Daily Football Fix: Charleston Southern, for openers


    When Dan Mullen was named the Florida football coach, a lot of attention went to his return to Mississippi State for a game the last Saturday in September of this upcoming season.

    But there is a different matchup this season that Mullen is also familiar with.

    His first game this year will be against Charleston Southern.

    His first game last year was against Charleston Southern.

    Mississippi State won that game 49-0. Some highlights:

    * The Bulldogs had an edge in first downs 29-2.

    * MSU had 274 passing yards and 281 rushing.

    * Mississippi State had 86 offensive plays to just 47 for Charleston Southern.

    * Charleston Southern averaged 0.7 yards a play.

    The Buccaneers went on to have a 6-5 record (losing a game as Florida did to Hurricane Irma) and played one other Power Five team, a 27-0 loss to Indiana.

    Gator fans may remember the last time Charleston Southern visited The Swamp. It was Tim Tebow’s senior season (and the year after Mullen left for Miss. State) and Florida won 62-3.

    In that game:

    * The Bucs did much better offensively with 228 passing yards and 18 first downs.

    * Florida had 624 total yards, 373 rushing.

    * After Charleston Southern’s only score, Brandon James returned the kickoff 85 yards for a touchdown..

    * Tebow only ran twice, scoring on a one-yard run, and threw for 188 yards, including a scoring pass to the late Aaron Hernandez.

    This will be the seventh time Charleston Southern has played an SEC team.


    1. Shame on the SEC for not upgrading from playing these type of teams and charging fans full price on a ticket to watch them “play.” Many are staying home in protest and out of boredom.

      • Stay home and protest, we will be there supporting the team at Gator Walk and in The Swamp. By the way, have you bought tickets to games in recent years? Check out the ticket prices, they vary. Go Gators

        • I wouldn’t call it a “game” without an added word, exhibition. I don’t see anything wrong with having them. It’s a much better test than playing against yourself, even if the talent level is inferior. At least you can count on some type of effort from the paid scrubs until they realize they are completely outmatched. There’s also, rarely, the chance that the lamb bares fangs and a competitive game occurs. One person, at least, won’t take the expected slaughter for granted. Mullen lost to South Alabama a couple of years ago, so he has learned that you can actually lose if you don’t properly prepare your team. Games like this are also vital for teams like Charleston because of the revenue they can only get from being sacrificial lamb.
          The bad aspect of these type of games is that you don’t usually learn anything because of the level of competition.

        • willgator. I hardly ever “cry and moan”, and certainly not about the Florida team. But SEC teams playing teams like Charleston Southern is a joke. End of story. At least play a North Texas or a Troy. Better yet. Play an Oklahoma State. The only team in the SEC setting the standard is Alabama.

            • Jordan, thanks for the intelligent, non trolling response. The SEC should go to nine games and that would justify keeping, maybe, an opponent on the schedule from a lower division (once during a season). But to play two easy teams each year is a joke and is embarrassing. But the SEC keeps going to the NC playoffs, so no motivation to change yet.

            • “Non-trolling response”? Is that all you ever think about, Tampa? You certainly have a proclivity to throw that term around, even when you’re wrong. Maybe you’re paranoid, or it just might be narcissism. Too bad, you actually do have a fair amount of football savvy should your personality ever get out of the way.

          • Alabama plays three scrubs a year, normally. This year they play La-Lafayette, Arkansas State and the Citadel. Florida plays FSU every season. Alabama doesn’t play a team like that every season. This year they open with Louisville. Except for last season, when Florida played Michigan, Florida always schedules three scrubs. Next year Florida plays Miami, but I don’t know if another real team is scheduled anytime in the future.
            Florida has been scared to schedule anyone since they chickened out of playing Miami. When Florida dropped Miami, they claimed it was because they wanted to play a more “national” schedule. That was a lie. Other than the above named teams, the only one I can think of is Syracuse. It’s understandable why Florida is scared, though. They have almost always had been whipped when they played someone other than a paid scrub in their non-SEC games or FSU.

            • Mikey. You gave yourself away as Gator-6 the other day when you were carrying on a conversation (as usual) with yourself on here between Gator-6 and Gator-G. Problem was, you responded to the other without changing back your ID. Opps. Pretense. You are not very good at it. And only a troll would be bothered by someone calling them a troll. And that is what you are. A troll full of pretense on here.

            • OK, you sorry excuse for a man, I’ll tell you why it bothers me that you labeled me a “troll”. First, you somehow convinced others….most notably Mac’s Stinkin’ BBQ….that I am a troll, and I regret that because I otherwise think highly of him. Secondly, your basis for coming to that conclusion is severely misinterpreted, yet you persist even after I revealed my actual identity to you. Normally I’d write that off, and otherwise not give you even the dignity of a response.

              But the real reason, the thing that matters most to me, I have been a die-hard Gator fan, through thick and thin, since I was 13. And, I might add, very proud of it. Gator-6 was in fact my call sign through 30+ years of active duty with the US Army, and you have attempted to besmirch it when a lot of men—much better men than you–have sacrificed much to follow it. Well, I’ve been faithfully on this site for quite a while, never had a problem c anyone, and now YOU pull this stunt? I had a stroke 14 Feb 18–yeah, boo hoo–but recovery has been slow and I couldn’t type until about 5 weeks ago. Still in recovery, but while I’m still down somewhat this site actually means an awful lot to me. And now YOU pull this stunt? You may be a tickturd, but more so your persistence has become a major distraction. Cease and desist.

          • Alabama is setting the standard with non-con scheduling? By what? Playing one big non-con game every year? So UF’s game vs FSU every year isn’t a big game? UF agreeing to play Michigan and FSU as half of our non-con schedule isn’t a big deal (wound up being 2/3 of it)? Everyone acts like UF plays a weaker non-con schedule than anyone else, but please show me a team that regularly plays more than 1 tough game OOC. We’re locked into FSU, so we just rarely schedule the marquee early season games. This year, Bama’s OOC schedule is a complete joke, as mentioned above. A Lamar Jackson-less Louisville team is gonna lose by 40 to Bama and probably won’t win 7 games this year.

            • Cody. Louisville is not Charleston Southern. And when Bama scheduled Louisville, they had no way of knowing that Jackson would skip his senior year. Bama is setting the standard for playing better teams earlier in the year in the SEC. No doubt about it. And they are setting the standard on the field as well. I hope Florida under Mullen starts doing the same.

      • I greatly enjoy a game we win by 60 points, the problem is that it has not happened for a long time. And it gives practice time to the team in a real game as well. SOS always wanted to start with wimps.

    2. Listen folks, brand new coaches, brand new plays, a lot of new players…especially qbs. We really need a game like this at jump street. Sure competition isn’t SEC caliber , but would be good practice for our qbs, backs,& receivers to get their timing down. And start out the year with some confidence, & on a positive note… (remember Michigan last year)? Support our GATORS, no matter who they play

    3. “I wanna play Miami. if we lose 50 to nothing, I want to play them again”….that was what steve spurrier said, when he took over in 1990. since then we have made zero progress with making the schedule even more exciting for the fans, and we still play games like this, Georgia southern, etc. and lose them too. I seem to remember one miami game every decade, but that’s ridiculous. plus, now you have teams like ucf, usf, that are in the state of florida and are much better than teams like Arkansas, south Carolina, and Missouri, who just represent downside when we have to play them, not much of a big deal when we beat them.