. I love winning. I love having fun out there. To me game day is the atmosphere. My son looks forward to getting around and coming to games.

“Not just because we’re on the field. Outside playing with his friends and tailgating and kids and families coming together having an unbelievable experience. I want to have fun inside the stadium and I also want to have fun outside the stadium.”

Middle linebacker David Reese on the UF offense:

“I feel like our offense has all the weapons. They’ve got guys like KT, Tyrie Cleveland. Playmakers, guys that just want the ball in their hand and they can do whatever they want with it. So, we got a lot of playmakers, it’s just everybody has to buy in and believe in our offense.”

Tight end Kemore Gamble on how Larry Scott’s coaching has helped him improve his game:

“My blocking has gotten better. He has taught me how to get my steps better and my fundamentals. Right now I am a receiver/passing tight end, but he is trying to get me more into the run game, which I am getting better at.”

Scott on Nick Savage’s strength and conditioning program:

“I’ll tell you what, their bodies are changing rapidly and with that comes the understanding of how to recover and how to take care of their body when muscles start growing in places you didn’t think you had them. The importance of recovery and learning how to stretch and learning how to sleep and proper hydration and all those things come into play as well. It’s a total learning experience. It’s a learning curve for these guys as we start a new program and keep going.”

Offensive tackle Martez Ivey on defensive end Antonneous Clayton:

“Antonneous is just an energetic guy. He has speed off the edge. He’s energetic at practice. He’s got speed off the edge and he’s very versatile. He can play the run and he can play the pass. He has a great motor.”

Center T.J. McCoy on Trask:

“I think it’s just his will. He’s a fighter and I believe he’s a great leader, too. Every time we’re in the huddle, he’s like, ‘Hey, come on guys, let’s go get it right.’ He’s really encouraging, and he’s a competitor.

“He’s really confident in everything he’s doing with calling the plays. This offense is about reading a lot, and I think he’s doing way better with reading things. I think he’s doing real well, and we’re just trying to develop chemistry in the offense right now and just trying to learn everything, learning what and how and how to do it. So it’s going well.”

Cornerback Marco Wilson on Trask and Feleipe Franks:

“Just out of Feleipe, just being a smarter quarterback, making better decisions and just really taking the lead. And Kyle Trask is really stepping up because last year he was injured, and he just really couldn’t do anything, but now he’s come out here and he’s handled his business. I really like how he looks.”

Wilson on Franks being a leader:

“Yeah, Feleipe’s always pushing, he’s always trying to lead these guys and I know he’s not satisfied with the season we had last year. As a leader of the team, I know he’s trying to get everybody together to do what’s right and get everybody on the right path.”

Greg Knox on using a bullhorn when he’s coaching special teams:

“It started because I’m yelling from one end of the field to another. Then I come off the field and I’ve got to call recruits and I’ve got no voice to talk to the recruits. I was like, I can’t do this. So I got a bullhorn and I’ve been using it the last five years where it saves my voice. Now when I come off the field I can call recruits and talk to recruits. I can call recruits. Before I was yelling from this end of the field to the other end of the field and that was not working. I was losing my voice everyday. That was not good.

“It helps me. It saves my voice.”

Defensive line coach Sal Sunseri on senior tackle Khairi Clark:

“I think he’s been through it. He knows what it’s about, playing top SEC teams. He’s been in the games. He has experience and all that. Khairi’s gotten better, in my opinion, because he’s taken off some weight, he’s put on some muscle, he’s moving quicker and he’s understanding what’s going on.”


    • Think of the irony in those words, Robert. We’re the Florida Gators and we play in one of the greatest venues in college football, in the best conference ever created.

      I hope…..no, I know…..this is the last season we will ever have to speak that truth.

          • What? Like you? You’ve become so boring these days that I really have to motivate myself even enough to answer you. Besides, I know lots of words. I even know what some of them mean!

      • For the record, troll. Jefferson finished the 2017 season as Ole Miss’ second leading receiver, only behind Brown, who is recognized as the best WR in the SEC. And Jefferson missed two games due to injury. Jefferson is an outstanding WR, and a visit to one of Florida’s open practices would verify that for anyone with any amount of football knowledge But again, facts mean very little to you, so nothing I have posted here matters to trolls.

  1. And FYI, troll. You should compare the WR depth charts at Florida vs. FSU. All I can say is……FSU fans better hope the WRs that arrive this summer in Tallahassee step up big time as freshman. Not a lot of proven talent or depth at WR on the FSU roster at the moment.