Dooley Noted: Is my sports intake too much?


Pat also discusses the Daily Football Fix; catches you up on UF baseball, softball and lacrosse; interviews Peter Burns of the SEC Network; and delivers Three Things.

Breaking down the podcast:

04:04 Daily Football Fix and looking back on Florida’s tradition of great offense
10:30 Pat asks: Is my sport intake too much? (The answer: No doubt!)
12:20 Baseball, softball and lacrosse
15:50 Peter Burns of the SEC Network
27:00 Three Things


  1. Dear Pat,
    We love the Gators, and appreciate your coverage, but we do not tune in to hear about your life, its tiring.
    Retire or cover Gator sports, what sandwich you had or what you watch on TV or what songs you listen to, tell your wife.
    Tell us about practice.

  2. Dear Tommy, your post is a pretty accurate account of the latest content of the podcast. You should listen to a different podcast if your looking for a breakdown of practice ( team isn’t practicing right now). I actually value Pat’s willingness to give all sports a fair shake and air time on these podcasts. Please mark me down as one guy who doesn’t advocate telling the host that I tune into regularly how and what to do with his podcast. I’m betting that he won’t be talking sandwiches and songs during the baseball post season and Fall football in August. Thanks so much for saving the future podcasts by telling him what to do.

  3. Pat, those 2 S.E.C. East titles for Mac were due to those great Gator ‘D’s! And for Coach Mac’s bill of sale, well, Mac was NOT exactly the offensive juggernaut we paid for.
    And for the record: Coach Charley Pell may have paid some illegal ”child-support” payments for a player (how selfish… not!), but as someone who was alive then as a young Gator fan (who got tired of being thumped by U.G.A. throughout the early 80’s), Coach ”Give ’em hell, Pell” and Coach Galen Hall gave me some great Gator Football memories: Neal Anderson, John L. Williams, Lorenzo Hampton, Peace, Bell, Nattiel, Wilbur, etc… in the Orange & Blue (and they ALL will be remembered fondly by this born and raised Gator fan).